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  1. jamie.long951

    Youtube app

    Hi, Since the update, my Youtube APP has gone. Is there an alternative? It doesnt work on safari due to lack of adobe. Cheers
  2. jamie.long951

    Movie rental

    Afternoon! Can I watch a movie rental on my iPad if its been downloaded, but I have no WiFi connection when I want to watch it? Cheers
  3. jamie.long951

    iTunes library question

    I have a question about iTunes on my PC I just updated iTunes from 10.5 to 10.6. As the auto update wasent working I uninstalled 10.5, then downloaded and installed 10.6 on my windows PC. Before I did all of this I copied my 'Music' folder from within the iTunes Media Folder (in My Music) to my...
  4. jamie.long951

    Automatic music downloads

    What is the point of setting automatic music downloads to on in the store settings on ipad? When I do it, it downloads the music like it should, but then.. Whenver I sync my ipad to PC it just puts another copy on! Now I have 2 copies of each song on my iPad!!
  5. jamie.long951

    Bug: cannot play bottom song! Help!

    Hi, I just bought a few shakira songs on my iPad - they have downloaded fully and appear in my library. Ive noticed a bug before where if I buy multiple albums with 1 or 2 songs on, the song nearest to bottom of the display wont play. You just can't click it at all! Its not the screen, it works...
  6. jamie.long951

    Wireless headphones for iPad 2?

    Hi all, Im looking to get some wireless headphones to use with my iPad 2. To point out, I can't justify spending more than £70 or so on a pair of headphones (who on earth buys the sets at £200+?) First of all, what's better - bluetooth or the wireless ones with transmitters? Ive been told...
  7. jamie.long951

    Why can't we write reviews?!

    I know on iTunes (PC) you can review items in the iTunes store.. How come we cant write reviews for apps in the app store when on our iPads? Even though we can give a star rating..
  8. jamie.long951

    Help my keyboard has moved...

    Its moved an inch up my display and i cant moveit back... See screenshot Cheers
  9. jamie.long951

    How to backup iPad & iTunes?

    Im looking for advice on how to backup my iTunes music library, and my iPad. I want to know whether I have got myself covered and everything backed up... Here's what im doing: For iTunes I have got iTunes Match enabled. I believe this has got all my music backed up in the cloud, so if my...
  10. jamie.long951

    Remove photos on sync?

    Had some photos on that totalled 3 gb. I have removed them and unticked the sync photos box and it asked me whether to delete. However there is still 1 gb of photos showing? I have nothing in the camera roll, photostream or anywhere in the photos app! Help?! Cheers
  11. jamie.long951


    I all, I had some pictures stored on my ipad on the camera roll, but they got deleted long ago. Wen i look at image attachments onvthis forum under attach from photos i noticed camera roll and photostream. These old photos are not in camera roll but they are in photostream. Now i am being...
  12. jamie.long951

    Artwork not showing on iPad all the time.

    Some of the artwork will not display on the iPad even though it is downloaded and works on the PC. Also... Look at ben folds top right, no artwork. But then when i select ben folds artist it shows. Weird or what! How do i fix this, Cheers! Sent from my iPad using iPF
  13. jamie.long951

    How to setup kids with their OWN facetime & iMessage?

    Hi all, So two kids have just got their own iPod touches. Heres the problem. They both want their own facetime & apple IDs so they can message each other and mates etc. Will they need their own email addresses (they dont have 1 yet?) or is there an easier way? Secondly will they have to have...
  14. jamie.long951

    Alternative to smart cover?

    I've found that the official smart cover (poly) is a right dust magnet. As soon as I put it on it covers my screen in fluff and dust. Does anyone know of any good alternatives, that don't create this problem? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPad using iPF
  15. jamie.long951

    Ios 5

    Just read that the new iPhone is coming out on the 14 th October and it has IOS5 installed. Is it safe to assume the rest of us will get the update on that day? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  16. jamie.long951

    itunes crashes when syncing photos

    For some reason whenever I sync photos from iTunes to my iPad it crashes before completing. iTunes then stops responding and closes. I can however sync music, apps and everything else... Any ideas? I'm running windows 7 with 64 bit version of iTunes. Thanks J Sent from my iPad using iPF
  17. jamie.long951

    Photo editing apps?

    Any suggestions on good photo editing apps for the pad2? Photoshop express seems like a good choice..? The bog standard features I would like but also with the ability to rotate photos Cheers jamie Sent from my iPad using iPF
  18. jamie.long951

    Download error. Tap to retry?

    Whats this all about? I bought an album on iTunes on the pad it downloaded about 3 of the songs fine and then the other stopped about half way through and now none of them will download. It says download error tap to retry? Ive tapped it and of course I just get the same message! Is that my...
  19. jamie.long951

    Search games by catagor on appstore

    How can you look at all iPad games in a category eg. Strategy, like I could on iPod touch? Thanks
  20. jamie.long951

    How to record in HD?

    Got the iPad 2 on Tuesday and never put it down - laptop not been used other than to sync!!!! So loving it so far!!! Two problems though that I seem to be having... Am I right in thinking that the it records in 720p HD on the rear facing camera (side with the apple logo on)? Reason I ask I'd...
  21. jamie.long951

    Talk me into getting an iPad 2 please!

    Hi all, Ive been a customer of apple's for a while owning there ipod nano and itouches. Im amazed by the reviews and videos of the iPad 2 with apps like garageband and madpad making me very jealous! Ive wanted an iPad since I saw the first one come out! Its just the price that puts me off...