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  1. pEAcEmAKeR

    iPad 2 not connecting to WiFi properly.

    Already tried it. :/ Never mind. It's time to call Comcast.
  2. pEAcEmAKeR

    Audible notification when receiving a iMessage

    Go to Settings, General, Sounds, and then drag that blue bar to as high as you want it. Another way is by pressing the Volume Up button while at the Homescreen, when no music is playing and no sounds are playing in the background.
  3. pEAcEmAKeR

    iPad 2 not connecting to WiFi properly.

    So I recently updated to iOS 5.0.1 OTA. Since then, WiFi on my iPad doesn't even connect properly. It shows the signal bars on the Status Bar (all three bars full) but I can't access the internet at all. When I check the IP address, it shows random numbers, but I know that a normal working IP...
  4. pEAcEmAKeR

    Three Word Story

    Wow. Gettin' some good stuff here! At 1,000 replies, I'll compile this story and post it on the first page. :) Anyways, Minute or so,
  5. pEAcEmAKeR

    Infinity Blade

    Ah. Must've been a bug. Fixed now.
  6. pEAcEmAKeR

    Three Word Story

    But it definitely
  7. pEAcEmAKeR

    iPads and Angry Birds rolled flying off into space

    Ugh, bizarre is right; why would the astronauts need entertainment? I see the iPad as a major distraction from studying space and such. "And the oxygen level right now is-- DAMMIT, I TOTALLY NAILED THAT PIG!! WTF!!
  8. pEAcEmAKeR

    Three Word Story

    Seeing as how my other thread got closed, I don't want the fun to die out for you guys. So here's another forum game that'll keep you all entertained. Basically, we're all telling one big giant story. Each time you post here, add three more words to continue the story. For example: The big...
  9. pEAcEmAKeR

    iPhone 4S Siri Video Demo, Using Siri For The First Time

    This is sweet, can't wait til it's ported to the iPad 2!
  10. pEAcEmAKeR

    Would you buy an iPad if you could never JB?

    I would never buy an unjailbreakable iPad in my life.
  11. pEAcEmAKeR

    What's your favorite new iOS 5 feature?

    I just LOVE iMessage.
  12. pEAcEmAKeR

    What would it take to get you to buy an iPad 3?

    They would need to give me a better camera, and for a cheaper price for the 32GB model.
  13. pEAcEmAKeR

    Infinity Blade

    Why is the screen in Infinity Blade not fullscreen? I saw the screenshots on the App Store, and they were full screen. Why you give me small screen Chair?! Anybody else annoyed by this on their iPad?
  14. pEAcEmAKeR

    OFFICIAL iMessage Thread

    Searched for iMessage, and couldn't find a thread like this, so feel free to lock it if there's already one similar to this. Post your iMessage email, so others can message you. Feel free to message me, just tell me who you are and from what forum. :) [Moderator edit: Removed e-mail address]
  15. pEAcEmAKeR

    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    I think the chicken crossed the road to HAVE HIS MOTIVES QUESTIONED, agreed?
  16. pEAcEmAKeR

    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    Glad this thread is so popular. :)
  17. pEAcEmAKeR

    10 Ipad 2 Problems?

    Yeah. Imagine walking around in New York, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture with your oh-so-large iPad. Seems stupid doesn't it? Still, at home, I take a million pictures of my little brothers. So that kind of cancels out the above comment. [...]
  18. pEAcEmAKeR

    10 Ipad 2 Problems?

    2. Backlight Bleeding 3. Yellowing of the Screen 4. Wi-Fi Issues 5. FaceTime Freezing 6. Microphone Distortion 7. Speaker Quirks 8. Mysterious Heat 9. Poor Quality Camera 10.No improvement on screen resolution 1. I have no idea what you mean. 2. known issue with the iPad, search before you act...
  19. pEAcEmAKeR

    Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

  20. pEAcEmAKeR

    Garageband Subforum

    Lol, now you made me feel guilty. :D Thanks!
  21. pEAcEmAKeR

    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    Silly rabbit, I thought tricks were for kids?
  22. pEAcEmAKeR

    Unique problem on my Ipad 2...

    So true. If this thread ever reaches 10+ pages, then get over it and restore. But never mention it as the first idea. My idea? Uninstall everything from Cydia, then install each one, one at a time. After each install, check your lockscreen if the picture frame has dissappeared. When it does...
  23. pEAcEmAKeR

    Record safari history help

    Best idea: get DisplayRecorder, turn it on when she's on it, turn it off when she's done, and then watch what she's been upto in the video. Busted.
  24. pEAcEmAKeR

    Moving apps from one page to another

    Lol, jiggly.
  25. pEAcEmAKeR

    New iPad Parking Lot Scam Exposed

    Lol, this is the biggest fail yet.
  26. pEAcEmAKeR

    Comex hired by Apple!!

    People like Edited by Moderator ~ no reason to be rude. He is entitled to his opinion which he clearly stated, respectfully. Okay? ~ think that Apple is the bad guy and the hackers are the good guys, when the reality is that there is no bad guy/good guy. Did you ever bother to think that the...
  27. pEAcEmAKeR

    Tabs in safari

    Ummm, that's supposed to be a new feature in iOS5. I really don't know how you managed to get it before. So, just wait for the next few days, and iOS5 will be released. Just update and you'll have your tabs. Unless someone knows that magical tweak that gives us tabs. ;)
  28. pEAcEmAKeR

    Widgets for iPad via vWallpaper2

    That. is. Epic! Thanks!
  29. pEAcEmAKeR

    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    Why the hell are we talking about dawgs?
  30. pEAcEmAKeR


    OMG, do you even BOTHER reading the stickies? Do we really NEED to make a sticky stating, "Read the stickies!"
  31. pEAcEmAKeR

    iOS5 Notification Center

    I used it on the beta iOS5 (with a developer account) and I thought it was pathetic. But, everyone has an opinion. :/
  32. pEAcEmAKeR

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    I love this, can I please use this for an essay? ;)
  33. pEAcEmAKeR

    HP Mini won't connect to internet

    Agreed! I haven't laughed that hard in some time now! Thanks!
  34. pEAcEmAKeR

    iOS5 Notification Center

    I guess everybody's against me. :(
  35. pEAcEmAKeR

    To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak that is the question

    Infiniboard? Infinidock? Infinifolders? Winterboard? Dreamboard? Download Manager? WTH?:)
  36. pEAcEmAKeR

    Garageband Subforum

    But a subforum dedicated to Garageband would be great too.
  37. pEAcEmAKeR

    Garageband Subforum

    Couldn't think of anywhere else to post this, soo.... I think this forum needs a Garageband subforum. I mean, I'm sure a lot of us actually do have musical talent (that means not touching the Autoplay switch). I couldn't really find one, forgive me if there actually is one. Actually, it's...
  38. pEAcEmAKeR

    Answer the Question Above with Another Question!

    I thought it was pretty stupid, why?