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    I Come In Peace: Nexus 7 vs Ipad 3

    I have no interest in "general consensus" as most people don't think for themselves. The iPad weighs less than any hard bound book I own. The screen size far outstrips any advantage of weight. If smaller/lighter was better I'd be reading more on my Kindle Fire. When I'm reading plain text I can...
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    I Come In Peace: Nexus 7 vs Ipad 3

    I think you initial premise is in error. You assume smaller is better for an eReader for example. Or for gaming. I disagree on both counts. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Is it worth it ?

    There are none.
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    Ipad as computer replacement?

    Sorry, I meant to say copy it to your 1.44mb floppy diskette and open it in Lotus 123.
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    Running multiple programmes on ipad

    I've never heard of a home button being worn out... and I've been using my iPad1 daily since the day they came out. Until I got the iPad 3 anyway. But using the button isn't as simple as the five finger pinch gesture. People should read the section on multitasking gestures in the manual for...
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    Can I use a smartphone as a wifi hotspot and tether my ipad2 to it?

    How well that works depends on the phone, not the iPad. I've never heard of a cell phone hotspot that the iPad couldn't use... You might want to consider a 4G phone, which will be much faster than 3G. That speed would carry over to your browsing speeds on the iPad. You'll probably still want...
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    Ear phones

    Nope. Assuming the volume is up on the iPad they should work I've used my iPod touch headphones with my iPad since I first got it. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Ipad v mac

    Couldn't you just back up to or Dropbox? You can get 5 GB of free space on each if you have lots of docs.
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    How to change the web browser

    No Firefox for iPad. Sounds like you are trying to install software for some other operating system, like OSX or Windows.
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    Apps start and then kick me to home

    Sorry to be so long in replying. I've been seeing a lot of app crashes, even in smaller apps, not just games. I think we either have apps that need to be updated for the current iOS, or Apple needs to fix something. Be sure you have iTunes set to send app crash info to Apple.
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    safari cannot download this file...

    That you didn't tell us enough to answer the question... What sort of file, from where? A blind guess would be that you tried to open an unsupported video file. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Need easy way to switch from DHCP to Static IP

    Why fix many computers when what is broken is the wifi device? It may just have exceeded the number of dhcp addresses it is set to give out. I setup my home wifi for to only locate 10 up addresses but in the past year we exceeded that with family members visiting. You might just need change the...
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    Would you turn your iPad into a steering wheel for racing games?

    iPad is too heavy for driving games. Blackberry Playbook is better because of the lighter weight. I'd say build it with a base so the weight isn't a factor in how long you want to play. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Confused abt iPad 2 Multitasking

    Multitasking has to be supported in the application. It's not a default behavior. The programmer has to code keep alive behavior in the application. You may also need to check the notifications in the Settings app. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Best Free Apps

    Have you tried the app store? Lots of free stuff there. AppShopper is a great source for free 'at the moment' apps. Several of the not-free apps I have ended up on my system because of short duration free or reduced price promotions. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    RSS Feed App - Which is the best?

    I recommend you check out xFeed RSS reader. It has a simple uncluttered interface. I'm also partial to Pulse and SkyGrid but they are a bit fussier. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Safari Private Browsing

    Have you upgraded to iOS 5? Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Dear apple & iOs5.... I HATE safari changes ...Especially tabs!

    ????? Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    What is the name of the "mail" application ?

    I doubt you need to reinstall the OS. Before you do that try this: Delete the email account from the iPad. Power down the iPad and restart. Setup the email account again. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    has anyone made there own iPad stand?

    Yep,from an old iPod Nano 2nd gen box. Take out the plate that holds the iPod, turn it 45 degrees and affix it under large part of the box. You can store your power adapter in the box.
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    I found a bug in the App store!

    The Apple Website? There are discussion forums there. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    What is the perfect stand to use with the iPad in bed?

    The original Apple case is excellent.
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    Microsoft word..?

    Nothing even remotely close to Word for the iPad. If you want a nice word processor to create good looking documents Apple offers a simplified version of their Pages program for ten bucks. It's designed for a touch screen. If you want to edit Word or other Office documents then Documents To...
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    Downloading Music

    Did you get an Open In option in the mail client? The same thing happens when you receive a PDF. After viewing it, you need to tap the Open In icon in the upper right to transfer it to another application. iOS "sandboxes" applications to protect one program (or the os) from viruses and such...
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    POP? IMAP? Help!

    Perhaps you should check with your ISP? After a year of people buying iPads you would think they'd have something on their website. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Can ipad 2 facetime an i phone

    If the phone has FaceTime it should show up as an option when you use the dialing directory. What model iPhone is it?
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    iAnnotate + Sugarsync ?

    iTunes It's how your backup you iDevices.
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    Printing in Pages

    You could by a printer that supports the iPad. There are only a couple. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Obtaining books readable in iBooks

    Not at home to confirm this but I thought Calibre came with an ebook manual. You probably have to use iTunes to synch the output from Calibre (which means knowing where the output files go) to iBooks. For Kindle books, I use the Kindle Reader. I think it's much better than the iBooks reader...
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    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    I bought the Microsoft BT 6000 and liked it so much I started using it with my PC in preference to my old Logitech keyboard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED --- - Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    I wouldn't buy a Kindle at the moment. There are new models expected out for Xmas. Rumors of a Nook touch style (smaller/touch screen) and color (and possibly Android compatible). --- - Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Picked up Blackberry Playbook to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    Not at all. I'm saying don't "buy" stuff you have no intention of keeping just so you can play with it. Anyone who thinks that doesn't impact the economics of the picture has never run a business. Everything is overhead.
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    We need a 7 inch Ipad

    Didn't Mr Jobs already say there would be no 7" iPad because the form factor was "dead on arrival"? I thought he was right until I got my Blackberry Playbook. Turns out it's a great size for on the go. --- - Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    AT&T Has Started Removing Unlimited Plans For Jailbroken Tethering

    The government getting involved in 1974 and breaking up ATTs monopoly doesn't seem to have killed the company. Nor has legal action against Microsoft in Europe put them out of business there. Just sayin'
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    How to change my old OS to a new

    If you are using iTunes it will prompt you to update. There is a check for updates button on the page that is displayed when you click on the device in the left column in iTunes if you are impatient, but iTunes checks fairly often. --- - Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Antivirus for iPad?

    Right. I'm not aware of any AV software for the iPad. My point was that you should keep your os up to date. I've met lots of folks who have never synched their iPads. Not even once. Posted with TapaTalk for iPhone
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    Antivirus for iPad?

    I'm puzzled. The PDF exploit "...has the ability to install malicious code on a users iOS device by simply visiting a webpage crafted to run the code." I don't get how that is different from the most common form of PC virus. The very fact it can be used to JailBreak seems to support the idea...
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    Antivirus for iPad?

    Apple just released a security patch to prevent an exploit that could be embedded in .PDF files. If you haven't updated your iPad os recently with iTunes you should do so. The iOS architecture is more secure than a Mac or PC or Linux system, but it's not bulletproof. Avoid questionable...
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    Mail account disappeared

    Not sure what you are describing. How do you forward mail from your iPad to another computer?
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    transfer purchase from ipad to computer

    Your Kindle books are stored on Amazon's servers. You can download them again at any time, to any device with a Kindle reader (or to an actual Kindle) and you'll be right at the same page you left off on, on the last device you were reading them with.