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  1. Midranger4

    No music on games

    Common bug From general settings set side switch to mute. Physically flip switch to mute. Physically flip switch to unmute. All should be well.
  2. Midranger4

    Ipad opening apps itself and typing itself

    Sounds like the touchscreen may be malfunctioning. Take it to the nearest apple store and hope you can recreate the problem. If you can they will likely either fix or replace the unit if no external damage is present. Good luck !
  3. Midranger4

    Sending emails

    If only sending is impacted suspect bad password or setup on outbound smtp server for the account. You can drill into the outbound settings for the account but you can reset both inbound and outbound by deleting and recreating the account.
  4. Midranger4

    Ipad screen blurry

    :( Looks like the graphics accelerator is failing :( If we are seeing the "natural death" of an iPad I am concerned based solely on the timeframe between manufacture date and failure date. While outside the warranty period are we to accept that within x months critical hardware components can...
  5. Midranger4

    Ipad screen blurry

    Can you post a screennshot of the problem?
  6. Midranger4

    Ipad 3 no sounds

    Hmmmmm Sure sounds like the common issue if system sounds are working while in app sounds are not. If your iPad switch was already set to mute when you followed steps change it to auto rotate then change it back to mute. Also make sure side switch is in off position before following the...
  7. Midranger4

    How on earth do you really remove safari history??

    Selective website data can be managed/deleted. See screen shot found under safari/advanced/website data. I've tested with select sites and I presume it to be cookie data as I was required to logon again to the site after deleting it's site specific data.
  8. Midranger4

    Ipad 3 no sounds

    Common bug....perform the following From settings/Use side switch To/select Mute Now mute iPad from side switch. (red dot will be visible on switch when set to on) Now unmute ipad from side switch. (red dot not visible when set to off) Now test and sounds will be working again.
  9. Midranger4

    Clip Board

    Once copied into the clipboard the text/item remains on the clipboard until one of two things happen. 1. Another copy is performed effectively overwriting the previous contents of the clipboard 2. The iPad is power cycled and clipboard is reset. So you can potentially have something on the...
  10. Midranger4

    iPad 2 not connecting to Wi-Fi after 5.1.1 update!!

    Can you explain this anomaly? Are the white boxes by design or simply a known issue?
  11. Midranger4

    iPad 2 not connecting to Wi-Fi after 5.1.1 update!!

    I'm no jailbreak expert but just from the sounds of your multiple issues I would certainly punt at this point. How painful is a restore compared to the pain you are experiencing now?
  12. Midranger4

    ipad going crazy

    Thank you very much for posting this success story! Bookmarked!
  13. Midranger4

    Cracked iPad 3 screen

    Here is a link to help you determine repairs done by Apple : Any DIY repair of an iPad is risky. If you search on YouTube you will find many DIY repairs gone well....and not so well. Regardless of the result...
  14. Midranger4

    Best iPad tweaks that work with iPad 3?

    I am certain jail broken devices have much greater flexibility in this regard but from a standard iOS perspective I would simply offer the basic settings that seem popular and appear to best save battery power. 1. Set brightness to manual and at about the halfway point of the slider. Adjust...
  15. Midranger4

    Closing apps

    Oh and by the way....I have ALL the Skylander characters! I lost several nights of my life.....but I got the buggers!
  16. Midranger4

    Closing apps

    Yes they are from system status. The debate is not as simple as the blogger purports or as the screen shots illustrate and I do not wish to start a debate. I just think their is a difference in how free resources are defined by both sides of the debate. As you can see there are several states...
  17. Midranger4

    Closing apps

    Below are screen shots of RAM usage . I closed background apps and freed substantial memory...over 300MB. I realize there are believers on both sides of the issue so please don't shoot the messenger.
  18. Midranger4

    Cleaning screen question

    .......certainly a unique method
  19. Midranger4

    Not able to see image

    Set load remote images to yes. See below:
  20. Midranger4

    Unresponsive home button

    Officially joining the ranks. I dismissed it the first dozen times over the last week but the problem is increasing in frequency. Full restart not helping. Issue is random. Stranger still when the home button becomes unresponsive multiple presses are ignored. The ipad is not frozen...
  21. Midranger4

    hi, and help

    The iPad will allow you to jump back and forth between apps. To do this open app1 then press the home key. Open app2 press the home key. Now double tap the home key and a shelf appears with recently opened apps. Press one and you are returned to that app in the same spot you left it. Double...
  22. Midranger4

