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    Anyone feel that ipad3 battery dropping faster than ipad2?

    My Ipad 2 span of battery takes longer because I only use my gadget for playing, browsing the net and make some written report in my work. I should say that my battery lasts for 4-5 days. My officemate told me that his Ipad3 used to charge very quickly and also ran down very quickly.I told him...
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    Your Best Wallpapers

    I love all your wallpapers, it is very cool in the eyes. Unfortunately, I can't use those thing because I am using the wallpaper of my family because everytime I see that picture, I can feel that I am not alone and they are always there for me. It is good to do this as wallpaper. I am inspired...
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    Ipad 2 cases

    I have a plain black leather case for my ipad2 and actually, it's my friend's gift that is why I don't ask where he bought it and how much. I am planning to change it with design cover and I am looking for the best buy and smart cover. I hope I could find a perfect leather case for my gadget.
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    IPad new generation vs blackberry playbook

    I am still currently using my Ipad2 and I can say that my Ipad gives me convenience with all the applications installed in my Ipad. I have 2 gadgets from apple and it gives me satisfaction from using this. Ipad has a better screen resolution than others. ________________________________________
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    What headphones or earphones?

    I used my Dr. Dre. Beats Studio Pro, the outcome of the music is very nice even if it is too loud you will not feel any ache from your ear. Though it is expensive, but I can say that it is really worth the price.
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    iPad ,iPod Touch and iPhone Guide

    Nice information, but I have a question I keep on updating my applications and yet there is no happening? What will I do? Thank you for your info. and people would love to hear from you soon especially me.
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    iPad 2 on Sale: Post up the best deals / coupons!

    Discount on Ipad2 sounds great and very good news to all whom are ready to purchase this gadget. Sad to me, because I have already Ipad2:( .. Anyway, grab this opportunity on a sale discount and experience the Ipad2 browser in as fast browsing and cool applications as well.
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    Welcome to the iPad 3 Forum!

    Still Ipad2 is my baby. I guess the features are just the same as well as Ipad2. Consistency, application, Fast browsing it's all in Ipad2. Ipad 2 cost too much and I guess that's the reason why I wanted to stick to my gadget:o.
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    Another Samsung Source Says 7.85 iPad is on the Way

    7.85?? I can't imagine how thin it is.!! Anyway if that's happen I can't wait to see it and most probably save money for this little thing called GADGET.:).
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    Newest Update

    My friend sought a help to put a jailbreak on his Ipad 2. Some of the files there were lost but they installed jailbreak all the files retrieved after all.Visit some sites for recovering your files. Hope it helps how to recover deleted files.
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    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    Yes of course, since I have already an Ipad2 which is very convenient to use. I can browse, scroll everything, with the thinner and lighter that I can bring anywhere, very handy, very friendly to use that is why I really like my new baby:)
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    Hi everyone, seems like this is a very interesting forum. I’m a newbie here and hopefully I’ll be able to participate in some threads/discussions since I like to discuss things that I am familiar with. I want to share my learnings and hopefully learn from all of you. I’m almost...