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  1. J

    Apps for novel writing

    So completely agree. It is all about the combination of input areas. Working between the iPad and the MacAir works beautifully!
  2. J

    Apps for novel writing

    Keyser, use Dropbox for the transition. Shoot me a pm with your email and I'll help you with it. I am so sorry I didn't see your response earlier. I so apologize.
  3. J

    Steve Jobs Writes to Mother of Girl Whose iPad Helps Her to Read

    I agree with Mark on this. Everything I have seen and read indicates he is not the egomaniac so many people portray him to be. There is a difference between being the head of a tremendously successful company and an egomaniac in many cases. Confidence necessary to reach the positions and...
  4. J

    How long does a charge last?

    As others said, ten hours should be about right. But definitely turn down the brightness and select airplane mode as the battery will wear faster otherwise.
  5. J

    An Android phone users thoughts on his new iPad 2

    Out of curiosity, did you research or try the iPad at all before purchasing? Because everything you named was very easy to establish before purchasing. I must say I'm astounded by those that buy iPad's blindly without doing a bit of homework.
  6. J

    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    Yup, just read that the boneheads decided not to release gestures on this. I'm normally not irritable with Apple, but that one does annoy me. That was the main thing I was looking for. If they release the ability to turn it on in jailbreak, that will be my breaking point to jailbreak it.
  7. J

    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    For those saying finger gestures doesn't work, did you enable it in settings? Sent from my HTC Incredible using Tapatalk
  8. J

    Upgrade to 4.2 is it worth it?

    Neither have I, easily seems on par.
  9. J

    10 more days!

    Ordered mine at 3:00 yesterday morning (East Coast). I'm keeping my Droid Incredible, my wife gets the iPhone. Best of both worlds. Got my tracking number already tonight, looks like its held up by the stupid weather in Memphis. But looks like it will come in well before Feb. 10th. She's so...
  10. J

    Verizon iPhone Initial Evaluation

    Coming from AT&T it will take some getting used to for people. For Verizon users, we've lived with it this long. I will take the lack of being able to data and calls at the same time any given day of the week over the numerous, and I do mean numerous, dropped calls and dead cells I had with...
  11. J

    Quality of refurb units?

    Apple Refurbs from the Apple Store are ALWAYS the first place I look. Time Machine, iPod Touch, couple other smaller items, they all are top notch and you will never tell that the are refurbs. Even have the same warranty and extended warranty options. And I agree that they very well tend to...
  12. J

    iPad 2 Release On Feb 9?

    Eh, it's going to be nice, but I'm quite content to just be getting iOS 4.2. I'm really liking some of the new features. Including the swipe to access multitasking and such. Looking really nice.
  13. J

    I'm at the Apple Store playing with.....

    I've got the 13.3" MacBook Pro and love it. Best computer I've ever owned. Typically I would trade laptops at a year without fail. I've had this one for eighteen months and actually only thing I've done to it is put in a new hard drive for more space. Other than that, this thing is...
  14. J

    Youtube is filtered?

    Got a better option for you. Download a free app called Vevo. I believe it is actually tied in with YouTube. Carries most of the current and past music videos. And not off name. Was watching everything from Rick Springfield to Eminem last night. It works great. Give that a run, will...
  15. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    This claim can be made at this point because the Xoom hasn't even been released into the real world yet. Then it can go head to head. I have a Droid Incredible, love it. Also buying the Verizon iPhone next month. If the Droid tablets are good, I will get one to go with the iPad. I sure as...
  16. J

    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    Well, when Apple ceases selling the iPad and people constantly pronounce it a failure, then it will truly be a failure. The closest Android to compete now is the Xoom and it hasn't been released and part of it's presentation was recorded video. When competition hits and everyone tells Apple...
  17. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Yet you bought an iPad?
  18. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    You think this is bad? You have no idea what I have been dealing with on the iPhone sub forum on Droid Forums since the Verizon announcement today. LOL
  19. J

    Owners Manual

    Cool idea, but considering the price of the Equus, I hardly consider it free. :D
  20. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Completely agree. I use AppBrain Market for searching and backing up. Love that app. Works beautifully. Makes the market much better.
  21. J


