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  1. The OB

    Upgrading to iOS 10 iPads - What you need to know !

    Thanks Col. That is very helpful and says it just right. And I did like the bit about upgrading Over The Air, Easy and fast, provided one has reasonable RAM to go and does not do it it when the rest of the world is attemting it at the same time. (Not hard to wait a day or two) I've always...
  2. The OB

    Apple’s iPad Reigns Supreme in Expanding Tablet Market

    Hello Kolpoiu. I'm sure this will not come as news to you but we also like our iPads:D Although you have been a member since last December, I'm a bit puzzled as to why you would post, within a time span of 15 minutes, the folowing 3 posts...... ~~ "Hi everyone" ~~ "Good info for Newbie...
  3. The OB

    Trim/cut/split videos with what??

    Hi Haily1, and nice to see again after a lengthy time since you last posted. You have replied to a thread that's well over four years old, so it's doubtful if those members will be around to see your contribution. I've had to choof off (that's Aussie speak for remove) that external link as that...
  4. The OB

    Safari history times

    Hi Gcarington, welcome to the forum! And what a great intro, a post to make one think;). Noon I suppose is "meridian" the "m" in am and pm. But after noon and evening it gets a bit hairier (erm, less scientific) from what I could see. A bit of googling and comparison of the answers got me this...
  5. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    No worries! Sometimes the hairiest of problems can have an upside:) Andrew
  6. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    A lovely pooch Jenni! A Pomeranian I think, correct me if I'm wrong:) Don't they all just love their tum-rubs? And that look on their face, just precious. Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  7. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    I know you're right Dave. Like you, I can't see that sort of stuff happening too often in real life. One really wouldn't have engineers like that even if they use very old clapped out theodolites. The thing to marvel at is how they manage some of those complicated engineering projects:) Andrew
  8. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    If it's not driving among dingoes on Fraser Island you walk around with lions and elephants in Africa! Looks like you are having a great time Col. Nice to hear from you:) Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  9. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    That's going to end up a great stadium scifan:) Interesting how the two segments are engineered to meet up like that rather than a continuous build. I'm sure it won't happen but I couldn't help thinking of this scenario.... The work seems to be progressing well. Andrew Sent from my iPad...
  10. The OB

    Austrian Sights

    A really great series of photos, Johanna. They bring back a lot of memories:) Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  11. The OB

    Skitch replacement: Annotable

    Thanks tp, Informative as usual:) Good to know there is this fall-back, and maybe an even better facility available. Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  12. The OB

    On this day in history.

    "The day of the jackal" is one of my all-time favourite films. Thanks for filling in some extra info. on this very talented director. Andrew
  13. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Not sure your State's economy has much to do with the topic of this thread Susan of North Carolina (suenc?). Or the sexual proclivities of some people of your State for that matter (a topic not exactly at the forefront of our rules if you would care to read them). Best to concentrate and...
  14. The OB

    iOS 9.0.1 slowwwww

    I wonder if you could rephrase ... "the home button goes to home when it gets ready too..." A bit cryptic that for someone intending to assist you.;) Were you trying to reset (reboot) your iPad after the system update: a good thing to do in such a case? Andrew
  15. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Numbers 2 and 5 are really beautiful Johanna. Just great photography. The birds? So that is where they are disappearing to :) Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  16. The OB

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum Marshal. Your friends are wise people! :) If you are a proud owner of an iPad you'll find this a good forum, and if you experience any problems with your iPad, just fire off a post in the Help section. Lots of helpful people here. (And I reread my post here to check that my...
  17. The OB

    Pets who share your life ??

    Worked a treat! Now that is one good-looking seriously relaxed canine:) And a very lucky one at that when you came across him the way you did. If I was a legislator I would make the penalty fit the crime... well, in some cases anyway:oops:. But all's well that ends well and I'm sure Lucky has...
  18. The OB

    Pets who share your life ??

    Nice to see dog lovers on this forum, and I'm real sorry about your experiences with those lovely pooches. Any pictures? Here's my example of "Mr. Bossy Boots", a spoiled Maltese/Shitzu cross.:) Andrew
  19. The OB

    Today is my 6th year with iPad forums.

