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  1. maryinredding

    Just received my mini

    I have the original iPad. Actually both my husband and I have them. I have been thinking about getting a newer model but I was waiting until the time was right. When the mini came out I thought that would be a great size for so many things (reading, surfing the web or playing games). well, my...
  2. maryinredding

    Symbol meaning, please

    OK, I have searched the web and the forums and I cannot find what a symbol means. It is a arrow up by the battery percentage number. Anyone know??? Thanks if it was answered before and I just couldn't find it.
  3. maryinredding

    Did anyone notice that account info is missing

    I was going to use the iPad to look up my usage at AT&T and the log in is missing since the update. Anyone else notice this? If it's there and I'm just not seeing it, where is it????
  4. maryinredding

    Has anyone visited and see how their advertising the iPad??

    I just went to and they have all the ipad listed and a couple of them say in the description "flash drive". Am I missing something or what????
  5. maryinredding

    What does an icon mean????

    I noticed that my iPad is not charging. Up in the right hand corner next to the percentage of battery is a lock with and arrow around it. What does this mean and how can I get rid of it? I have turned the pad off and then on again but it is still there. Please help.
  6. maryinredding

    Another reason why you should not get the AT&T data plan

    I opened up my credit card statement and found that AT&T had charged me for two data plans on my pad. I originally had the unlimited one and then the next month I decided to change to the 250 MB to see if it was all I needed. I signed up on June 4th which would expire on July 4th. I went in on...
  7. maryinredding

    Please explain about data usage

    My husband and I both have the 3 G models. He opted for the 250 MB plan and his data usage shows 257 MB received and 1.4 MB sent. His plan is still working without disruption. What part do you keep an eye on???
  8. maryinredding

    Case that can be used while ipad is docked

    Has anyone found a case (without modification) that will allow the ipad to sit in the docking cradle while charging???
  9. maryinredding

    A question about notifications

    I was lucky enough to get the AT&T unlimited data plan for my ipad but my husband just got his pad and signed up for the 250mb plan. I thought there was some way for a person to be notified by AT&T when they are getting close to their limit but I cannot find it in the settings. Anyone know where...
  10. maryinredding

    I just bought my husband a 64g 3 g

    Hello everyone: I have had my ipad for about 3 weeks now. I kept asking my husband if he wanted one and he always said no. Today he called me and said that he did want one and if I could order him one. I called our local Best Buy and they had all kinds of them in stock, so I chose a 64G...
  11. maryinredding

    My ipad is actually at my Fed Ex

    I ordered my ipad on May 2nd and it is suppose to be delivered on May 17th. BUT, I just checked my status and it say that my package is at my Fed Ex here in town. I am so excited. I am hoping that they won't make me wait over the weekend. I enjoy reading the forum about this wonderful...