    Just feel like raging

    Data may still be recoverable if it is worth the fee to remount the platter to another controller. I have business partners that provide this service ( which has a surprisingly high success rate). We have had several desktops where the HDD has died without warning. As long as the drive was in...
  23. Midranger4


    It's a solid app. You will find it useful and informative. We use it to debug html5 code for our ecommerce site. The system logs are very informative and have isolated problems previously hard to isolate when safari was crashing back to the springboard.
  24. Midranger4


    System status I think it was like three bucks.
  25. Midranger4


    It depends on the resolution and size of the images to be stored. 32GB is 4096MB. Subtract the overhead for the operating system and such and you wind up with about 28GB raw storage. If each picture is 3MB the iPad will hold around a thousand pics if my math is correct. Bear in mind this...
  26. Midranger4

    ipad going crazy

    Unfortunately because it is a first generation iPad the genius bar while likely able to confirm the problem as hardware will not be able to do much to help you. Warranty is expired and unfortunately your iPad can likely be repaired but cost justifying such repairs isn't feasible. Maybe if you...
  27. Midranger4

    ipad going crazy

    Sadly it sounds like the touchscreen is short circuiting. Have you noticed different behavior if held in different positions? Portrait vs landscape, vertical vs on a flat surface etc?
  28. Midranger4

    I dented my new ipad already!

    I am sorry for you. As others have stated though if you escaped with full functionality you are indeed fortunate. I've come close many times. The worst I've done is knocked it off the nightstand while sleeping. Guess I was flailing in my sleep! It was plugged into the charger cord which...
  29. Midranger4


    Congrats! Your question will solicit a different response from most anyone. What are your interests? Gaming? News? work related, movies, podcasts, photography etc.... You can start with appshopper. A free app that filters results every which way imaginable. The top 200 overall or by...
  30. Midranger4

    iPad not holding a charge or....

    Several apps will drain the battery quickly. location services (GPS apps more specifically), streaming apps such as pandora, spotify, etc. and as you have mentioned notification center if numerous apps are polling for messages constantly. I would suggest turning notifications off for one night...
  31. Midranger4

    ipad going crazy

    Ok let's try a pseudo lobotomy of the iPad and see if it helps.... From your iPad desktop double tap the home button. A shelf will appear with recently used application icons on it. There may be one or many depending upon several factors. Regardless of how many appear long press any one of...
  32. Midranger4

    First Timer

    See screen shot below:
  33. Midranger4


    It is likely that as previously mentioned FaceTime was omitted from your version of iOS due to government restrictions. Unfortunately because FaceTime is a native iOS application you will not be able to do an adhoc install of it. However their are other third party applications such as Skype...
  34. Midranger4


    Do you have restrictions active at any level? Is the device jail broken?
  35. Midranger4

    iBooks crashing

    I would suggest deleting ibooks, followed by a restart of the iPad, then reinstall iBooks. Power cycle accomplished by long pressing the power button until the power down slider appears, then swipe right through the slider and the iPad will display a spinning icon in the center of your screen...
  36. Midranger4

    First time Apple product owner, new to ios. Please help me on this:

    Someone will be along to assist. In the interim there is a jailbreak forum here that may provide you help. I did read the jailbreak for 5.1.1 is out there and seems to be working for those who choose to use it.
  37. Midranger4

    iPad Problems

    Well I suppose you could disable then re-enable iCloud contacts on each device and see if that helps. Settings/iCloud/contacts. Off Settings/iCloud/contacts. On
  38. Midranger4

    ipad going crazy

    What does crazy mean? Describe the behavior as best you can, when it started, was it progressive or sudden....etc.
  39. Midranger4

    Icons on my ipad3

    How many apps are installed? How many home screens do you have? Is there some common denominator amongst the apps placed into a folder? Is this device jail broken?
  40. Midranger4


    There are a fair number of YouTube videos that will not run on the iPad from the native YouTube app. Whether its a format issue or other issue I do not know but I encounter the same error with regularity. Are you sure NO videos will play? How many did you try and were they all on the same...