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  1. Airtent

    RSS Reader

    Yea wish mobilerss would get updated, but i'm much happier with mr. Reader. So many options.
  2. Airtent

    RSS Reader Before, my go to rss reader was mobilerss, but now I have found the end all of rss apps. Courtesy of appadvice, they directed me to Mr. Reader and it rocks! So many options to this thing and it is very fast. Supports offline mode, comes with different...
  3. Airtent

    iPad 3 Light leak under bezel normal?

    The heating may also be a defect. Some are saying if the ipad 3 is on full brightness, that is when it starts to heat up. I've only had a very mild heating near the left side when using it. I tend to keep mine at half brightness, but also have the auto on which ups it a bit at times. Some think...
  4. Airtent

    New iPad 3 returned - Dead pixels on screen.

    Can use the app: free light to see if you get light leaks. As for the dashes or rain effect, possible that there is an issue with the gpu chip or its overheating due to some hardware issue.
  5. Airtent

    iPad 3 Light leak under bezel normal?

    Not seeing that on my ipad 3. With my i2, it had the bleed through at several areas around the edges and so did the next 3 replacements. This usually happens when the glue used to seal the glass was still not dried, or someone failed to put glue around that section. I'm guessing that would be...
  6. Airtent

    New to forum

    One way around this since you are into news feeds is get yourself a rss reading app. You can couple this with a google reader account. The rss app cuts out all ads. My fav rss app is mobilerss free version. It does show a tiny ad but it never bothers me. The paid version has no ads. Another...
  7. Airtent

    New to forum

    Apps downloaded on the mac app store are not compatible with the ipad. The app creator has to make a version of it specifically for the ipad. You could try a google search for an ipad app that is similar or contact the developer and suggest they make a version for ipad. There is also the itunes...
  8. Airtent

    New to forum

    Well if you are accessing websites alot have advertisements on them. You can use the read it later button to remove all of that. If you are talking about the iads that appear in certain apps/games, that usually means you have the free version of said app/game. Some apps have an inapp purchase...
  9. Airtent

    Anyone hear anything about new/updated retina friendly apps?

    Just about all the apple apps have been updated. Expect games such as infinity blade and asphalt 6 to get graphic upgrades. Games will tend to be updated first, as currently all apps will autoscale to compensate for the larger screen. Its just a matter of the images and texture maps to have...
  10. Airtent

    16 or 32 gb ipad third generation for college student?

    Also of note: Notability $.99 Note taker hd $4.99 Notes plus $7.99 Writepad $9.99 this one converts handwriting into font text and lets you use shorthand.
  11. Airtent

    16 or 32 gb ipad third generation for college student?

    They do update notability and you can write or type text anywhere on the page. There is also a wrist guard and a function to write in big letters but it shrinks it down to size and then be placed anywhere. Also it has the auto continue where you write to the end of the screen, it will auto move...
  12. Airtent

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 now I"m having 2nd thoughts thread!

    I almost didn't get the ipad 1. I waited a week before deciding to get it after it first hit shelves and have been using one ever since. When first using it, it did feel a little bit magical. I didn't expect to use it aside from email and web. But now i use it for lots of things. Pre ipad, i was...
  13. Airtent

    Setting up/restoring a "New" ipad from icloud backup

    I replied to your other post in ipad help.
  14. Airtent

    Will retina screen mean YouTube videos will look better?

    If you frequently rent or buy movies/tv shows on itunes, they will benefit from the higher ipad resolution as apple is upping the res on said vids if they haven't already.
  15. Airtent

    16 or 32 gb ipad third generation for college student?

    I too suggest the 32 if you can afford it. I like notability app as you can use it for txt, handwriting, photos, and record audio (good with lectures). Onenote is nice too as you can sync to Microsoft's skydrive and sync notes to onenote on a desktop. Evernote also tends to be popular.
  16. Airtent

    ipad3 black or white?

    White may trick the eye into thinking the screen is not as bright or detracts from it. I thought about a white 2, but none were available. Glad i went with black after hearing that.
  17. Airtent

    which size iPad 3 I should buy 16gb or 32gb?

    Filled up my 64gb to half way, no music, movies, and very few photos. Course i have a few games that take up 1 gig each.
  18. Airtent

    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    Selling my 64gb black wifi for $350 to a family member. I did the same for my ipad 1 a year ago.
  19. Airtent

    Setting up new ipad from old icloud backup

    1. You never need to sync to itunes. Even if you have 2 ipads with the same apple id. You can give them different names if you were ever to sync to itunes or can keep then the same name if you feel like it. 2. If you download new apps on ipd 3, then they can be installed for no charge on ipad...
  20. Airtent

    The A5X

    Now the issue is when app developers add in all those new fancy graphics to their apps, that will greatly add to the size of those apps. Especially if that app is universal. They have to keep different resolution assets so they display properly on each type of device. Read somewhere that with...
  21. Airtent

    No iPad 4 section?

    A6 chip, 8 mp rear cam, maybe slightly better front cam, ios 6 at least, siri, maybe better battery life due to lower power a6 chip, and a magnetic data/charge cable sorta like the ones on mac laptops.
  22. Airtent

    Downloading Photos

    Itunes backs up pics and music into the itunes library, unless you specify it not to and just uses the location of where your content is currently stored on your pc in various folders. You can do the copy photos to itunes then to your ipad, or get a sd card, fill it up with only the photos you...
  23. Airtent

    The A5X

    The a5x chip actually has two "chips" inside. It consists of a dual core cpu and quad core gpu. The cpu handles the calculations and operations of the ios, and the interactions of all the other hardware components (touch input, mic input, etc). The gpu alters memory in such a way so as to...
  24. Airtent

    worth upgradeing?

    I own(ed) both versions so far and the soon to be new one as well. I use it for all sorts of things and my biggest reason to upgrade again is the better rear camera. Creating a movie from start to finish on a single device is a big plus for me among the countless other things i use an ipad for...
  25. Airtent

    Theoretical iPad Game Power

    Check out the onlive service which streams real pc games to your ipad and you can play them with their $50 ps3 lookalike controller. for more info. As for games made for the ipad specifically, Infinity Blade series is pushing what the hardware can do. The upcoming infinity...
  26. Airtent

    Move iPad1 apps/data to an iPad2?

    When you first connect the ipad 2 to your pc that you have the ipad 1 synced to, itunes will give you a choice to tread the ipad 2 as a new device, or restore the data from the ipad 1 backup. Just note when you do this both the ipad 1 / 2 will be synced to a single apple id account. So when...
  27. Airtent

    Pictures of Your iPad 2 case?

    Try for great skins and protectors. They have ones that range from clear (I own the clear front and back), carbon fiber, silver carbon, and light/dark wood. Lifetime warranty too and all of them minus the clear one have a textured surface. The downside is you have to...
  28. Airtent

    Anyone know of an iPad Skin that works w/ Smart Cover on iPad 2?

    Yup, it's a good skin. If you never put one of those kinds of skins on before, just watch the tutorial vids on skinomi's site. Was never a fan of "hiding" my iPad 1 or 2 behind an opaque back cover, so the skinomi works for me. I actually prefer the feel of the front protector over the non...
  29. Airtent

    Anyone know of an iPad Skin that works w/ Smart Cover on iPad 2?

    I currently use the clear skinomi protectors, front and back. No issues with them and my smart case on at the same time. The skins come precut for the iPad 2.