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  1. MattIM

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Hello casper320, welcome to the forum! When you get a chance, head over to the beginners section and introduce yourself. As for your Zagg keyboard, go to your iPad settings and "forget" this device. Just for kicks, turn off the iPad, turn off the keyboard. Turn on the iPad, go back to settings...
  2. MattIM

    Spreadsheet messages

    Hello Bluejak. I get this error message as well in both apps that you refer. That is why in MS Office, or Excel, I use Helvetica--this font is more universal. When you launch either app on your iPad, depending on your network speed, you'll see the app stop or blink out, that is because you have...
  3. MattIM

    I bought Apple Care for the first time for the Air....

    Apple products are so well designed that I've always felt confident that they will last a long time--if I take reasonable precaution to eliminate or circumvent my natural inclination to be clumsy. I still have my iPad original, an iPad2, and an iPad 3. I skipped the 4, but now contemplating an...
  4. MattIM

    Ios update

    Take heart Alex, your concern with the new iOS7 is appropriate. It is your machine, after all. For someone so "old" you are pretty up to date with your hardware. I have a third generation iPad. I also have an older version of the iPad2 and the very first iPad. I'm going to get the new iPad Air...
  5. MattIM

    Mobile sites?

    Websites such as eBay offer this switch so that it only provides you the information that your tablet can use. It also allows you to reduce your data download requirements if you were on cellular as opposed to wifi. I am using eBay as an example. You can access eBay on your iPad via Safari and...
  6. MattIM

    iPad 4 ATT 32 GB White - travel options

    Pretty much the same thing. You do have to get a country specific SIMM card and you have to sign up for data account with that carrier. You should consider if it is worth doing this if you are staying in that country for less than a week or more than a month. Most countries have wifi...
  7. MattIM

    Word processor/ document app

    Thanks for commenting Cpfcrob...I did not want to seem like a bunch of forum moderators were endorsing an App, LOL!!
  8. MattIM

    Three Years Ago I Bought An iPad!

    This iPad has been with me every where. I have used it every day in the past three years. I bought a 64gig, wifi plus cellular unit. I bought it two days before I went on vacation to Beaver Island, Michigan. I used this iPad to help me navigate from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Beaver Island. I had...
  9. MattIM

    Word processor/ document app

    It is now .99 cents (in the US AppStore), but it is still a great value. I've been playing with it for a little while and it is certainly a lot easier to use than other note apps I own. Thank you!
  10. MattIM

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Wow! I just came home from the cinema and saw "Trance". This is a psychological thriller with lots of plot twists.
  11. MattIM

    Which Devices Do You Think Will Get iOS 7?

    History is sometimes not an indicator of future behavior but....Apple did stop supporting the original iPad when the "new" iPad (3) was released. The iPad2 was already limited (some consider it significant) by Apple when Siri was not included with the upgrade to iOS6. Therefore (a shaky...
  12. MattIM

    What's the last movie you saw?

    The 3D effect can cause motion sickness. For many people, their sense of equilibrium depends on the stability of horizontal sight lines. Three dimensional movies causes you to sense the changes in these sight lines which can make you feel dizzy and this can make you feel like vomiting. This is...
  13. MattIM

    Bill Gates thinks Windows tablets have a big chance against iPad & Android ones

    I don't think Bill Gates is "oblivious". Otherwise he would not go on media and make the comments reported here. What Microsoft does with its business is important to the health of my portfolio. My interest in Apple is that it continues to provide products that I can use easily and...
  14. MattIM

    Apple's App Store jumps over the 50 billion downloads threshold

    Just wait another three months or so--Apple will start counting towards 75 billion apps. Apple has so much money, you'd think they would give US$20,000!
  15. MattIM

    Apple Planning Major AppleCare Changes

    The wisdom of my father: if you are without any care then you should not worry you will break your toy. However, if you do care, your toy will always serve you. English is not my father's first language. I did not understand his words at the time because I was completely overwrought when my...
  16. MattIM

    Should I buy a logitech fibreskin keyboard case or upgrade to a RT surface ?

    Hello bloggeraldwin, welcome to our forum. There is a lot of debate regarding using the iPad as a replacement to your laptop. I have had this iPad since it became available from Apple. I use it for everything I need to do on a personal level. But if I had to rely on it for work, for producing...
  17. MattIM

    Keyboard for iPad

    This is a fantastic device! I have the Zagg version--Logitech has a version and there are cheaper versions. Be aware that the case protects the face of the iPad. I have a thin skin on the back of the iPad to protect it from scratches.
  18. MattIM

    Website data clearing yes or no !

    As already noted, clearing website data on newer generation iPads is probably not necessary. But it is one of the ways to keep your iPad ONE functioning without Safari shutting down and returning you to home screen.
  19. MattIM

    Question about space and data on my 3rd gen ipad

    Generally speaking VitaW, there are very few members on this forum that could explain why each of these apps are taking up so much space or give you advise on how to use these apps--unless one of these developers are also forum members and can see your posting. This is the key thing to remember...
  20. MattIM


    I watch Amazon Prime on my Roku. I think you can do the same on Apple TV by choosing the Amazon Prime channel--the same thing for Netflix.
  21. MattIM

    iPad 4 or nexus 10?

