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  1. Abrennan

    iCloud Drive-ing me ...

    Thanks I was hoping it would be something like that
  2. Abrennan

    Anybody's Ipad Air 2 shipped yet?

    yep mine arrived the morning they became available for distribution
  3. Abrennan

    iCloud Drive-ing me ...

    I have a question about Icloud drive also. If I let all my photos upload to iCloud Drive and I choose to only keep the 'lighter' versions on my device whilst the full resolution is stored in the cloud, how can I access and download the full resolution on my iPad to use to email to someone or...
  4. Abrennan

    4G and IPAD in Aust

    Oh thanks for that
  5. Abrennan

    Using ipad 2 as a Wifi hotspot

    I had iPad 1, 2 and 3 none of which had the hotspot feature. When I bought appleTV and installed it the hotspot feature appeared on my iPad 3. I read that telcos require that it be disabled in Australia and that a variety of minor changes to some settings can reveal it. Others am know more...
  6. Abrennan

    4G and IPAD in Aust

    I visited Telstra to ask about the 4g sim for the new iPad. They told me they had no knowledge of what sim size the 4g iPad would come with. I have since read that the new 4g iPad will have the same sim size as iPad 3 which is the micro sim and not the nano sim that I believe is in the iPhone...
  7. Abrennan

    Only Wi Fi available so for no 4G

    Not for me thanks I prefer to get the built in 4g : ) I'll just have to wait, won't be long.
  8. Abrennan

    Only Wi Fi available so for no 4G

    Thanks Thanks for that I must have missed it. I stood in line and found it out when the door opened. I was, however, the one in line and the staff came out before time to talk to me (apple reseller). Two weeks can't come quickly enough : )
  9. Abrennan

    Only Wi Fi available so for no 4G

    I went to buy a wifi/4g iPad and was told this would not be available for another two week in Australia, is it the same anywhere else.
  10. Abrennan

    IPad 1 -> IPad 2 Sim card?

    Yes simply swapping worked without a hitch
  11. Abrennan

    IPad 1 -> IPad 2 Sim card?

    Same here in Australia we are not locked in to any particular provider. Hopefully that means I ca swap my sim into my iPad 2. I will ask the telco closer to the event and report. Months out they are notoriously ignorant of these things.
  12. Abrennan

    Problem with full cover on iPAD-2 due to Camera

    Strange thread Being thinner the new iPad may not fit well in an old iPad case Why the fault finding? I can't work it out. The thread creator has already pointed out that they won't be getting ipad2 and now the invention of problems that don't exist. I can't wait to get hold of iPad 2, and a...
  13. Abrennan

    IPad 1 -> IPad 2 Sim card?

    I am hoping it is hassle free and we can just swap sims. When I bought my sim I didn't have to give any ipad details, it was activated whilst I waited at the shop (telstra, in Australia ) and when I got home I put it in my device and it worked straight away. So I am hoping I can just pop it iPad...
  14. Abrennan

    ipad 2, I'll just wait for #3

    Bought one, will but two, can't wait for three. Bring it on Apple.
  15. Abrennan

    iPad 2 event! Wow! not, rather "ehnt"

    Can't wait to get my hands on it, looks great, sounds great, will of course be great.
  16. Abrennan

    White or black?

    Black for me
  17. Abrennan

    Something isn't right

    I'll be updating, no question of it.
  18. Abrennan

    Anyone else frustrated with App Store?

    I think the App Store should take a leaf out of the or even the Ebay way of selling things. I have not seen a clunkier on line store for a long time.
  19. Abrennan

    Kindle iPad App Gets Updated With Multitasking Features and Side-Loading of Content

    I just updated to the new kindle app and uploaded about 20 books I have been waiting to read. They look great and work perfectly.
  20. Abrennan

    Doc app?

    The answer is: You can use google docs in your web browser on iPad, or you can use Apples Pages or Quickoffice and sync with any number of cloud based systems. There are any number of free and cheap apps that let you wordprocess. The less you pay is seems the less 'rich' the user experience...
  21. Abrennan

    Problem with quickoffice

    Dear friends, I have been using Quickoffice for a while with no problems. However, today it won't let me open files created or moved to google docs, server error. Let's me move thethere and see them there but not open them from there. I can access google docs and open them no problem. Using the...
  22. Abrennan

    Have you ever dropped your ipad? Bumped it?

    To get people to watch
  23. Abrennan

    To All Those Accusing Me Of Being A Troll, And Future Ipad!

    I think you have seen the future. It will be thinner faster and of seemingly infinite capacity. Bring on the future
  24. Abrennan

    YouTube playlists

    Well that's disappointing
  25. Abrennan

    To All Those Accusing Me Of Being A Troll, And Future Ipad!

    Don't feed the trolls it just encourages them
  26. Abrennan

    YouTube playlists

    Dear friends, At YouTube you can make playlists of videos In the iPad YouTube app yiu can have playlists Does anyone know of a way to move or sync the playlists to the iPad Thanks
  27. Abrennan

    free ebooks without using ibooks

    Are you guys familiar with this site: Stop Forum Spam
  28. Abrennan

    iTunes cannotvread your ipad

    That worked. I downloaded the latest version of itunes from Apple and installed that. I got a message saying the previous install was faulty and I should roll it back. Yes or No. I say yes and off it goes rolling back the old version and installing the new one. Plug in the iPad, cross your...
  29. Abrennan

    iTunes cannotvread your ipad

    iTunes cannot read your ipad So reset it to factory settings I think I will re install iTunes first and see what happens then Wish me luck
  30. Abrennan

    New to the iPad forums

    Hello, glad to gear yiu are having fun with your iPad I am from downer under than Col And I have met people from further down :D
  31. Abrennan

    Brought my ipad to

    I have taken mine everywhere I go and have been swarmed at most places. I went to the optometrist with my wife, she went in to see the optometrist and his secretary said hello, I say hello and sit down, she sees the iPad and stands up and starts talking from begins the counter then slowly comes...
  32. Abrennan

    Need friends for Farm Story

    Is it like farmville on facebook, it looks the same in the screen shots
  33. Abrennan

    New FREE tabbed browser released today

    No but today i tried perfect browser that is pretty good. Something missing in both these apps is the ability to import bookmarks, that would be nice.
  34. Abrennan

    Hi, from makassar, indonesia

    Hello Indonesia Salamat (I think). : )
  35. Abrennan

    introducing myself

    Hello Susie and all the little apples
  36. Abrennan

    Where do you download iPad needs from?

    You can get content for some apps from third parties, and you can create and share your own content in some apps. But unless you jailbreak your machine. You can only buy from apple, or from third parties that operate via an app. Ie you can go to the amazon kindle app click shop and it takes you...
  37. Abrennan

    Battery-when to charge?

    I thought that a few years ago they started making batteries that didn't need to be powered down totally as the memory function of batteries had been improved. I guess it may be that seeing as the iPad is always on, even when the screen is powered off, the battery needs some form of maintenance...
  38. Abrennan

    ITunes and IPad

    Where there is a will there is a way