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  1. Jeeper

    Re-downloading apps that have been removed from itunes?

    It should still be on iTunes on your computer, so you can sync it back onto the iPad. Any "data" that you had on the app will only be as current as it was when you last synced. I've used this technique to get an older version of an app which I updated but didn't like the new version.
  2. Jeeper

    Deleted calendar entry mysteriouly reappears

    Have you tapped on the event, clicked on "edit" then on the line where it says "repeat" set to Never?
  3. Jeeper

    Calendar open to current month without any events showing

    Yeah, sorta', you just gotta wait about 5 or 10 seconds, it will load.
  4. Jeeper

    Keyboard split

    Just "pinch" it back together.
  5. Jeeper

    Clip Board

    The clip board is a "virtual" place. It temporarily holds any item that you "copied" until you "paste" it some where. I looked for it for a while too :)
  6. Jeeper

    Restrictionshas a password?_?

    I don't think you can change it without knowing the old one. You may need to restore the iPad as "New" in iTunes. Make sure to back up everything FIRST. Once restored as "new" you'll need to manually put ALL your stuff back on. It's ALOT of work. Check the Support section on the apple site...
  7. Jeeper

    Help me pleasssee!!

    Try a different Internet Browser, something like Atomic Web will allow you to select (in its settings) whether it presents itself as a Mobile or Desktop. Remember the sites will be REALLY small on the iPhone and harder to use, hence the mobile versions. (The "native" Safari app can't do this)
  8. Jeeper

    Pages and Notes Dictionary

    I don't believe that there's a way to manually enter words into the "dictionary". However, if you use the words enough, it should "learn" the words, and not flag them. Some people report a "cheat" of putting the words in Contacts, so it treats them as names (I haven't tried that yet as mine...
  9. Jeeper

    Hi & question on nook app & enlarging print

    I don't use the Nook app, but most Readers have a font adjustment within them. Usually on any screen you're viewing, a tap should reveal various icons. Often the letter A, tapping that should lead you to font options.
  10. Jeeper

    Deleting repeating calendar events

    Tap on the event, then click on "edit". You'll see options for repeating.
  11. Jeeper

    How do I get UK public holidays into my iPad Calendar?

    I found had a lot of free calendars. It has a "subscribe" button (it may work), but if you hold the button you can see (and copy) the URL to the settings page.
  12. Jeeper

    How do I get UK public holidays into my iPad Calendar?

    The calendar I use (US Holidays) looks like this -see attached- I think I stumbled across the actual URL online somewhere -Google search- (clicking "download" from the Apple site didn't do it, as I recall). In theory you can see the desired URL in iCal on your computer by selecting the...
  13. Jeeper

    how to clear safari url addresses

    I haven't found a way to clear the drop down "prompts", it appears to be another "convenience" feature, like email addresses (see old topics of not being able to clear wrong email addresses). Leaves a little to be desired for "privacy" browsing, and may be annoying at times. I rarely enter...
  14. Jeeper

    How do I get UK public holidays into my iPad Calendar?

    I went to Settings>Mail/Contacts/Calendars>Add account>Other>Add Subscribed Calendars> then copy and pasted the address from Apple's web site for the calendar I wanted. Now it syncs with my other devices as well.
  15. Jeeper

    safari config

    The adjustments are limited. They are available in Settings>Safari. Other browsers, like Atomic, offer much more customization.
  16. Jeeper


    Oh sorry :) I misunderstood what you were trying to do, my bad! I don't have office HD :( Now I've screwed up your whole thread!
  17. Jeeper


    I just clicked on your link, it opened within the IPF app I'm using. Go figure.;)
  18. Jeeper


    Like this? I think I posted 'em in reverse order though.
  19. Jeeper

    Screen Crashes

    You're welcome! Glad it worked! You can also "trigger" Accessibility by triple clicking the home button.
  20. Jeeper

    Have an ipad and an ipad2 - does the ipad 1 do multi-tasking of apps?

