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  1. Aerofly

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    I just tried my copy of Vert and got the same message. So I tried your suggestion and deleted it. However when I tried to download it again I got the message “This app is not available in your country/region”. That’s on my iPad Air2 with iPadOS 14.5 (in the U.K.)
  2. Aerofly

    Laugh Of The Day

    I used to be a flying instructor at a nearby model flying club, and Richard Branson visited our club once when his young son wanted to learn to fly radio controlled models. After taking up his son on my trainer plane with dual controls I asked Richard if he wanted a go, and he agreed. After the...
  3. Aerofly

    Laugh Of The Day

    I don’t think BMW drivers will get the joke![emoji6]
  4. Aerofly

    What's the last movie you saw?

  5. Aerofly

    What's the last movie you saw?

  6. Aerofly

    If you have an Apple TV 3

    I have an Apple TV3 and I very rarely watch YouTube on it, as I also have an Amazon FireStick 4K which seems to do a far better job of it anyway!
  7. Aerofly

    Adding a hard disc

    Hi brixtonboy, one thing you have to take into consideration is how your hard drive was originally formatted. If your hard drive was formatted on a Windows PC, there’s a good chance it may have been formatted to NTFS. Unfortunately the iPad Pro is unable to read that particular format. The...
  8. Aerofly

    Mail app attachments

    The majority of people who use PDF files regularly, either on windows, iOS or Mac will probably be using some form of PDF editor/reader (app or otherwise). That’s one good reason for using PDF’s as mail attachments. I use PDF’s a lot on my iPad and use PDF Expert for editing as it will do...
  9. Aerofly

    How to copy app information shown in app store?

    One thing you could try is to take a screen grab of the information, and maybe run it through a pdf converter. You may be able then to either copy the text directly from the pdf or I believe some pdf apps include an OCR to convert back to text. Another option would be to print out the screen...
  10. Aerofly

    Random iPad Pro restarts since iPadOS14.2!

    Just a quick update, no more problems in the last 4 or 5 days, so I think that’s cracked it! Real shame as the Coverbuddy is such a good idea!
  11. Aerofly

    How Invincible is iPadOS?

    Quite right, that’s why I said use a good VPN, as there are loads of questionable ones out there. I personally use Nord VPN which, from all of the independent reviews, is one of the best. A subscription covers all of my devices, iOS, iPadOS, and Windows, and doesn’t seem to have too much of...
  12. Aerofly

    Random iPad Pro restarts since iPadOS14.2!

    Twerppoet, that’s good advice, however I have to say this is my second CoverBuddy, as the first one had a misaligned pin that looked like it was a manufacturing fault, so the pins were the first thing checked and cleaned. Maybe I should have quit after the first one failed? Another day has gone...
  13. Aerofly

    Random iPad Pro restarts since iPadOS14.2!

    Well after investigating for several days I think I may have found the answer to my intermittent ‘restarts’, although I wasn’t expecting the outcome. Firstly I tried closing all of my apps running in the background, and closing them after I’d used them, so that when the iPad was locked, nothing...
  14. Aerofly

    How Invincible is iPadOS?

    I would say if you are using a good VPN when you’re using public wifi, then you’re going to be pretty safe. In that situation I would say yes, a VPN is a must have. I don’t really see the need for any other software except perhaps an ad blocker, but that’s more fore convenience rather than security.
  15. Aerofly

    Random iPad Pro restarts since iPadOS14.2!

    Thanks twerppoet, I tried firstly closing all open apps to see if it was one particular app causing the restarts, but after a while it did it again. It never restarts while I’m using it, but it only happens when it’s locked (both charging and not charging). I’ve taken a chance on resetting the...
  16. Aerofly

    Random iPad Pro restarts since iPadOS14.2!

    Over the last few days I’ve noticed on a couple of occasions that when I take my iPad Pro off charge and open it up I have to put in my pass number as it’s restarted for no apparent reason. It’s annoying enough having it restart, but I use Dark Mode and it resets it to Light Mode, and I’ve also...
  17. Aerofly

    Enabling dictation on the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard.

    Since I got my Magic Keyboard for my IPad Pro a while ago I’ve been disappointed that the only way to invoke dictation was to select the keyboard symbol on the bottom right of the iPad screen where the microphone symbol will then appear. Just in case you didn’t know, there is another way, just...
  18. Aerofly

    transfer music via USB drive to iPad; How does Music get them?

    Dave, sorry to hear about the non compatibility with Catalina. Let’s hope, as he say’s, that he can get a native version working for MacOS as it really is a useful program. Steve
  19. Aerofly

    transfer music via USB drive to iPad; How does Music get them?

