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    Apple Said to be Readying 7.85-Inch iPad for Q3 2012

    Yes i just cant wait something to look forwarded to.
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    Could Apple Patent Be Hinting at a Desktop iPad/iMac Hybrid?

    looks like the URL has been changed to: The Mother Lode: Welcome to the iMac Touch - Patently Apple
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    iPad Users Win A Giveaway Valued at $40

    I hope the forum owners don't mind me posting this. I'm really not trying to spam, this is a 100% legit giveaway for one lucky winner and I just figured you'd like this sort of thing for your members! We've teamed up with Golden Frog to giveaway a two month top tier plan for their VyprVPN...
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    Down load mp3 file

    you should be able to transfer it directly from your Mac or PC
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    iPad Memory and iPad Disk

    this is another reason why cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity these days, local HD space doesn't really matter as much these days like it once did
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    How many mobile devices? Necessary?

    just two here, the iPad and I also own the HTC Touch Pro smartphone
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    Portrait or Landscape?

    landscape for sure, it's VERY rare I ever use portrait mode
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    New iPad, new member

    hello and welcome =) If you have questions about your new iPad (err, toy hehe) you're sure to find answers here!
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    Warning of Free iPad Twitter and Facebook Scam

    boggles my mind how people actually fall for this type of thing, even if there was such as thing as a free iPad there would be some sort of catch involved
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    Did a little drawing with my iPad

    really nice work Roi
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    Formatting ipads for old people

    I'm really looking forward to that as I'm sure many people are
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    woops dropped my iPad on cement

    was out on the front porch last night and while a friend of mine was handing my iPad back to me I accidentally dropped it several feet down on hard cement, oooops! I thought there would be a good chance of damage but turns out there was just a tiny scratch on the lower left corner, thank...
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    Is A 7-inch iPad Really on the Way Before Christmas?

    for the longest time I thought this was just a rumor, but it seems like it really could be a possibility
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    Enjoy an Entire Blue Ocean of Fish on Your iPad

    Well it looks like a fun app and like a lot of work went into it, the 3D graphics are fantastic. One thing I don't get though is the field with green grass out of the water with what appears to be fish floating in mid air at the end of the video, unless I'm just seeing it wrong, but how does...
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    Greetings from Portugal

    Welcome to the forum Henrique, what model iPad did you purchase?
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    Fancy an iPad Chair? That’ll be $2,495 please!

    lol high class right there :D
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    Genius Comes to the iPad App Store

    I do like this feature, not very accurate though but chances are it will improve over time
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    Could Microsoft Office be Heading to the iPad?

    I use Photoshop almost daily and can't agree with you more there!
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    AT&T Says Businesses Are Rushing to Become Early iPad Adopters

    and probably within a couple months (if that even) that number will rise to nearly 100%
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    BBC News Releases iPad and iPhone Apps in the UK

    hopefully they will be releasing a BBC Radio app soon!!
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    it seams everyone has useing a ipad

    iPad's are taking over the world lol =)
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    Will iPad Fail in School?

    in my opinion the iPad will excel in the field of education, I firmly believe that, eventually you'll see them in classrooms everywhere
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    Official iPad Owners List

    ok can someone please answer, still wondering how to get one of those official owner badges?
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    Greetings from Chicago!

    congrats and welcome!
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    Space Invaders HD Keeps it Old School

    seems a lot of retro style apps/games are being released lately
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    New Wave Band Squeeze Use iPad on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

    sure blame it on the keyboard, haha jk :D
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    How has your iPad changed the way you use your other devices?

    well this isn't a case of how the iPad has changed the way I do things, but after owning an iPad my HTC Touch Pro phone screen seems soooooo tiny it's funny
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    No Tethered Hulu.....WTF!!

    that doesn't seem right, usually the whole purpose of paying for such a service is to remove the unwanted ads and be able to view videos without interruption
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    iPad use while charging

    haven't used my iPad yet while it's charging
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    Need a texting app

    just a suggestion, it's not a specific iPad app for texting, but can be used to make texting quicker since you say you do a fair amount of it, I just read about an iPad app today called TextExpander you might want to check out
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    I LOVE my ipad!!

    on the topic of radio stations I'd love to see a BBC Radio app for the iPad, that would be so cool
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    just added you NumbLockT, my username is same as my forum name
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    iTunes app promo codes in Canada. When?

    Why are promo codes for iPhone & iPad apps only redeemable for people in US?? I wish Apple would start allowing them for Canada as well as other countries, I don't understand what the big deal is?? Anyone here know if or when this might become the case?
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    Another new member :)

    Hi Jolene and welcome from a fellow Canadian =)
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    Ipad noob

    Hello and welcome! Where abouts you from and what iPad did you get?
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    The iPad Show

    nevermind, just found the link at: The iPad Show great looking site!! following you on twitter too, mine is @ipadbuzzblog
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    The iPad Show

    hello Steve and welcome, great to have you here!! ...curious, do you have a link to the iPad show that you host? and yes since we are all iPad junkies here it's proper to begin with "My name is Steve and I'm an iPadoholic" LOL, jk
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    For those of you who think the iPad sucks...

    how and where can I join? :D
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    Camping and the iPad - Preliminary Charging Results Inside

    that Solio Magnesium thingy is super cool, I want one!!