    There should be a mutlitouch/gestures switch in Settings. If not, you need to update your iPad 1 to 5.0.1. Apple did not include gestures for iPad 1 in the original iOS 5.0
  21. Jeeper

    Safari settings button disappeared from Safari NOT Safari icon disappeared from home

    You can access Safari settings in the Settings "app" (icon shaped like gears). About half way down on the left.
  22. Jeeper

    How to clear the Diagnostics & Usage Data

    It's possible, I haven't had any real battery issues, but there's no doubt that "not sending stuff" will save some battery. How much, is any ones guess.
  23. Jeeper

    How to clear the Diagnostics & Usage Data

    I haven't paid much attention to this, but it seems that with "don't send" ticked, the logs accumulate for ever. With "automatically send" selected, the logs appear to clean out as they are "collected". "that's how they get ya!" :)
  24. Jeeper

    Screen Crashes

    Try checking "Accessibility" in Settings>General. Make sure "Zoom" and stuff is turned off.
  25. Jeeper

    iPad 2 sans 3G - can it use 3G data services of an iPhone 3G via bluetooth?

    What you need to do is called "tethering" , I don't know how to do it, but search for that.
  26. Jeeper

    Transfer Kindle from PC

    You shouldn't have to buy everything again, make sure you have the most current kindle app on your iPad AS WELL AS on your PC.
  27. Jeeper

    using iTunes gift card

    It should automatically use the gift card first (without having to use "redeem" every time). However it does not immediately show the balance change. That has been my experience.
  28. Jeeper

    No more credit card, how to use itunes and the appstore?

    The app store seems to be acting up right now. That alone may be the issue. Waiting until later may help. One idea I had was buying an iTunes gift card and entering that under "redeem", that may allow your account to be active enough to be able to download even free apps.
  29. Jeeper

    Trouble connecting via Bluetooth to Böse Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker

    I really like the Sound Freq. the quality is good, and it comes with a small remote control (there is also an app you can use to control it). On Fm radio or Aux input, it can go very loud. But on bluetooth, I find that it's not quite as loud (ok for me because I like lower level music).
  30. Jeeper

    My Daughter was just mugged!

    Grrr, I HATE thieves. Hope they catch 'em. I'm glad your daughter is ok!
  31. Jeeper

    Transfer movies

    That's right, I forgot about GoodReader, I use it all the time to move files from my iPad to iPod touch. Just never done it with movies.
  32. Jeeper

    Transfer movies

    I haven't played around with movies much on my iPad. But one idea, if you bought the movie from iTunes you could re-download it to your kids iPad. Or, if it's available simply rent it from their iPad. If you don't currently have access to WIFI, then I don't know how to do it without your...
  33. Jeeper

    What did you get for Christmas thread!

    Yep, a full couch. Both ends recline (fully to the "snooze" position), while the middle seat is stationary. My cats and I are lovin' it!
  34. Jeeper

    What did you get for Christmas thread!

    I bought myself an early present this year. The ultimate iPad accessory! A new reclining couch :)
  35. Jeeper

    Trouble connecting via Bluetooth to Böse Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker

    Glad you found the solution! Thanks for sharing, I'm sure that info could help other users. I recently had a similar problem with my SoundFreq, I had to unplug, and replug it in to get it to 're-pair' with my iPad.
  36. Jeeper

    Best App. You can't live without?

    Zite (news ), Goodreader (file management), iBooks, Kindle, IPF!, Accuweather, just to name a few of my most used :) Oh, and Pandora (music).
  37. Jeeper

    Would you be interested in an iPad Mini (7" iPad)

    I probably would. Just to play with or mainly read books. Sent from my iPod touch using iPF
  38. Jeeper

    Safari icon to go to recently opned pages

    Yeah, sorry, Apple did away with "thumbnail" views with ios 5. Hopefully they will bring an option to choose either "tabs" or "thumbnails" in an future update. Sent from my iPod touch using iPF
  39. Jeeper

    Need ipad to mac syncing help

    It's a Preference setting of iPhoto. Designed to open the app when a camera is attached. You should be able to turn it off from inside iPhoto>Preferences. Even so, I sometimes have to open iTunes manually. Although there appears to be an option in iTunes that says "open when iPad is connected"...
  40. Jeeper

    E-mail Text

    You can download the manual for free from the iBook store :) Sent from my iPod touch using iPF