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    Can I add links on Ipad desktop???

    "Add to Home Screen"
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    If you can tell more information, it would be helpful to sort your problem out :)
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    Good evening

    Hello and welcome to iPad forum, it is great a place of iPad and iOS things:)
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    iPad mini Review

    Nice review! 100% agree with your points, love the great portability of iPad mini, which delivers perfect experience of reading, watching videos...
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    iPAD 5 in near future!!!

    Lol, if Apple can release a new version update per 40 days in average and will probably get iPad 10 in July
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    choices choices choices!!!!

    I believe Apple is going to be better and better, especially their products. Still, we can make choice anytime, anywhere. I asked one friend, why not change your 3GS to 5? I thought it was really out of date, and should upgrade to 5, or 4S at least, just to enjoy more... He answered no, he is so...
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    Forget the Mini. I want a MAXiPad!

    I understand you really want to have all of your on it, Gabriel's opinion just hits the point, Apple will release different models of larger space and current ones have to be balance the prices. Wait and it will come true, any name will be great.
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    iPad Mini Price Listing Appears in Germany

    if it is real that 8-GB iPad mini will be priced at $219, i believe this will confuse many as iPod 5 32GB priced at $299, but for me it is not hard to choose :-
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    Mass Production of iPad Mini Has Begun, Claims WSJ

    Apple has begun mass production of iPad mini, according to The Wall Street Journal Read the full: Apple starts production of iPad Mini, claims WSJ | Apple - CNET News Credit: CNET
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    How easily could a Good Samaritan return your iPad?

    it is a good idea to protect privacy and help others find you more easily
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Dizzy... I am looking at this thread now but this thread asks me what am I doing now.
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    The 4th Generation iPad May go Widescreen at 16:9?

    To read the full article The 4th generation iPad could have a widescreen display - Los Angeles Gadgets |
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    Which ipad is the most popular?

    the bigger, the better, means we will save more movies, apps or pics. but mine is actually 32 gig, enough for me.
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    Rovio Has Another Smash Hit On its Hands With Bad Piggies

    haha, what a poor piggie, thanks for sharing the video, it is funny:)
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    Ipad Apps won't launch

    Same problem sometimes on iPhone, I try to press and delete it in order to reinstall, but there is no "x". Reset your device, reconnect wifi to see if it works?
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    Found the forum

    Hi and welcome to iPad forum! Nice avatar:)
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    Office2HD problem opening google docs files

    Did the makers of Office2 tell you how to fix it?
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    Reportedly 50% to 60% Orders on iPad Mini Said to Be Made by Pegatron

    Taiwan's Economic Daily News wrote that much of the device's production orders up to sixty percent on iPad mini will be made by assembler Pegatron, and Foxconn will supposedly take the rest. The news also reported that up to 5 million iPad Minis could be made each month between the two...
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    Why do you prefer iPad to iphone?

    I would prefer to iPhone, portability is more important for me.
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    Apple iPad Will Appear in Cockpit Approved by FAA

    American airline just announced yesterday that it received approval from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), to use Apple iPad in cockpit during all phases of flight. American is dubbin gits new kitbag with the iPad an "Electronic Flight Bag" and this change will save airline $1.2 million...
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    How do I share pictures from FB to email etc?

    I seldom focus on pictures on Facebook, I know people now will share photo with friends on Facebook now. I am thinking if you could save them to your iPhone? if you can do that, you will be able to send with email I guess so.
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    How Much Would You Pay for an iPad Mini?

    Dear friends, I am reading the NEWS about the price of iPad Mini, wondering how much would you pay for an iPad Mini? See the poll. Appreciate your comments below if you hold a different idea.
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    Students in Sint-Jozef School Only Bring an iPad to Class Instead of Textbooks

    It is reported that the Sint-Jozef school in Blankenberge is requiring all of its 710 students to turn up with an iPad to continue taking classes on Sept.3 when new semester begins. Meanwhile, the school set up a rental system for those who cannot pay for an iPad at once to rent a iPad at $150...
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    The iPad Mini is in Fact the "iPad Mini"!

    I would called it "mini", everybody knows it's a iPad
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    How much time a day do you spend on your ipad?

    4 to 5 hrs a day especially in evening, I think it is the best time to enjoy movies with iPad lying on couch, comfortably:D
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    The Latest Update of Skype's iOS App to Support Photo Sharing on iPad iPhone

    If you use Skype's iOS app, now you can send and receive photos via the the latest version of this social networking app on iPad or iPhone. The latest version Skype 4.1 available in Apple's App Store for your information, you may update it now to experience the new enhancements yourselves. -tap...
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    Battery power running out too quickly on my ipad3

    when evening I would lower the brightness, you can double click to cancel the hidden icons, I always do this on iPad. Or turn notifications/GPS/Bluetooth off if you like.
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    "iPad Mini" Rumored to Manufacture 4M Units Per Month Start in September

    Apple insider reported that Apple's suppliers are speeding up for a manufacturing iPad mini in September which will ramp-up production to 4 million units per month, according to inside sources from DigiTimes. Insider also reported that the supple chain has been producing small batches smaller...
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    Apple Captures 72% of Tablet Market in China With Huge Sales

    the market advantage of iPad in China is overwhelming, normally you will find more than one Apple store just in a street, and this reflects the needs from them.
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    iTunes vs. Amazon: What's the best video service on the iPad?

    I'm reading it: iTunes vs. Amazon: What's the best video service on the iPad? | Apple - CNET News Just want to know which one would you prefer to? and why?
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    Password No Longer Required for Free Apps in iOS 6

    It is really great to install free app without Apple ID while it is true that sometimes you cannot keep kids from installing useless apps, but enabling restricions,means you can turn on "installing apps" restrictions may be some helpful.
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    New to apple, new to iPads

    Yep, it is a great forum to share our happiness exp of using iPad, welcome!
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    New to IPF

    Hello and welcome to iPadforum, enjoy yourself:)
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    iPad & Android - I use both

    Thanks for telling your experience. Yep, in some point iPad benefits you more at home. Glad to know you find this way. We cannot tell which one is better, that depends on personal needs. Smaller and lighter device will be more available for work and move, so I am waiting for iPad Mini.:ipad-back:
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    Would You Buy a 7 inch iPad Mini?

    Yep, hope it will be sold under $300 but some analysts believe that iPad Mini possibly will be more expensive than that. We'll see.:)
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    Would You Buy a 7 inch iPad Mini?

    I will for sure too. and price is also need to be considered.;)
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    Would You Buy a 7 inch iPad Mini?

    It has been reported by the Wall Street Journal Online that component suppliers for Apple Inc. are preparing for mass production this coming September for a “tablet computer with a smaller screen than the iPad.†Before its announcement if Apple will release it, just want to know would you...
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    Chillingo Launches July 4 Sale

    Nice videos, thanks Maura