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  1. VampiressRN

    Vamp out of commission for a while!

    i havent been on the board in a long time...this is apparently not a good karma year for me. i spent july in san diego taking care of my mom...then was way busy at work. couple of weeks ago i took a serious fall and badly broke my right wrist and a left rib. i am in a full arm cast and...
  2. VampiressRN


    Lots of boards have very annoying flashing and/or popup ads, but this board is not bad. The advertisements are not glaring or take up a whole page which is nice. Plus really great vendors. I am a Horchow, Tommy Bahama and Design Toscano enthusiast so typically click on the ad to see what the...
  3. VampiressRN

    VW Bulli

    OK...all of us old hippies remember the VW van...0>60 in 15 minutes but so retro now. There is a new version out that looks pretty swank and the iPad is a part of the fun.
  4. VampiressRN

    How to make Wallpaper App?

    Technically challenged newbie here so need some direction or networking to find out how to place pictures on a Wallpaper app to sell on iTunes please? Looks like ya have to learn C++ etc. In the meantime, are there programmers who will take on a project and write the app for me for a fee?
  5. VampiressRN

    (off-topic) Any Tiki Enthusiasts

    Just giving a shout out to see if there are any Tikiphiles posting on this board. Not into games so the Tiki game apps are of no interest to me. I did download Beachbum Berry's app for cocktails...a must have indeed. Would be great to see some nice Tiki wallpapers. ;)
  6. VampiressRN

    Acase for iPad

    I have been very happy with the Acase Leather Flip Book Jacket. It is a no-frills cover that flips up to hold the device in various positions. As a nurse who is aware of and complies to good ergonomic practices, the flat position is my favorite for typing. I can easily access the on-off...
  7. VampiressRN


    I'm a gal who carries way too much junk around with me, but am trying to change my ways. I used to have terrible shoulder pain due to heavy purses, so about 10 years ago I changed over to a backpack and it is much better. I have a bad back, but if I keep my backpack to a decent weight, it...
  8. VampiressRN

    iPad Newbie

    Hi Folks, I have been a message board user for about 20 years. I used to post on a broadband board when I was a Palm Pilot user, haven't been there in a while so found this board looking for it. I am a die-hard Windows user, so when I bought an ePad that crashed the first time I used it, I...