    Thanks Marilyn, I guess you're right. I too was wondering about that. But I'm also wondering why we should have to be guessing about this. Just providing a clear-cut legend about these mysteriously-appearing symbols would have been helpful where we keep getting such out of the blue constant...
  20. The OB

    no WiFi connection

    No worries! Glad that worked:) Andrew
  21. The OB

    no WiFi connection

    Hi Robert, if you have not already done so, try these two steps first: ~~ Reset (reboot) your iPad. Simultaniously hold down the Home and Stop/Start buttons and only let go when the Apple logo appears. Then wait until the home screen comes back up. You won't lose any data but will just sweeten...
  22. The OB

    Thanks for the admission

    Welcome to the Forum Peter. Nothing wrong with your English mate. It's much better (well OK, completely better, than my Swedish). Don't hesitate to seek any answers here if you are not sure of any aspects of the workings of an iPad... lots of knowledgeable people here happy to help. And you...
  23. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Thanks, Dave. Fantastic photographs by a very talented photographer. The compositions are just perfect. He ended up reducing the interpretation of black and white tones to almost a science. It seems to me that his black and white work would just not have had the same impact if it was in colour...
  24. The OB

    My iPad was locked up a group called Computer Certified systems

    Here's the link to that thread.... FYI Ransomware Solution Just another reason to enjoy the iPad: security and peace-of-mind protection against these errr.... Not Nice People:oops: Andrew
  25. The OB

    Newbie first post.

    @Arryboy, welcome to the forum, a great place to discuss the iPad and ask questions about it. Regards, Andrew
  26. The OB

    Hello to all!!!

    Hello vlacocabios and welcome to the forum. Just ask away! There are knowledgably members here happy to help with any questions you may have. And they are renowned for their patience:). Dive right in and join in the discussion topics here, to enhance your enjoyment of the forum and your great...
  27. The OB

    Password probs

    @sambucus... That post of yours did not appear to be quite at the top of the scale in posting friendliness.:confused:. I too read your first post but nowhere in that do I see reference to the "Recover Your Apple ID - Apple" page suggested by scifan in a sincere attempt to assist you with what is...
  28. The OB

    Touch Screen / Super Sensitive..

    Don't spend dollars. It's what I've noticed myself... You just have to hover your finger over the screen and stuff happens:confused:. Put it this way. It's a known fact that different peoples' fingers generate more or less a natural electrical charge. Just google "capacitance" to get the idea...
  29. The OB

    Multiple iOS devices, why separate update for each?

    An interesting thread with good points all round:) .... @thesoundsmith .... seems to me the bandwidth ceiling/cost may be a gripeworthy feature of your present download and usage experience. Might be worthwhile investigating what is available from other than AT&T. Here in Australia, with...
  30. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    You got the sunset anyway Johanna - in the windows of the house across the street. Great shot:) Andrew
  31. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Great pics! I'd keep well clear because of that smile:confused: I have had some worrying experiences with humans with just that kind of smile lol. Andrew
  32. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Just keep those icy shots coming Johanna. With the weather we're having I need to keep staring at them:p
  33. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    No, they are ALL more than good enough. I like the first one; a great photo also highlighting the ice cold water:) Andrew
  34. The OB

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    A great purchase there Sci. It will be particularly nice to view your photos on it:) Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  35. The OB

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Very impressive woodworking Dave! Real quality work there:) Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  36. The OB

    Happy New Year 2016!

    And a Happy New Year to you orama. Also welcome to the forum. You joined the forum about a half hour ago and within that short time responded to various threads with four posts all just saying 'thank you', nothing more. Your enthusiasm is commendable and perhaps you may want to share more of...
  37. The OB

    Laugh Of The Day

    Fantastic Col! My eyes were watering when I saw some of those kicks lol. All we get in our street is some screeching cats when there's a full moon. Andrew Sent from my iPad Air2 using Tapatalk
  38. The OB

    What is your household's IT device count?

    ........ I have a 'dumb' phone, sorry! ....... Don't be sorry Dave:D. We understand that not everyone needs a smart phone. You make up for that with a great choice of iPad. I love my iPad Air 2 too :) Andrew
  39. The OB

    Hello from Portland, OR

    G'day Ace 1953, and welcome to the forum. You've in the right place to add to your enjoyment of your iPad. And if you've got any questions or problems with it, remember you're among iPad enthusiasts here happy to try and assist; just go ahead and ask Also join in the various discussion sections...
  40. The OB

    Kind Of A New Member

    Welcome to the forum Wing rider! Great intros, both of them :) And have a great Christmas and an excellent 2016. Andrew Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk