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    Toy Smartphones have been....JAILBROKEN!?!?!?!?!

    Toy smartphone jailbreak: top tech trend for 2011? -- Engadget LMAO!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D This is just too funny.
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    Too keep or return? THAT is the Question.......

    Howdy Folks. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab......and I am less than impressed by it. 1.) It is sluggish and slow. 2.) Battery life is the pits compared to the iPad. 3.) Touchscreen is Duotouch...NOT multitouch as advertised. 4.) Screen is meh. 5.) Cameras are HORRIBLE. ( 3MP Back/1.3 MP...
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    Opinions on 4.2.1

    It is a nice upgrade....however there are a few things that still need looking at. 1.) Mute Switch does NOT work..... 2.) Streaming to a AppleTV 2 is slow as a turtle on a oiled floor. ( Video and Photos )
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    Having issues with itunes 4.2.1? DL Links here.

    iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch ready for download Download to your hearts content gents and..non gents . For both iPad and iPhone 4. :D
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    A Request for a Cydia addon or something.....

    Can someone make a PROPER virtual keyboard for the iPad? You know. Arrow Keys, Number keys where they belong at the top. Color options would be great as well.
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    Cydia Crashing immediately...SOLUTION FOUND!!

    A friend of mine has this problem with Cydia crashing immediately after he launches it. He only has a iMac so does anyone know how to fix this? WITHOUT RESTORING! :D
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    Fly the ARDrone with the iPad/iTouch

    iPad Pilots AR.Drone Quadricopter | I so want one of these...... :D
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    Just an idea....PS3 remote.

    Can anyone here make a remote/Keyboard for the PS3? Hopefully WITHOUT the need for any dongle or such?
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    What app is that?

    I want that app but cannot find it. What is it called? YouTube - iPad Proves Ideal Cat Plaything - Cat ipad video - Gizmodo.flv
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    Cable "Extender" for Ipad to use on older Ipod Clock

    Do these exist? I have a Logitech Touch Sensitive Dock/Clock Radio Alarm that I would like to use since I got my Ipod stolen. I have purchased an iPad and am waiting for it to arrive.