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  1. J

    Ivyskin Quattro T-5 or Otterbox defender?

    What do you all think would be better, the defender or the ivyskin? The Ivyskin has a glass shield so you do not lose touch and a possible battery pack, while the otterbox is basically indestructable. I can't decide.
  2. J

    Looking for case with solid screen protector

    hmm it looks solid enough... do you think i would also need to put a screen shield on also to protect it from random scratches or mishaps while in use?
  3. J

    Looking for case with solid screen protector

    So I'm looking for a good case with hard screen protector for my 64gb. I know the OB defender is amazing for iPhones yet it is not out yet for ipad. I saw the ivy skins with their touch-thru glass protector but I don't know if it is any good. Also does anyone else know of any other good options...