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  1. wicked

    Apple's 9.7-Inch iPad Pro is Officially Unveiled

    I agree. Prices on the bigger storage models is a little steep but 32GB is probably more than enough storage for me though. Might just pick on up.
  2. wicked

    Apple TV to Include Siri and New iPhone Might Have 'Always On' Siri Mode [Rumor]

    Like how "Ok Google" works on Android? Well as long as the screen is on that is.
  3. wicked

    Who's watching the Apple Event live?

    I'll be tuning in.
  4. wicked

    Be sure to follow on Google+ is now on Google+ so be sure to follow us! Thanks!
  5. wicked

    New with the ipad2

    Welcome aboard! :)
  6. wicked

    New guy

    Welcome aboard Bob! Good to have you with us! :)
  7. wicked

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, welcome and congrats on the new iPad! :)
  8. wicked


    Welcome aboard norspeed! Glad to have you with us! :thumbs:
  9. wicked

    iPads helps with Kindergarten literacy scores

    The iPad has started to be build a reputation for itself in education. Some time ago a certain study surfaced that showed that a simple algebra iPad app could improve scores in the class room. Now, here’s some more evidence for you towards that direction. Another study this time conducted in...
  10. wicked

    iPad 3 glass and digitizer no real changes from the iPad 2

    Things are really heating up, with the upcoming launch of the next generation iPad. Every day seems to be bringing a new leaked part that is speculated to be part of the iPad 3. This time we have the front glass and digitizer assembly. But judging by the pictures found online, there’s no...
  11. wicked

    'A5X' CPU featured on purported Apple 'iPad 3' logic board

    Did the Apple quarters move over in China? Just before the iPad 3 launch? Because the majority of rumors seem to be streaming from across the sea. Let’s hear this one out. An image of an iPad 3 logic board has just popped up on a Chinese website that is called WeiPhone. But surprise, surprise...
  12. wicked

    Alleged 'iPad 3' photos shed light on camera and case details

    Not a week goes by without the iPad 3 rumors piling up. Here’s a couple of new ones, in case you were getting worried and need a fresh mug of possibilities to think about to kick start the week. Well turns out that some Chinese publication – yes, our good old friends the Chinese – received...
  13. wicked

    CEO Tim Cook talks about integrating iPad, iPhone feats to Mountain Lion

    A new interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, uncovered some tantalizing new information. Apparently a new version of the Mac operating systems will be incorporating several interesting feats borrowed from the software that powers Apple’s smashing mobile devices: the iPhone 4 and the iPad. Tim...
  14. wicked

    iPad 3 will have a "Truly Amazing" Display, Says sources deep within Apple

    The New York Times is going to put more wood on the fires of iPad 3 rumors with this new gossip about the extraordinary powers of the future tablet coming out of Apple experimental labs. A chatty Apple employee, who failed to reveal his name for obvious reasons, apparently told the publication...
  15. wicked

    Apple ordered 65 million 264PPI Retina displays from LG and Samsung for iPad 3

    And now for some rumors from China. Apple has reportedly ordered a huge number of Retina Display from producers Samsung and LG Display for its next generation iPad of course. Since everybody is expecting the device to pop out from the void, next month, the 65 million display rumored to have been...
  16. wicked

    USAF to place a 18000 iPad 2 order at the Apple Store?

    If the commercial airlines could do it, so could the U.S. Air Force. Following their example, the government officials are planning to make a pretty big purchase at the Apple Store. Apparently the Air Force is going to be bringing 18,000 iPads to its Air Mobility Command. Good by heavy flight...
  17. wicked

    iPad 3 Developers may have to work on Retina Macs

    Again with the assuming. Here it goes. Assuming that the next generation iPad will get the much hyped retina display thing, the screen resolution should be something like 2048 x 1536 pixels. That’s a huge amount of pixels for a screen who’s only 10â€, but Apple wants to make it big this...
  18. wicked

    iPhone 5 and iPad 3 could possibly benefit from macroscalar technology

    Apple has filed another patent. And this time is for something really interesting and potentially futuristic. The US Patent & Trademark Office has received Apple’s solicitation to registers multiple patents affiliated to the concept of “macroscalar processor architectureâ€. Scattered...
  19. wicked

    Sharp IGZO might come to the iPad 3 after all, says analyst

    There have been rumors circling the web about every single aspect of the next generation iPad. Will it have a wider screen? Will it sport some interesting technology? Will it be thinner? How will the camera be improved? Will it be lighter? And so on…For today’s menu we have the display. We...
  20. wicked

    Apple iPad still towers over Amazon Kindle Fire

    Kindle Fire had a great year. Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan commented on why he thinks that is: "Kindle Fire has staked out an important market position due to its loyal Amazon customer base and attractive (low) device pricing," Rohan wrote. Even if it sold a staggering 6 million...
  21. wicked

    Apple snatches Xbox manager to further perfect iPhone and iPad gaming goals

    Apple seems to have always something up its sleeve. This time it’s Robin Burrowes, the former head of Xbox Live marketing in Europe. He has just switched sides and has officially joined Apple, at the command of the App Store and iTunes marketing division. The information was posted of...
  22. wicked

    Greenpois0n Absinthe update fixes bugs and feeds your Leopard

    Absinthe, the untethered jailbreak software for the iPad and iPhone 4S got an update this week that brought along compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard and some necessary bug fixes. But if your device is already jailbroken into and filled up with yummy green Absinthe, there’s no need to do it...
  23. wicked

    Amazon France unveils iPad 3 release date?

    Could it be that salvation comes from France? Can it be that the cheese loving country is the gate towards finding the answer to the average geek’s most pungent question today? When is the iPad 3 to be released? Apparently Amazon France posted some upcoming book titles related to the iPad 3...
  24. wicked

    Comcast introduces LiveTv on the iPad

    MacRumors has stumbled on another hot piece of information. It looks like they have on their hands a leaked guide that showcases Comcast’s long-referenced plans for the live iPad TV. This new feature has been named AnyPlay and will stream live TV on the iPad and hopefully other tablets as...
  25. wicked

    iPad Mini rumors are haunting everybody’s dreams

    Today we have more gossip. Taiwan’s United Daily News is reportedly claiming that Apple is looking at samples of 7.85-inch screens that sport a 1024x768 resolutions for the iPad. The report goes on to say that there are already companies negotiating production of displays like LG. What could...
  26. wicked

    Apple Raises 2.6 Million For Charity

    Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook introduced a corporate matching program aiming charitable donation to nonprofits. Apple took upon itself to raise as much as $10,000 per US employee per year. But the company outdone itself and ended up raising $2.6 million in just two months. This is a great start...
  27. wicked

    NEOMIN is a Supporting Vendor!

    I think it's the wrong site no? ;)
  28. wicked

    Ipad2 Newbie!

    Welcome aboard and congrats! Glad you joined us. ;)
  29. wicked is a Supporting Vendor!

    Welcome! Glad to have you on board!
  30. wicked

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    Currently on Windows 7. Looking to get a MAC around xmas time though.
  31. wicked

    Adobe Reader available for free for iOS

    Yep, that'd be me. ;)
  32. wicked

    Adobe Reader available for free for iOS

    After years of waiting, Adobe has finally released an iOS version of Adobe Reader that will let you view PDFs, encrypted files included. You can also print and share files, but you can’t edit the PDFs. Maybe to make up for the long lost time of not being a part of Apple products, Adobe has...
  33. wicked

    Belkin sells Chef Stand and Stylus to help you use your iPad while cooking

    With the increased usage of iPads in the kitchen, Belkin has released a few accessories to accommodate the needs of such a risky environment like a Fridge Mount, Kitchen Cabinet Mount and a Chef Stand and Stylus. The later is designed for using as you cook, by accessing different recopies with...
  34. wicked

    What's up all.

    Thanks SweetPoison! My neighbor! ;)
  35. wicked

    What's up all.

    Hey tp! Are you following me?!?!?! :o :p
  36. wicked

    What's up all.

    Thanks for the nice welcome Tim! :D
  37. wicked

    What's up all.

    Hi guys n gals. Just joined up. Looking around... ;)