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    Netflix streaming problem

    i have been watch King Of The Hill series on Netflix on my ipad without those problems. no problems with HULU or ABC Player either. was fine on iOS 3.2.2 also and working on 4.2.1 {shrugs sholders}
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    Netflix streaming problem

    No - but get SPEEDTEST app from apps store and see what your throughput is. Most likely the delay is Netflix is buffering because your connection speed is too slow
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    Your Predictions for iPad 2

    Stupid shameless guesses here: a) 3d screen (adjustable like Nintendo 3ds) a) 2 front cameras to record 3d for 3d facetime or b) Ultra hi-def screen 2048 x 1536 quad cpu that is actually also gpu power cpu with clock speed throttling (to control power consumption) a total redesign of iOS but...
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    tweaks that cause battery drain

    Although this does sound accurate, however I have not witnessed this. I use Night Stand (clock for ipad) .. if I use LCD setting (black background with orange LED) and leave it running all night from a 100% charge, I'll wake up and it is at ~48% full if I use MILK (white background) and leave...
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    Old jailbreaker wonders if it's worth it anymore....

    I am not a facetime fan - I used it maybe 6 times. After a few minutes, I forget that facetime is on and then the user gets a picture of the ceiling or something. It is good to show something like a car or something at the deli, but again, it is not an everyday thing. *Maybe for the iPad it...
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    Any other way to get flash

    Well there we go... #1 iPad costs more than any other tablet type device, so it is safe to say iPad users tend to spend a little more money on products than someone who is looking for a cheaper equivalent. --same to be said by assuming the driver of a BMW and a driver of a Kia both heading to a...
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    Any other way to get flash

    Bassmaster magazine seems to work for me on the iPad. *the espn site, right? Or is there another URL? Actually lack of flash eliminates most annoying advertisements on pages. With that being said, doesn't it beg that advertisers make HTML5 content instead of FLASH as if they don't, they are...
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    Any other way to get flash

    I am not big into flash games so this doenst bug me. But I do have a question for Android users (or any other device with flash): How do you play a game that requires mouse movement and keyboard at the same time? Like an FPS game that uses mouse for aiming your weapon and keys to move? Or how do...