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    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    Get the 1st one, but I would save up for an iPad first, if you really want one.
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    Do you leave your iPad on while charging it?

    If it's a buffet style restaurant I don't think you'd really need to worry about the rules of etiquette so much. Leave them on a napkin on the table.
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    Newbie question

    Savings account at a bank, or an interest earning checking account {look at credit unions. I earn 6% on my first $500--(then pennies)}. You don't have enough money to gamble in the stock market, and precious metals are very volatile by nature. Collectibles are also risky, even if someone did...
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    Case or no case?

    I would assume nothing, just ring and find out is best.
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    What iOS v4.2 Feature are you most looking forward to?

    If you clicked "update" instead of holding the shift key while clicking "restore" in iTunes, your jailbreak will not be completely deleted, and not all your cydia packages will be deleted, but your device will be crippled.