    Thank you for this summary. My only foray into the Android world was when I purchased an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 9" tablet. My rationalization buying this tablet was to see how an Android device worked, and take advantage of Amazon Prime--since I am an Amazon frequent shopper! This Kindle is...
  22. MattIM


    In addition to Kay3 advice, you should clear all of your Safari searches. Keep the number of tabs to a minimum, use bookmarks to keep your favorite sites in place, but clear the other searches. If you have notifications from various apps, clear those notifications regularly. The first two screen...
  23. MattIM

    iPad 4th gen. Speaker problem (cracking sound)

    Sorry Xclusive, that no one has provided you with assistance. I would opine that a call to an Apple store for a genius appointment might be your best solution. Since you have had your iPad for a month and a half, speakers cracking like you describe could be a hardware problem. And your iPad is...
  24. MattIM

    Retina Display iPad mini release date: Q3 of 2013?

    As in Tim Cook?
  25. MattIM

    Is this a bug in IPAD 4?

    Yes, it works in iBooks, Kindle and when you are deep into a website in Safari, and you want to go back to the top. Press the time clock, and you are there!
  26. MattIM

    Firefox won’t come to iOS until Apple mellows up on browser policies

    "....Vice president Jay Sullivan was reported saying this week that the fiery Fox will not come jumping from the forest and onto iOS devices until Apple eases up on its browser policies. The company pulled the browser off the Apple App Store back in September 2012." Mr Sullivan is obviously not...
  27. MattIM

    Splashtop Remote Desktop is FREE

    This app enables you to access your PC via your iPad. It works great. It is normally much more expensive than 'free'. This is a temporary price to celebrate the apps highly favored and download app.
  28. MattIM

    How to play bridge game on iPad ?

    BridgeBaron is available for the iPad. It is a bit expensive from my standard app prices. I think it is worth the price. Here is a screen shot of the opening screen.
  29. MattIM

    128 GB iPad Available From Today

    Wow! I just got an email today 02/13 from Sam's Club (this is a members-only discount store affiliated with Walmart, here in the USofA) telling me that they have iPads with Retina Display available in the 128G size storage in black or white, wifi or 4G. This is the first time I got such an email...
  30. MattIM

    HP tablet, or is it? Ditto!
  31. MattIM

    Will the Next iPad be Thinner and Lighter Thanks to “G/F2†Touchscreen Tech?

    According to another blog, this is the same screen as the iPad Mini? For those of you with an iPad Mini, how is that screen holding up? I note that this product is described as a 'film' rather than glass. If this deployment is for the next generation of iPad, that is really something to look...
  32. MattIM

    windows networking

    Hello boobaloo, you may want to check out this sticky that Super moderator Gabriel posted in the iPad Connect sub forum. Once you are in that part of the forum, take a look at other comments regarding NAS drives for other ideas...
  33. MattIM

    Screen change colour

    Thanks for replying back Jolinmax. It was a good idea and I'm glad you had the gumption to see if it would work. Most back lit tablets have problems when using under bright sun. The only device that I've seen people use on the beach were e-readers like Amazon's Paperwhite or Nook's e-reader...
  34. MattIM

    any body ever buy a Refurbished iPad 2 from apple

    I think a 16 gig iPad is enough for a pre-school person. I'm way past pre-school, I have a 32 gig wifi iPad 2, and after a year of owning it, it still has 20 gigs storage space. It has over 80 apps, over a 100 songs, over 200 pictures, and several ebooks. Save time and money and buy that child...
  35. MattIM

    any body ever buy a Refurbished iPad 2 from apple

    I just checked the store and they have 16gig iPad2 available in black or white. I have bought a refurbished iPad2 32 gigs back at the end of November 2012. This size iPad is very popular. There are 32 gig iPad 3 available I just checked
  36. MattIM

    Screen change colour

    Hello Jolinmax. Once you get a black image, as suggested, go into Photos app, choose the black file. Open it and then you'll get appropriate list. By the way, one of the biggest drawback of the iPad is that it is hard to read or use in bright sunlight. Some times, I have increased brightness...
  37. MattIM

    Is it possible to setup PayPal to pay for apps?

    You can also buy gift cards on the Internet. Here's the irony, if you have an online account with Amazon, for example, you can set up Paypal to pay for the gift card!
  38. MattIM

    ipad 3 automatically reboot while watching music video

    Hello BlackOropher26, when you say reboot, do you mean that the video kicks you out and you end up back on your home screen? Folks around here define reboot to mean your iPad completely shuts down, you get a black screen and you have to press home button until the white Apple logo appears, and...
  39. MattIM

    Bing for ipad help

    Hi Kevin43, the Bing for IPad app is a little glitchy. Microsoft recently updated it and a lot of users have had problems. I always thought you had to click on the blue links...especially if presented with numerous items...