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    charging with a 24 volt cigarette lighter

    There are a lot of converters available, I actually have used a few that I got from people locally. One thing you have to be careful of is companies advertise online 12/24 volt adapter cigarette lighter plugs, but its misleading as it will say in fine print "12/24 volts, output depends on input...
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    IM app that requires password

    How about an iPhone app? And not worry about the iPad counterpart. Meebo has a clear data button. Anyone know of a good messaging app with a similar function?
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    Why does mt battery go down so fast

    Check out the Appadvice app. It's got lots of reviews and app lists. I learned a lot about the iPad through that app and this forum. Although this forum has a lot more good information on a daily basis.
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    IM app that requires password

    I need an instant messaging app that requires a password. I would really like if it was universal but it definitely needs to have an iPhone counterpart. All of the apps that I have save the log in information unless you delete all data from the app. I was looking for an IM app that can be...
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    Check out a site like The Address often referred to as internal would be your network equipments ip address. External IP would be the ip address if the Internet connection coming into your home. Guys feel free to correct me or provide a better answer. PS - If you ever need the...
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    What can I do with two ipads?

    There are tons of games that use wifi multiplayer. I think I remember battleship being wifi multiplayer a while back, or a generic variation of the game. If you have iPhones, Scrabble has some really neat features on how the phones and iPad interact for a multiplayer game.
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    Best iPad app for IM?

    Yes you can text your wife from your iPad. There are tons of apps but I have used text plus. My girlfriend and I text constantly, but on our phones we both use IM clients. She uses AIM and I use IM+ pro. We found many advantages to instant message over SMS for our needs.
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    Can Someone Tell Me If This will Work?

    Is it SoundHound that you are referring to? That's an app kind of like Shazam. I'm not sure what you,re trying to do so I'm not sure if that was helpful. I tried to look up sound horn but didn't see it in the app store.
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    Note taking app with audio sync and pdf and power pint import capablity?

    I use Notes Plus. I have tried several different apps, and I found it works the best. I have only begun to scratch the surface on what the app is capable of, but I use it to take my notes during college classes and go back and study. It's so nice to take the notes, and when reviewing them I can...
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    Considering an iPad, But..

    I would definitely spend the money if you can and go to the iPad 2. I actually think it's a better financial decision in the long run. Eventually the iPad will reach it's limitations, and you would get to a point where you have a device that you aren't crazy about and prices will have dropped to...
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    Been Gone a While

    Hey Tim, what a nice welcome! You do a great job on the forums. I really like that your responses are so thorough. You are exactly right, the members here exchange such good information. Unlike so many of the other forums (but not all) there are not a bunch of ignorant disrespectful punks that...
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    Newbie with lots of questions

    Welcome tvshooter! I see you're from New Orleans. I'm from Alexandria, LA and also have an office and apartment in Denham Springs. You've come to the right place to learn about the iPad and it's accessories. I have been here for a while and like Tim, I learn a whole lot each time I'm on here...
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    Zagg invisible shield on ipad 2

    So with the first batch that screwed up, do they cover the screen and fit besides the camera hole being off? I'm asking because I really need to get a shield on here immediately. I went with my first iPad for months without one and took great care of it. But when I noticed a small scratch on my...
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    Ipad 1 vs Ipad2 (for those on the fence like i was)

    I am so glad that I upgraded. The increased speed is great. For the sites that I use, the speed increase in Safari is noticeable. I like the size and weight but the speed increase and potential for development of more power intensive apps is what I find I'm the most excited about. Also, I...
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    Buying ipad soon, warrenty?

    You need to look at and consider the squaretrade warranty. I purchased an extended warranty for my stepdad. I bought him an iPad 3G for Christmas. I did some research on AppleCare, the Best Buy warranty, and the squaretrade extended warranty. There were some specific accidental situations I...
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    With the improved GPU/CPU...

    I think that developers will start taking advantage of the added power. I don't game a lot on the iPad, but I run a ton of apps. I just run more apps that would be considered more for business use and for productivity. For example, a lot of the apps I use are for marking up and making...
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    WiFi or 3G, what does it use?

    It auto changes. It's very quick, I don't notice when it does it unless I'm watching the icons, which don't change quite as fast as the connection itself. But also, it's very easy to open "Settings" and change either mode to off. For example, when I get to work it rolls over to wifi as I pull in...
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    Knitting a cover for my ipad 2... I think I have the magnet figured out!

    I think you did a great job. I love to see people doing anything custom with their iPads, and especially pushing innovation. Even though a magnet might not seem like a big deal to some people, I think it's exactly the kind of thing that pushes technology and innovation.
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    Zagg invisible shield on ipad 2

    In my past experience Zagg has had great customer service and replaced anything I needed, so I'm sure they will take care of any problems. I've screwed things up myself and had them want to replace it free.
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    Sync hotmail

    Welcome to the forum Alopezto. I am using hotmail and will look into this issue. I remember changing that setting once and I think it was on my hotmail account. I will look into it, it's been a long time. I would recommend posting this question in the regular iPad section. A lot of the members...
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    I went with white on the iPad 2. I was torn and saw pros and cons to each. Since I had a black one I decided to go with the white one. Initially I opened the box and said "What was I thinking?" I was just so used to the black and it looked so different. Well taking the plastic wrapper off...
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    Zagg invisible shield on ipad 2

    I will let you know when I install mine today or tomorrow. On my first iPad I didn't install it for a few months because the glass felt so good. After installing one on another iPad and seeing how good it felt and looked, I immediately put one on mine. So my new iPad will have one put on...
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    I am confused about 3G and GPS...

