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    Do you still have your (grandfathered) AT&T Unlimited Data Plan?

    I still have my AT&T unlimited data plan from my first iPad, and have transferred it twice without any problems. Rarely exceed a couple of GB in a month, but it sure is nice to have on long car trips for GPS, music and podcast streaming... I have been tempted to sell it, and probably will...
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    Recently reported iOS 7 iMessage failures could be fixed with a simple solution

    iMessage problem Since updating to the most recent IOS 7.02(?), I cannot see my incoming messages in iMessage...I can read them only one at a time in the drop down notification. Pain in the rear!
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    AT&T unlimited plan - how to use iPad 3 as mobile hotspot?

    I have a iPad 3 32 gb wi-fi & 3/4g with the original "grandfathered" AT&T data plan. I would like to use this iPad as a mobile hotspot, but can't figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Is the iPad too difficult to learn for a 62 year old?

    Hey, I'm on my second iPad...had the original 16 gb with 3 g and now upgraded to the new iPad 32 gb with 4 g. I use it every day and continually find new apps that make it even more indispensable My family hardly get to use it as it's nearly always with me and it's replaced many other...
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    Boarding pass on iPad

    Last week I tried to show my boarding pass to a Delta gate agent for check in and was told that the reader often has problems reading anything other than an iPhone size screen. He printed out a paper boarding pass for me. YMMV
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    iPad closing down - frequently

    My iPad 1 has the same issue, started recently. For example, I'll click on an app and it appears to be opening, but then it reverts to the app list page. After 1 or 2 tries, generally the app will open, but not always. Have had this happen on Angry Birds, Slate, Huff Post, NYTimes, the...
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    I ordered the Jawbone Jambox- review to follow

    The Jambox is my favorite iPad accessory too! Love the 10+ hour runtime between charges and the small size makes it perfect for travel. Yeah, a bit pricy, but much better than another bluetooth speaker I tried (and then returned). Also love the ZaggMate BT keyboard/clam case. (And yes, you...
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    Ipad initial set up after unboxing-is it dead?PLEASE HELP

    Wow! I was very impressed with all the assistance offered to try to correct Mr848's problem. Nice to know that there are such thoughtful members on this forum...just in case I need help.
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    I ordered a 3g - 16 gb on May 3 from the online store and also got the confirmation email that it would be delivered 5-7 business days from order or between May 11 - 15. No further word yet, but it appears that a whole lot of 3G iPads are supposed to be delivered next week!
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hello. Mitten here. Didn't think I wanted/needed an iPad until I spent an hour at the local Apple Store. Mitten was smitten! I have a 3G iPad on order and expect delivery by May 15. As it will be my first experience owning an Apple computer (I do have an iPod), I'm hoping to learn lots from...