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    Silly me

    I opened up a pdf in my gmail account and I now can't go back to my inbox.... what do I do?? argh I feel so silly as I have done it before I know.
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    Will iPad Fail in School?

    Skimed the postes. The local high school loans out Macs to the students here, both parent and student have to sign an agreement for the laptop. And it is running a tracker on it. If it's been altered the student has to pay for the laptop. I think the iPad / tablet will be great of a school...
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    Fed Ex Is Awful!!

    I cringe when I have have to deal with fed ex. I have UPS coming a few days a week to my house, and then when i have a vendor that ships fedex I loath it. We live in middle of no place kentucky, with a mile gravel drive and you pass over a low wooden bridge (get my drift of nowhere?) I have had...
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    How do I move

    My pdfs from my Pc to my Ipad? I have mine set up all for that and while I don't "need" them on my ipad it cuts me out having to print it all out over and over when I take my ipad with me most everytime I leave my house
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    Interesting day

    I love my iPhone 4 it's my first iPhone and the two dropped calls I have had has been user error. There is no way I would give it up. Then my aunt told me when the new iPad came out she would by this one... But I am loving it so mush it might be hard..... I am now looking for a Mac for me and...
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    Yay I have my ipad

    It's bigger on the inside
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    How has your iPad changed the way you use your other devices?

    Right now my 11 year old is on the laptop and my3 year old Is on my iPhone 4, son that is 5 is on the that leaves me with my iPad just like I thought it would work out
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    Yay I have my ipad

    It came yesterday along with my iPhone 4. Sqeeee Kids are trying to take over my iPad lol It's a 64 wifi and I am in love with my Tardis. My phone is a 16 It's like Christmas around here!
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    WaterProof Cases!!!!!

    Yes, i would love to see a water proof case... (small kids here) not that they are going to get to use it much but say if its laying on the table and monster 3 knocks over apple juice :?
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    Which iPad model you have?

    64 wifi, I wanted to put movies ie sponge bob for the kids and Doctor Who for me, then my pdf's for knitting, milage/up keep on my trucks. Looking at what I have in itunes it worried me about movies LOL so I upgraded. I did not do 3g for two reasons, I have egde here, and its painfully slow on...
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    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    I ordered mine on 1 july and it said I would get it the 22 July. It shipped 11 July and is now in Memphis Tn, that is a 4 hr drive from me so I am hoping to have it in my hands on the 14.
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    is it better to download them to itunes or mess with the dvd's to mumbo jumbo to ipad? I do not have the dvds but debating to buying them and moving them ipad or just downloading.. I really need my Doctor Who with me.
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    What percentage of iPad owners are running Windows vs Mac on their main PC

    depends on the computer, but all pc anything from 98, vista, and xp then 7. 2 of them are work computers, a tower and one I can take on the fly. when I have the extra $ I want an apple but idk what yet.
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    On vacation and got my parents iPad-ed!

    We (kids) are getting one for our parents. Dad had a stroke 2 yrs ago and lost a lot of his right hand movement... but we feel he can ebay *sigh* by touching the screen and moving it. Mom wants one to keep up with email while she goes to our lake home
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    Just bought an iPad....

    I just have to ask what type of plane to you fly :) that was dh's major in collage, then my cousin as a byplane he flies for air shows. I am scared of them but it seems every one close to me loves them LOL
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    Tonight's the 5year old test

    how cool is that.. I don't want my 5 yr old to be in front of mine ALL the time.. right now I have a fight with him and plants vs zombies on the pc... but I do want a few apps that will be good for him at doc office or other places like that and not a movie (also the 3 yr old)
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    What's missing from the iPad

    my hands around it... really now hurry up and get here!;)
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    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    There is a freak, ugh yeah 40 plus yr old dude that lives with his 22 yr old girl friend ( said a lot there did i not). He always has bashed my kindle and now my iphone AND ipad.:mad: She is the only one with the J.O.B. but he is all about his last pc that I used as my own personal...
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    I learned to drive in a 83 Surburban, and a 80's model chevy 4 spd flat bed... so big is not new. Just something I grew up driving and really liked. Moved in to a host of W body gm's and while I did love my Monty, GrandPix, newer monty, buick I missed my bigger trucks I was in mom's Burban...
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    best app for tracking

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    Anyone using Bento?

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    Youtube is filtered?

    I could not watch the links posted in fourm, i had to go the the main site.. .and I am on a pc atm
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    best app for tracking

    milage/gas/oil changes?
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    I am now driving a Surburban :) and you would have to pry it out of my hands.. but with that said.. 69 camaro SS/RS 69 chevelle, 87 Irock Z ugh... then a host of gm cars. monty carlo, granpirx type... then f150 4x4 and K5 blazer... then now my burban.. fun drive is a Mutt a2 :) and...
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    my 2.5 year old son

    yes this is why i have mine... no kids can touch it... i am so over sticky keyboard
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    iPad Here!

    mine says ships 16th and delivery on the 21, while my iphone ships 19 and get 22 :-/ Lets just say I will not be leaving my house and 7 days early would be so nice on both cases LOL.. I did not go on a trip that i had planned and bummed over it as i would fly out the day my kids started back...
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    Showed the man the ipad

    Thanks good to know, if i do buy him one later on he is just getting the 16, as I don't see him using much more then netflix over grown gps.
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    Showed the man the ipad

    at bestbuy today. He is not a tech type person at all, that I find funny as most of his work is GPS/wap type singles. He works for a agri sprayer company So I bought and ipad to use as more or less net lite. He was playing with apps on it and was excited to see see how many back roads showed...
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    iPad Here!

    i am waiting not so happily until mine comes.. it was ordered the 1st....
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    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    I have a kindle and I will but my books on my ipad, but for good hard reading i will pick up my kindle. After years of eye strain reading print books and then pdf on computers i will plan to use my kindle as my bed side reader and my ipad for on the fly. or when my kiddo wants the kindle i...
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    new mature guy

    Hi, one of the reason I got mine is I spend a good bit of time waiting in Nashville tn
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    How Many Of You Use The iPad Even When...

    i plan on using it for my email/fb and books itunes... while my kids make run on my PC... if i see plants Vs zombies one more time I might scream... they love it while me not so much. they already killed one pc off in 2 yrs time... so no kids on ipad with sticky hands at all.. I can put it in...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Books, (moving my ereader from my phone & Kindle) I am hoping netflix and as a dayplanner of sort. I am now using a mobile pc and loath it as i cant see it. So between this and my iphone I think I will be set.
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    I Hate When My iPad....

    Ditto! My sis has one and just raves and raves about it and she was an anti apple only dell will do person.
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    New Ipad and I phone on the way

    to kentucky :) I am so excited to get my ipad in hand (just a tad more then my phone) People can call that and bug me LOL I just ordered the 64gb wifi ipad... and already wishing that it would ship now. As of now, my confirmation as it delivered the 21 :( then my phone the next day...