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    Welcome to our original ipad owners

    The would not recognize to sync or restore on my pad drove me insane. I had a mac mini in the box and hadnt taken it out of the box for 4 months.. Got tired of the PC and hooked up the mac mini.. Has worked like a charm since. Power issues, might be the power cord. Had that happen before...
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    4G LTE iPhone and AT&T's 4G Plans

    Announcing the new 7 month old phone?:D comon it IS sorta funny tho and I just borrowed the line. Will be a good move to verizon tho, get em in out of the ATT box.
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    Newbie with the pad

    G'day everyone. Slow to put this out there.. I like the iPad, would like for it todo more... But I guess thatswhy I got here:D Ride motorcycles, work too much, re doing the house.. Play on the iPad before beddy bye. Live in the great state of Texas.:D
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    Etsy: Skyten iPad case

    Lol, wasn't your fault or the link....found out the server wasn't working and the pad didn't tell me...I found out the next day on the iPhone...worked fine there...;) Appreciate it.. Looking at the doctor who stuff... Bowties are kewl:)
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    Etsy: Skyten iPad case

    I hit your link .. It does not exist...:confused: