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    just got my iPAD - first impressions

    If you like your music and your looking for something a bit different take a look at the Drums! App. It's been the Number 1 App in the UK recently. The App lets you play along with your favourite tunes on a drum kit, which is good fun but if your an iPad noob you'll get a kick out of the...
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    Apple Patents emerge for Thinner iPad and new Bezel

    This week the website Patently Apple has uncovered 2 pending patents put forward by Apple that relate to the iPad. The first is a thinner design that will make the device easier to hold, but the second is more intriguing. They have called it a 'smart bezel'. It appears to be a new...
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    Funny iPad stories

    My best buddy gets a new iPad and brings it to the pub to show off to everyone. His iPad is only 4 hours old when it reaches the pub. Once everyone is settled around the table, he pulls it out his bag and puts it on the table to show everyone. Another friend is so eager to play he knocks over...
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    Hi iPad peeps!

    Hi there, I'm just introducing myself. First and foremost I'm an iPad fan and it's great to see the wealth of information here on iPad forums. I also run site for iPad news and iPad deals called If anyone gets some brand new stories do let me know as I can...
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    Goldman Sachs Says Slimmer iPad Could be Released Next Spring

    All sounds good, but not sure about the USB port. Apple have made good money licensing products that are compatible with the Apple connector, so I'm not sure they'd give up a lot of this revenue by letting folks dock anything they like via USB.