    Yup, I have had it happen once. Hasn't happened since.
  22. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    That looks really good. That is really the first video I've seen that would convince me. Wouldn't replace the iPad but can definitely see getting it to supplement the iPad. More for video and entertainment consumption. But looking really good. Hope they keep up the development. They've got...
  23. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Great, glad to see you can tell them that their OPINION on two devices they own are incorrect. As much as you slam the iPad, why exactly do you come on here? Reading your posts over the past several days, most every one seems to be an attack on the iPad. There are plenty of Android forums to...
  24. J

    Returning the iPad

    You can ask for the extended warranty as much as you want, but I'll place odds on whether you get it. Sorry, but that's the reality. Sorry you had such problems. Unfortunately issues are always going to pop up out of the norm. There's no way around it.
  25. J

    Apps for novel writing

    Scrivener is actually a Mac program, not for the iPad. There is a Windows Beta but I haven't tried that yet. The thing I'm most impressed with is the folders carrying back and forth for syncing between the iPad and the computer now. I've always worried about backing up and overwriting...
  26. J

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Actually, fragmentation affects application development. Before 2.2, and there are still some 2.1 Android items out there, the file size for applications was greatly limited. The Android market is making great strides, hopefully it will continue to. But Google themselves said 2.2 is not...
  27. J

    Apps for novel writing

    Thanks for the advice. I'm down to the last two chapters on my novel, writing completely in Pages. I bought Scrivener and Notebooks for iPad today and transferred the book to it. My God I wish I had gotten these earlier. They are FANTASTIC! Making it so easy to go back and edit plus check...
  28. J

    CAD Apps

    No offense taken, LOL. Sounds like you've had the same experiences I have had. There are a few architects I have worked with that are absolutely outstanding, but those numbers are few. I've found the ones that have had direct experience in construction, as in, actually seen and been involved...
  29. J

    Ipad for school, Excel etc

    Emailing out the files to yourself actually works really well. I do that and use Dropbox. My two preferred methods most of the time.
  30. J

    CAD Apps

    I should clarify my position. I'm actually a residential designer, not an architect. I learned basic drafting and design in high school and am actually self taught for the remainder while I was at school in Charleston. I was a builder and designer for fifteen years before shifting to design...
  31. J

    CAD Apps

    Why don't you come back to this conversation when you're done speaking out of your butt. You don't know or understand the minor extent of the program or app I am proposing. But please, tell me everything I don't know. At no point did I say a full CAD suite for the iPad. I'm quite aware that...
  32. J

    CAD Apps

    I still haven't found any I'm completely happy with. I've been hoping for one to do good as built plans so I can quit carrying my netbook to enter them. Nothing as of yet, though. :(
  33. J

    What's the best way to show a Powerpoint slideshow on an iPad?

    Honestly, I have the Keynote app and really like it. There are cases where people are simply unrealistic about their expectations of what something should do while others will do anything to gripe about Apple. Keep that in mind reading the reviews. I've used it numerous times and had nothing...
  34. J

    Great use of iPads with Music - You must see

    Yup, that church is local to me. We went there a couple of years back and are trying to make it up there again. Very smart, very progressive group. Their bands are usually VERY good. The work with the iPad's is getting them some serious attention.
  35. J

    Air Display or Maxivista?

    I've had a problem with Maxivista for the past few days. Maybe even a week. Whenever I try starting it, the iPad starts bringing up the background of the Windows computer, and when it is almost complete, it suddenly stops and resets. It will not run. I've tried fiddling with settings to no...
  36. J

    Verizon won't sell an Ipad without a social security #

    Or apply for a credit card, or a job, or....well, you get the idea. :D
  37. J

    The real reason ipad does not have flash?

    Funny, I use it for surfing the web daily with zero problems. Never an issue. Huh. Guess I'm doing something wrong.
  38. J

    How do you close your apps?

    To be concise, hold down the apps in the bottom bar until they start shaking. The icon is actually a "-" not an "x" that comes up in the upper left. Click the "-" to delete the apps you want to close.
  39. J

    Why All The Restrictions

    We never announced it out of beta on droidforums. I'm a moderator there and incredibleforum. You must have misunderstood it.