    Nice explanation Dave. I’m also using iMazing, but with my Windows laptop. I use a program called ‘MP3Tag’ on my laptop, and I’m pretty sure it’s available for the Mac as well, which allows me to edit all of the Metadata and cover art before I transfer it.
  20. Aerofly

    Bigger iPad pros in the works?

    If you really have a need for a larger iPad Pro then surely a cheaper option would be to connect a separate large high res monitor to your existing iPad Pro?
  21. Aerofly

    What's the last movie you saw?

  22. Aerofly

    Pre plan and save routes on Google Maps

    I’ve been pre planning my multi stop routes on Google maps for a while now , and thought I’d just share how I do it, as I find this method useful. It may look a little long winded, but it’s really simple. First, I plan a route as normal using Google maps, using either my iPhone or iPad...
  23. Aerofly

    Sky Box to IPad Pro 2018.

    Unfortunately adding an HDMI adaptor to the iPad will only allow the output from the iPad to be transferred to a suitable monitor or TV and not the opposite way. Just the same as an HDMI output from any satellite box can’t receive an input over it. It’s purely an output only. Why not just use...
  24. Aerofly

    Can an iPad make a PDF anymore?

    The ‘pinch out’ method that twerppoet mentioned is indeed an excellent way to get all the info printed to pdf for an email. However the ‘print’ command for emails on the iPad can be difficult to find if you’ve not used it before. You’ll need to select the curved arrow at the bottom of the email...
  25. Aerofly

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    I’m running iPadOS14 Developer beta on my iPad Pro 11” and what I find surprising is that several high profile apps that I use have been updated in the last few days that now fail to run on the new iPadOS14? I would have thought by now that with the official release of iPadOS14 and iOS14 not...
  26. Aerofly

    Device names

    As I said above try looking at Settings>iCloud, not Settings>General, and see what your device names are that you’ve registered for iCloud.
  27. Aerofly

    Device names

    Check your iCloud settings to see what devices you have that are registered to iCloud. Settings > Your Name > Scroll down to see iCloud registered devices. They should be registered under the name you gave them. As twerppoet say’s, there’s no way for the system to change a devices name. If you...
  28. Aerofly

    Importing photos

    That is unfortunate. This is the message that comes up on the screen. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they get it sorted.
  29. Aerofly

    Importing photos

    Yes, if you have an iMac, then iTunes makes it easy, but as the OP say’s he has a PC, which unfortunately can’t do what the iMac can do, then iMazing appears to be the only easy alternative.
  30. Aerofly

    Importing photos

    Twerppoet is quite correct, iMazing can do exactly what you require. If you’ve never used iMazing before, then check out the iMazing website where you will find many tutorials on the app, including how to transfer pictures from your PC to named folders on the iPad.
  31. Aerofly

    Logitech announced the Folio Touch for 11-inch iPad Pro

    Looking at it on the Logitech website, it does look live a very nice keyboard case, and I quite like the way the case allows a ‘drawing’ mode. I’m a little concerned that folding the iPad to the back in ‘reading’ mode leaves the keys exposed if you put the iPad down, and i wonder about access to...
  32. Aerofly

    Laugh Of The Day

    I think it’s a ‘Kittyhawk’ [emoji2]
  33. Aerofly

    VPN which is compatible with IOS 9.3.5?

    The current version of Nord VPN V5.7.6 on the App Store requires iOS 11 or later.
  34. Aerofly

    iPad Backup Device

    Another vote here for iMazing [emoji106]
  35. Aerofly

    USB Cord To iPad

    I actually find that sometimes I have to run the HP Smart app to wake my printer up.
  36. Aerofly

    Airplay iphone screen to ipad?

    Hi, I seem to remember some time ago it was possible, probably on an earlier iOS version, to use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone screen to your iPad and vice versa. Is this still possible as I can’t find any info on it now, only mirroring to a Mac or TV?
  37. Aerofly

    App Store App vs. DuckDuckGo?

    That is true, but a VPN, such as Nord for example, will encrypt your data as well,
  38. Aerofly

    App Store App vs. DuckDuckGo?

    I think if you are worried at all about tracking etc., then you really should be thinking about using a reputable VPN service.
  39. Aerofly

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Just updating my iPad Pro 11” to iPadOS 13.5 Beta 3 and my iPhone XR to iOS 13.5 Beta 3.
  40. Aerofly

    App Store App vs. DuckDuckGo?

    Might be worth a read of the Trustpilot reviews.....