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    Should I get an iPad?

    Yes get one there great I use my iPad 4 for everything I don't even use my desk top that much anymore
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    ISO 8 won't remember my user name and password

    Hey all, I updated to 8.3 yesterday when I log in to sites I check off remember me But next time it asks me to log back in what iam doing wrong??? Iam using sarfiea
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    Should I update to iOS 8

    Hello all yeah I did the update OTA it's a nice update, Just a question on the old ISO I would hit the x and close Out the browser now with the new ISO if I click on safirea It goes to the web site I was on lol
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    Should I update to iOS 8

    Ok thanks I will update
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    Guess what I just bought!

    Congrats, that's nice
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    Should I update to iOS 8

    Hey all I have an iPad 4 iam still on ISO 6.1 the iPad runs great I have no trouble with wifi in the house should I up date to IOS 8 Thanks
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    Who's planning on buying the iPad Air2?

    I have the ipad4 I might get the air2
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    iOS 7.0.4 is out now

    Ok just got the message for 7.4 iam still on 6.3 should I upgrade
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    iOS 7 - first impressions

    I might Waite a while my ipad4 is fine with6.1.3 I been reading not to many good stuff
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    calibrateing ipad battery how low before the recharge

    That's what I ment the battery reading gauge to keep it spot on.i did not mean to open a can of worms..thanks giradman. I always charge the iPad when it gets between 35 and 40 percent this is the frist time iam bringing it down that low to calibrate the battery gauge
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    calibrateing ipad battery how low before the recharge

    Runing it down can be between 5 to 10 percent ..I heard that letting the battery completely die is not good. So I guess 5 percent will be ok.
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    calibrateing ipad battery how low before the recharge

    I read on a few ipad forums that the battery should be calibrated once a month. or every other month. i have not done this yet. my battery is about 22 percent how low should i let it go before i recharge it to 10 percent or under 10 percent and some people say it dont have to be done lol...
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    Does new iPad come with latest iOS installed?

    My refurbed ipad4 came with the newest firmware.
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    Private browsing "for real"

    Use safari when private browsing
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    I have a doubt for buying iPad 4

    i just got a refurbed ipad 4 32 gig from apple for 499. i was going to waite for the ipad5 but that wont come till long of a waite the ipad4 is awesome it super fast. after useing it i dont need an ipad5.people think its brand new and they have 16 gig for 419 now from the apple store you...
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    Rumor: A Maxi 12.9 inch iPad in the works?

    12 inch display it would be to big,
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    Dinosaur app

    Thank sir
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    Dinosaur app

    Last year on the main of this site there was either an app or game about dinours it was bones What is the name of it thanks
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    Undecided Purchase

    I was going to get the iPad 5.but I can't Waite till fall so I got the ipad4 . This thing is a beast very fast smooth.its million times better then my tf 300. I got a refurb 32 gig for 549.well worth it.
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    new ipad4 pictures & questions

    Thanks this iPad is had 80 percent battery.i called apple care the guy said to charge it or leave it. I charged it to 100 percent. This thing is a caddy compared to the as us transformer plus it's a brand new battery.
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    new ipad4 pictures & questions

    hello all, really happy today the fed ex guy brought me my ipad 4 32 gig. here are some pics, how many hours do i have to charge it for? i know when i got my transformer i had to charge it 8 hours but i will read the book. and should i charge it before i turn it on?
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    Which Ipad

    check out the refurbed i pads on apples site i just got a great deal on an ipad 4 32 gig refurb from the apple store
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    Do you keep your boxes?

    yes i keep the box's and i keep other box's as well
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    screen protector worth puting on ipad

    HI All.Quick Question how many of you have a screen protector on your ipad's. are they worth puting one on and if i cant do it my self can the apple store or best buy do it for you
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    My Ipad 4 is comeing from china are they refureb at foxcon

    my refrubed ipad 4 is on the slow boat from china. i got the tacking number i wont have it till next thrusday, the phone rep told me wednesday are these rerurbed at foxcon?? thanks all
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    Refurbished ipad questions

    ok i orderd the 32 gig ipad 4 comes next week
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    Refurbished ipad questions

    Anybody here ever buy a Refurbished ipad i was reading on the apple site they get a new battery and outer shell. i can get the Refurbished ipad 4 32 gig for like 50 dollars more then a brand new 16 gig ipad4. and will it be like a brand new unit thanks for all the help you guys and gals are great
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    I gave in geting ipad 4 tomorrow

    i will be geting the Refurbished ipad 4 32 gig its only like 50 more dollars then a brand new 16 gig ipad 4
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    I gave in geting ipad 4 tomorrow

    I ordered the Refurbished ipad 4 i ordered the Refurbished ipad 4 32 gig from apple. i will have it next week the waite will kill me, the refurb 32 gig was only 49 more dollars then a new ipad4 16 gig so after tax's its only like 50 more bucks and i got the 32 cant waite till next week
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    Bought a used iPad 2, but it has 6.1.3 and I need to jailbreak..

    does the ipad 2 run smooth with 6.1.3
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    get refurb ipad 2 or waite for ipad 5

    i checked out the mini i have big hands and i think the key borad is smaller then the ipad 2. it feels like its to light when i hold it. maybe its just me but its to small.
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    get refurb ipad 2 or waite for ipad 5

    I just sold my transformer 300. android os was not great, after seeing the specs of the ipad 5 i want one but i cant waite till the fall. i can get a refurbed ipad 2 for a good price from the apple store. all i need it for is surfing the web and emails a few apps. and i could sell it when...
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    mircosoft to buy barns and nobles nook

    just saw this on the local news there is a deal on the table for MS to buy barns and noble nook for a few million dollars
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    Bill Gates thinks Windows tablets have a big chance against iPad & Android ones

    this will never happen. there are way to many ipad fans in the world to make them switch ..
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    Hi I've just joined my name is Billegeorge

    welcome to the best ipad forum on the net.
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    IGZO Display for IPad 5.very cool video must see

    Any body see this video about sharps new IGZO display. very cool i hope the ipad 5 gets it if this was posted plz lock
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    Dead programmer’s parents put an Apple logo on his tombstone

    thats pretty cool. in 100 years from now people will know what apple and how awesome they where
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    I feel proud being a member of this great forum

    Welcome to the best ipad forum on the net,every body is great.and they know there technology about the ipad
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    More iOS 7 Details Emerge

    Sounds like it's going to be a nice update,does new ios allways launch with new ipads or only once a year