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  1. robb25j

    Ipad for free calling

    I remember when (whistle) use to be great for making phone calls i dont belive its free anymore i could be wrong though never hurt to double check though
  2. robb25j

    Steve Jobs' Biography On Sale Today

    I picked up my copy around 10:15 central time that book is not gonna last long on shelves when i arrived it was atleast 100 people buyin the book :) ill prob buy a digital copy also
  3. robb25j

    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    I guess you can call me sensative but this brought me to tears and i never met the man i just admired him so much rip mr jobs you will be misssed
  4. robb25j

    Steve Jobs Announces iPad 2!

    I must have a white one
  5. robb25j

    Some 3G iPad questions

    No problem :)
  6. robb25j

    Has anyone visited and see how their advertising the iPad??

    I know walmart has alot of accessories for ipad (that is all i gotta say)
  7. robb25j

    Some 3G iPad questions

    To make calls you can also use a app called whistle it even gives ur ipad a # so ppl can call you back etc Or download an iphone app called textfree it gives you a # with your area code and u can call and text from it keep in mine callin on this app only last ten minutes there in the...
  8. robb25j

    Websites for streaming movies/tv to iPad? Go there if u wanna watch any popular tv show are recent movie thats in the movie theatre and more
  9. robb25j

    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab

    Ummm im a fanboy of apple but im really feeling that samsung that video chat killing and kapitan ppl stare if u have a ipad but imagine ppl stare while u on a video call its no need to putt that on ur ear
  10. robb25j

    Ipad Owners are SNOBS!!!

    no one tells me a damn thing an i literally go state to state with my ipad (truck driver) an i never leave it alone i have two ipads i never heard any insults from anyone except a mcdonalds employee callin me out sayin its a large ipod i simply replyed flip about 4000 more pattys maybe...
  11. robb25j

    Turn ipad into a cell phone

    I think the app is pretty handy for example im a truck driver i have a iphone 3g unlocked on tmobile in some cases my phone dosent have signal (sucky tmobile) when ever that occurs i just dial out from my ipad atleast to let my fiance are family know im ok etc etc
  12. robb25j

    Cloud browse is back

    Apple pulled this app once b4 because i think it was capable of playin flash videos on your ipad i think but for some reason its back this the iphone version i found i dont know if it ever came to ipad or not
  13. robb25j

    Obama: Too Much Information Bad - Can't Work an iPad

    Im sure if he picked up one And played around with it he could prob use i mean for god sake the guy went to harvard
  14. robb25j

    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    Ill def support the product looks damn good if u ask me
  15. robb25j

    Turn ipad into a cell phone

    Anyone interested in making calls on there ipad theres a app i been using call whistle or whistle phone you can make calls for free and it works damn good over wifi or 3g just thought ill share that with you guys it even assigns you your own personal phone #
  16. robb25j

    The "My 3g Is Here!" Thread.

    count me in i been had mine since 3
  17. robb25j

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Shipment Dates Ship date Apr 29, 2010 Estimated delivery Apr 30, 2010 by 3:00 PM Destination San Antonio, TX ugh i got a nice wait tomorrow
  18. robb25j

    What size iPad did you buy? And how much space are you using?

    keeep in mind a 16gb ipad is really 14 i guess it uses to gigs on the os corrrect me if im wrong
  19. robb25j

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    im in ohio trying to get home for the 30th (truck driver) i been trying to get home the last past 5 days my job just keep beating around the bush ...oh we have no loads headed to tx im about to lose my mind
  20. robb25j

    Denver Police Make an Arrest in the iPad Pinky Case

    i carry mine all the time i ain't worried though i stay strapped ( a thief really need to ask himself is a ipad something i wanna die for?) you know we gun happy in texas
  21. robb25j

    APP Deals.

    Damn good thread right thx
  22. robb25j

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    the wait almost over you guys just hang in there lol ps i just watched avatar on my ipad and it brought a tear to my eye
  23. robb25j

    Will you try to exchange your wifi to 3G iPad?

    thats true but if u used ur bb rewards card often your considered a silver are gold member and you have 45 days to return anything and no restocking fee
  24. robb25j

    Deleting photos

    its always been like that since iphone 2g
  25. robb25j

    Netflix Question

    I never order the DVDs I just do nothing but streaming
  26. robb25j

    Email divider question

    Ok found a old email address I could use so I can take pics ..any who the one that's in portrait mode I've never seen that. Are so I think i never seen it... I always thought portrait an landscape looked the same just wanna make sure everybody elses looking the same
  27. robb25j

    Email divider question

    Ok. When I'm in landscape or portrait mode I open up my email and it has the the line in the middle that divides the actual email MSG's from the actual email now when I go. To portrait mode that little line that divides my email is gone I'm just wondering has it always been like this are maybe...
  28. robb25j

    New Here From NorCal

    Welcome p.s na that's what I call a good neighbor
  29. robb25j

    What size should I get? 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB

    Asphalt 5 alone like 248mb it's really the games that's taking up the space I haven't seen a HD game under 200mb yet
  30. robb25j

    2nd Impressions after a week

    A iPad is like a wallet you want leave home without it picked my iPad up on April 3rd and goes where I go walmart truckstops etc etc..... ghuda I'm gonna take your advice on the keyboard dock
  31. robb25j

    Day 1 first impressions

    Lol too funny
  32. robb25j

    see iPad Forums on the iPad

    I feel sorry for you guys that don't have the iPad yet da smallest thing can be a temporary fix for you guys I'm waiting on my 3G iPad also but I do have a wifi iPad I just wanna say you guys have way more balls then me I would have been broke down an bought a wifi version are at least live...
  33. robb25j

    What size should I get? 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB

    I was gonna order that today until I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen. ( ugh I was MADD )
  34. robb25j

    My decal for the back...

    I'm feeling it :)
  35. robb25j

    zCover for iPad

    Reminds me of one them old tuff nextel phones wit da bumps n humps
  36. robb25j

    What are your opinions of these iPad cases?

    I be wanting something of the nature but with a shoulder strap kinda like my notbook bag
  37. robb25j

    How to tell your wife you bought an iPad

    I'm still waiting on my 3G I couldn't wait so I bought a wifi 16gb and I'm also gettin married in oct So extra $ goes to the wedding So anytime I wanna buy me a new toy I have to buy two just to keep da piece
  38. robb25j

    Look what's stuck on my screen

    No it hasn't came back yet the keys was not responsive but the apps where I could go in an out of all my apps but them two keyboards didn't move ( when I connected to iTunes it automatically synced and the keyboards was gone and I know my settings on my iTunes it wasn't suppose to sync)...