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    Connecting wifi issue

    i have my iPad 3 for over 2 years now and it used to connect to Southwest wifi every time I fly with no issue. I am an A-List Preferred so I get free wifi every trip. I notice lately I am having a very difficult time connecting to Southwest on board wifi but nowhere else. Not in hotels, not at...
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    Strange icon next to the power display

    My wife noticed an icon she never seen before showed up this evening on her iPad. The icon looks like a lock with a circular arrow around it. Have anyone seen this icon before and where is it coming from? Should it be something she should be concerned with? I know it is not much to go by and I...
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    Why Apple, why????

    Since I upgraded to IOS 7 now I cannot receive IM on my phone!!!!! People used to send me IM to my phone number now goes to my iPad. The only way to receive IM is to have them send to my to my iCloud account. Is there a way to correct that? This whole upgrade is one big mess!!!!! Keep it up...
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    Sharing book

    I recently purchased a book from and downloaded to my iPad 3. My wife is also interested to read the book but she uses an iPad 2 and she has her iTune account. Is there a way I can share the book with her without letting her use my IPad 3? I would much prefer she has her own copy on...
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    I upgraded my iPhone to IOS6 and not sure if it has anything to do with it but now I have EVERY contacts from Face Book in my phone!! And I cannot delete any of them. How do I get rid of those contacts???? I have over a thousand names in my iPhone. Please help.
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    Power consumption

    I notice my battery life is substantially shorter since I upgraded to IOS 6. Anybody notice that also?
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    Browser question

    I use Diigo browser and tonight all my bookmarks on my Bookmark bar are gone. Can someone help me to turn it back on?
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    Have anybody experiences this behavior on your iPad2?

    First of all this is my 1st post and I have been reading many threads and learning many new things about my iPad, absolutely love the tablet :-) My iPad2 is only couple months old and I noticed when I am surfing the web, my iPad will occasionally black out and booted me back to the main Home...