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  1. Thomas1977

    Goofy question about Apple’s awesome looking boxes....

    I still have my box for the iPhone and my mini 2 . I sometimes keep the important stuff for the phone and iPad in them.
  2. Thomas1977

    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Surfing Riachu from Pokémon Go.
  3. Thomas1977

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    I wonder if there will be a iPad 12.1.2 at some point.?
  4. Thomas1977

    Accidentally erased the Notes App on new Mini IPad 4

    It is common sense that any apps removed from iPad are recoverable with a little cloud icon on App Store.
  5. Thomas1977

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Hmm. Last I looked my iPad mini 2 is 12.1.1. I guess the iPad version is not here yet.
  6. Thomas1977

    Vintage computers

    I used to have a really old computer. It was a Macintosh Classic 2.
  7. Thomas1977

    Vintage computers

    Wow I never seen that before.
  8. Thomas1977

    New to group

    Welcome to the forums. The iPad is a great little piece of technology.
  9. Thomas1977

    Not understanding iCloud?

    I guess not everything is the cloud but I thought that’s where the world is going to eventually technology wise.
  10. Thomas1977

    Play music with one click

    I don’t know if this is even possible one click music. I think if someone could load a iPod it might be a better option but it’s not YouTube.
  11. Thomas1977

    Not understanding iCloud?

    It’s hard to say but I think the whole world is in the cloud. Things do pile up quickly.
  12. Thomas1977

    Trouble logging in with Wi-Fi at Hotel

    Hotel WiFi is often unsecure from my experiences.
  13. Thomas1977

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Once you go iPad there is no going back.
  14. Thomas1977

    Laugh Of The Day

    Clocks go backwards we are in fall now.
  15. Thomas1977

    Laugh Of The Day

  16. Thomas1977

    Just getting to grips with new iPad

    Welcome to the forums Taggman. I am a lot like you I am a long time windows user who has turned into a iPad user.
  17. Thomas1977

    request leg up re gift card entry, I goofed

    I believe the only way to use a gift card from apple is through iTunes or the App Store. Also unless you redeemed it all ready it should ask for the number. It only asks for the gift card number once and then it’s done.
  18. Thomas1977


    Great post very helpful. Welcome to all the newbies to the forums.
  19. Thomas1977

    Welcome to iOS 12 forum

    This is so freakin cool.
  20. Thomas1977

    Laugh Of The Day

    What is the difference between a hippo and a zippo? A hippo is big and heavy while a zippo is a little lighter.
  21. Thomas1977

    Hi everyone, new iPad owner, happy but for 1 thing.....

    Welcome to the world of iPad Rowena. I am not sure what it is you’re looking for or doing, but most apps for iPad are found on the App Store.
  22. Thomas1977

    Classic video games

    Wowie wow wow. That is so freakin cool.
  23. Thomas1977

    IOS 12

    I have not really noticed anything. I think the speed of charge is about the same all though I sometimes let my mini 2 charge over night while I’m sleeping.
  24. Thomas1977

    wifi underwater

    technically ipads are not made to go underwater lol.
  25. Thomas1977

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    I just jumped onto iOS 12 this afternoon with my iPad mini 2. I haven’t really noticed much different with it.
  26. Thomas1977

    Will I Make A Mistake if I Upgrade to iOS 11?

    I believe that all iPads should be on the latest iOS it’s just a safe thing to do if the iPad model allows you to do that.
  27. Thomas1977

    What is your single most favourite feature of the iPad?

    Its so easy to move around with you can go from room to room or place to place unlike a computer witch keeps you to one spot.
  28. Thomas1977

    Stumbling at the first hurdle

    Everybody should have the latest version of iTunes unless you never check for updates.
  29. Thomas1977

    Laugh Of The Day

  30. Thomas1977


    very soon the best of the Apple iPad will be upon us and that is the form of iOS 12 on Monday September 17, 2018. I hope it sure goes smoothly and that nobody has issues with it. I hope y’all are ready. It’s going to be fun.
  31. Thomas1977

    September 12,2018

    According to 9to5mac site the ios12gm build is supposed to come out to beta testers later today.
  32. Thomas1977

    September 12,2018

    well here we are on the day that apple is supposed to have a event and no sign of ios12 coming out officially yet. It just says on the Apple site coming in fall.
  33. Thomas1977

    iOS 12 speed boosts?

    The keynote is that the iPad 2018 is coming.
  34. Thomas1977

    Screen protector and case advice

    I have a tempered glass screen protector on my mini 2. I also have something called a Ho case.
  35. Thomas1977

    Found iPad

    In today’s world most things that are lost are never found.
  36. Thomas1977

    What's the last movie you saw?

  37. Thomas1977

    What's the last movie you saw?

    I just recently saw Skyscraper.
  38. Thomas1977

    iPad Pro 1st Generation.

    I would try to go back to the original owner of the iPad some how.
  39. Thomas1977


    Welcome to the forums.