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    Is it worth upgrading from iPad1 to iPad2

    I upgraded mostly because I needed the space, 16 gigs didn't do it for me so I went for the 32 gig ipad 2 and gave my wife the original ipad. Seems a little brighter with the new one, I most likely won't use the cameras since they are not as good as my iphone 4 I wanted to use the mirroring...
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    16GB, 32GB, or 64GB

    upgrading from the 16 gig to the 32 gig, I'll use a little more restraint when getting apps for this one.
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    Why WHITE?

    I already have a 16 gig original ipad and ordered a 32 gig black ipad 2, but changed the order to a white one, wife doesn't know it but she will be getting the black one as a supprise.
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    Which iPad 2

    Getting the 32 gig, I already have the 16 gig, but the apps take up all the space since I don't need to load music because of Pandora, and only keep about 2 gig's of pictures or less I need the space for all the great apps that keep coming out.
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    What is left to add on iPad3? Worth the wait?

    I would like to see added ports for usb and a SD port for overall usability on v3, just dreaming.
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    ipad 2, I'll just wait for #3

    Having owned the Original ipad(now old) since week one, and already with my share of cases, stands that won't fit the #2, I find it hard for me to justify the purchase. I'm still amazed with the one that I already own and having just upgraded to iphone4 the camera deal on the ipad 2 is not a...
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    How many iPads do you have?

    1 ipad, 2 ipods + the other apple necessities. I bought the 16gig wifi in April but, I'm looking forward to see what the next generation ipad will look like and mabey sell the one I have now. Will upgrade to the 32 gig for sure next time.
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Nice looking case, I'am already on my 3rd case but , this is a different type of case for sure.
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    iPad multitasking on 4.2 explained

    Much appreciated, keep the info flowing.:)
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    iPad owners average age

    I'm 69 and love this ipad, plus my MBP and my imac but, my MBP isn't being used as much since I got the ipad..just keep on keeping on.:)
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    Dropbox for iPad and iPhone Gets New Features Via Update

    Makes you think twice about logging around a laptop for sure!:)
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    Love the ipad, when the next edition comes out , I'll get that also.
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    Need a 3G Ipad by tomorrow morning

    The myfi options look good to me if I wanted to hook up my wifi ipad to 3G.
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    Reasons the iPad is Better than a Netbook

    My 13" macbook pro is getting jealous because I'am spending too much time with the ipad.:)
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    WiFi using MiFi

    Thinking about trading in my usb wifi dongle from sprint that I used to connect my laptop and going for the Verizon mifi connection, this way I can use my ipad(no 3g) as well. It's a little more bang for the buck !
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    DIY iPad Car Mount - under 50 cents if you have iPad case

    Original!! and cost effective.
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    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    I have and use both the pc and the mac and like them both.
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    how much money have you spent on the Ipad so far

    Think I spent about $180 for cases(2) and Apps from itune store to date, starting to slow down from the frenzy of the first few days of ownership. Will be very select on what I buy from here on .
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    How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday

    Not everyone has the extra $$ to spend on an 32 or 64 gig ipad but, I bet those of us who only have a mere 16gb enjoy ours just as much. 1st gen 8gb nano, 16gb Classic, 80gb Classic, 16gb Touch, 16gb ipad and counting.
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    Hi I'm Abe from Miami!

    Hi Abe, we all make mistakes, " I did the same thing" forgive my manners all, 16 gig ipad, macbook pro, ipods, Touch, Classic, Nano 1st gen.
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    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    Looks classy, good fine!
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    I love this cover I bought

    This one was posted yesterday with pictures, even though I have the apple case I liked the way the Macally looked so I ordered one, heck I'am already broke!
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    Thinnest folio style case (like apple case) with latch

    Thanks for the pictures, hope you will post back and tell us how tightly the ipad fits in the case. I have the apple case which this case you have purchase seems to be an improvement on. You answered the question seems good to go.
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    love apple more than girls

    Let's keep things in perspective now! girls vs way!!
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Have the apple case, and like it a lot, but will probaly will get another to switch to now and then.
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    Iphoto for iPad

    Sounds good to me, I like iPhoto on my Mac.
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    Hello, all!

    Hello, and welcome to the forum.
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    Newbie from California

    Hello neighbor, plenty of apples at your house.
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    First Look: Pairing the new 2010 17 inch MacBook Pro with iPad

    Nice toys thanx for the pictures.
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    Slow Internet surfing

    Downloading updates from itunes can be painfuly slow, hate to think when I have thirty or forth apps and they all want to be updated.:(
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    New iPad Owner Here

    Welcome to the forum. I wonder what's the most purchased version of the ipad here on the Forum?
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    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    Can you imagine what the 3rd or 4th gen. of the ipad might look like? we can take a cue from the first Nano, I only wish I could hold it better while playing a game, how about some portable Love Handles.
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    ipad does charge using usb

    I have my ipad connected to my imac so no usb problems, however when using a pc sometimes there's always one port on a tower that acts up, system usb cards can go bad at times requiring them to be replaced.
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    Fancy An iPad Stand for $0.69?

    Used for reading documents, small books while using the pc, lightweight, sturdy, and folds. <FORM id=mainSkuForm name=addToCartForm action=/catalog/ method=post jQuery1271339291671="73" sizset="266" sizcache="78" nodeIndex="1" cM1="3"> Showcase http:// Printable reviews...
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    Printing on the iPad Solved

    Great! that should do it.:)
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    Apple case in another case

    Hi, you might find something here you like. IPad Incase Product
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    Fancy An iPad Stand for $0.69?

    Bought this stand at Office depot. Hope it uploads.
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    ipad does charge using usb

    Not all usb ports are equal in redgards to supplying power to peripherals, sometimes utilizing a port in the back of the pc rather than the front will solve the problem. A powered usb adapter can work wonders also.
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    I've a 16gig and used it for hours without any overheating issues.