    I have a 3G iPad and I have been using the Motion X GPS app. I bought a really expensive GPS app for my iPhone. Then I bought a Motion-X GPS app for about 10% of the price of the first one, and fell in LOVE with it. So I have been using the motion-X app on my iPad and also installed it on my...
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    Best passwords / security app available

    I like 1 Password a lot. There are several features that I really like, but here are a few reasons why I decided to use 1Password after trying a few different apps. I opted for 1Password Pro because it's a universal app. I REALLY like the fact that you have a lot of control over how secure or...
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    Been Gone a While

    Hey everyone. I was a very regular member for a good while but I haven't been a very active poster lately because of the time I've devoted to work and school. Well I've been trying to slow down a bit and get back to what I love, and the iPad 2 was a lil reward to myself for all the long hours...
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    Selling ipad

    I have thought about this as well. But I could never be iPad-less now that I'm spoiled. I will most likely keep Lily (my current iPad) and pass her on to the girlfriend. I generally find it cheaper for me to keep the old one and recycle it to her or the kids, than to buy two new ones later...
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    Pls pls answer all of my ipad questions..there's alot!! Thanks.

    I think my iPad 3G at $629 was quite a bargain. I wasn't super stoked and I thought it seemed expensive. It just so happened that the release date was within a day or two of my birthday and I had to pick a new gadget for my present. Every year I treat myself. When I got it I realized it was so...
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    OMG We got an iPad! Its an iPad

    That was just wonderful. The funny thing is, I bought an iPad for my 57 year old step-father. Not only was his reaction similar, but I used a trick box and doubled wrapped it also so it wouldn't be an iPad shaped box under the tree. Thanks for posting that video, it really put a smile on my face.
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    ZooGue Case Review

    That was a very well written review, Matthew. Very informative and covered not only how the case fit your needs, but you considered others who may use the case in different ways or have different expectations. I'm very excited about this case, I ordered mine once I saw the videos and after...
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    What is Your Favorite iOS 4 Feature?

    You and me both! I've tried some different methods and organization with my icons, but I keep getting some pages overfilled, and some pages nearly empty. Also, sometimes I like to not cover my wallpaper on the home screen in apps because of the pictures, so having some categories and not so much...
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    iPad makes a good flashlight!!!

    LOL, that's classic!! Good one iSoozin, that made me laugh
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    Ipad Netfix TV

    For something close to what you'll spend on a video output of some sort, if you don't already have one, you could buy a netflix capable device as mentioned above. Blue players, media streamers, game systems, etc... I have used the xbox, my blu Ray player, and a roku media streaming box as well...
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    Would you return your 3G?

    Let's say hypothetically that ATT announced that in 6 months all customers would be required to switch over to the new data plan rates and there would be no more unlimited plans. If apple offered a grace period accepting full returns with refunds, would you trade in your beloved 3G or switch...
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    iPad Class Action

    But besides it being a selling point on the reason you bought your iPad, AT&T should be covered legally. That's the downside of not being in a contract right? The problem I see is that ATT didn't advertise it as lasting for a specific amount of time, or as being a limited time offer. So it comes...
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    iPad busted - NOT

    I did read that one of the screen protectors, nushield I believe, will eliminate the polarized sunglasses problem. I think I read that, but correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    People say these screens are scratch proof, and I think they're quite scratch resistant. But I do have a few tiny micro swirl marks in my screen. I guess some people don't mind these since they don't show up with the screen lit, but I know it's there. I've been quite careful with my iPad. As...
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    For anyone on the fence about the camera connection kit

    Ah, if only hotels could sell leftover chargers on ebay and feed the hungry, I know I've left my fair share. Thanks for the review Matt, I really haven't heard a lot of info on them and now Im in more of a hurry to order one. I purchased a DSLR and I think it's going to pair up nicely for...
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    List of iPad compatible accessories

    Manufacturer: Microsoft Model: Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 Price: $89 (Staples had on sale for $50 recently) Where available: Office Depot, Staples, many other stores Type: Bluetooth keyboard with number pad Link to review: will post after more use
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    Does anyone have both iPhone and iPad?

    This is just something I would consider. Depending on the coverage in your area, you may consider selling your wifi model and upgrading to a 3G. Normally I wouldn't recommend this because electronics depreciate some once out of the box. However, with the demand for iPads being what it is, Ive...
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    Anyone sold their iPad to upgrade to a different model ?

    I've considered selling mine while the demand is up, I have a 16 GB 3G and would like to go ahead and get a 32 or 64 now that I see how much I enjoy the device. But Im going to try and hold off on not selling. Once I get over buying two iPhones, Id like to upgrade and give this one to the...