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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I have a zagg invisible shield on the front and a zagg custom skin on the back of one of my ipads. They are very protective and do not degrade touch input at all (at least that I can tell). I have had them on iPhones, macs, and I love em.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Another outstanding case which is designed to look like a moleskin book. Beautiful and functional. The iPad is cradled in a luxurious hand-carved wood case with a gorgeous leather top. I am worried that the cloth pieces with adhesive that hold the iPad in will be difficult to...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    While I completely hear your concern about the shifting, Tom from aligata has been very responsive to the feedback and has tried to provide solutions that will help current and future customers. It is refreshing to have been able to get someone selling such a high quality product that is so...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Thick leather cases make a set of great cases for the iPad. They are thick, real protective leather cases that are just gorgeous. They protect all angles of the iPad and allow for use in the case. In fact, the iPad looks like a leather folio in them. My huge investment is...
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    Is an Ipad screen protector a good buy? Would you recommend it?

    $829 investment You bet that I am putting a protector on it... the front and back. Invisibleshield.
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    No stranger to Apple, but I am impressed

    Well, I didn't know what to make of the iPad. Sure, I saw the marketing materials and the commercial. When it came out, I purchased the 16GB Wifi. Wow, I was very impressed and I am no stranger to the Apple product line. Now, I have both the 16GB and the 64GB 3G. My wife is eyeing the 16GB.