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  1. linsipad

    Ipad doesn't show up in itunes

    When I plug the ipad into the computer ipad does not show up under devices. I know the pc is reading the ipad because it asks if i want to transfer pictures (& other picture related questions). When I plug in the ipod itunes shows in under devices. Why does the ipad not show up under devices...
  2. linsipad

    How do I save a backup to ios 4.3?

    After reading about all the problems after updating to ios5, I'm hesitant to update. Is there something I can do before updating so I could go back to 4.3? I know many of you love ios5 but I'm happy with my ipad the way it is.
  3. linsipad

    What is the difference between sync and backup?

    I've read on this forum that there have been times when someone has restored to a backup. What is that and how do you do it?
  4. linsipad

    Do you have to update apps when you sync?

    My apps are working fine the way they are and I don't want to update them. I've been told that updating the apps uses more space. I want to sync to 4.3 (waiting to do ios 5). Do they automatically update during sync?
  5. linsipad

    How can I tell which version of itunes I have on my pc?

    I know this might sound like a dumb question but I can't find the itunes version on itunes on my pc. I have not synced in awhile & don't want to update to ios5 until I see it on another ipad. I like my ipad the way it is.
  6. linsipad

    Does anyone know how to print the user guide?

    I just downloaded the ipad user guide for ios5 & thought maybe I should print it out before trying to update in case I have problems. I am not good with itunes.
  7. linsipad

    Do the new ipads come with ios5 on them?

    If I went and bought a new ipad tomorrow would it come with ios5 on it?
  8. linsipad

    Itunes terms and conditions

    Does anyone know why we have to agree to new terms and conditions before downloading from the store? What are the changes from prior?
  9. linsipad

    Starting a new thread using the app

    How do you start a new thread using the ipf app?
  10. linsipad

    Does FaceTime work internationally?

    Has anyone tried FaceTime internationally? US to Europe?
  11. linsipad

    FaceTime camera not working

    In FaceTime I can see the other person but all they see is a black screen. On my screen I see what appears to be a frozen photo of something but there is no photo like that in my photos. It takes up over half of my screen and is frozen. My camera works fine. Any suggestions?