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  1. Wreybies


    I have a very beloved little 2nd gen iPod Touch. It still serves me very well for reading (and writing) on the go. I make use of Notebooks for the little iPod Touch and also on my iPad for writing and that app syncs both devices to each other and gorgeously across the cloud to Scrivener on my Mac.
  2. Wreybies

    No, but seriously. I thought marshmallows grew on trees until I was 13. No lie. It was the...

    No, but seriously. I thought marshmallows grew on trees until I was 13. No lie. It was the fault of a skit I saw on either Sesame Street or The Electric Company about a marshmallow farm as a wee lad and the misinformation never got corrected because my mom never bought us marshmallows. I'm...
  3. Wreybies

    iSwipe (A Swype-Like Keyboard!)

    This swypie things is like switching to a Dvorak for me. Sounds like such a good idea, too bad my fingers are long since hardwired for the old way.
  4. Wreybies

    Ibooks crashes !! Will i / have i lost the files ?? What about re install...?

    On your iPad go to the Settings app and then from the left-hand column of options go to General and from within General go to About.
  5. Wreybies

    Would you buy an iPad if you could never JB?

    Without a doubt. When I made the purchase of the my shiny, slick, handheld Porsche-in-a-box, jailbreaking was not one of the thoughts going through my mind.
  6. Wreybies

    How to restart I books on Ipad

    Thanks for this. ;) Given that 75% of my iPad use is via iBooks I am truly (seriously, no sarcasm) stumped that I never realized that the status bar was an active tool. I thought it was just a passive display. :o .......Yeah.......Well...... What can I say? I thought marshmallows grew...
  7. Wreybies

    Ibooks crashes !! Will i / have i lost the files ?? What about re install...?

    Disenjailbreakification complete and now my book is all good. I gave it a thorough run-through lest I have to take back my words as before, and the problem seems to be truly resolved.
  8. Wreybies

    Ibooks crashes !! Will i / have i lost the files ?? What about re install...?

    Um, ok. iPad 1st gen, 64gb WIFI iOS 4.3.3 And yeah, I made sure to close up everything and rebooted to remove anything else that might try to hog the stage from my book. The last variable to remove is the Redsn0w jailbreak. As in the past with other jailbreaks I have done, I had fun for a...
  9. Wreybies

    Ibooks crashes !! Will i / have i lost the files ?? What about re install...?

    Ok, so I tried this and it seems to work, but... I also thought to remove two other books which I had downloaded in sample form. The book in question that was crashing was also originally downloaded in sample form. I bought the book from within the sample which was my first wariness. The...
  10. Wreybies

    Ibooks crashes !! Will i / have i lost the files ?? What about re install...?

    Are there any known issues with heavily illustrated ebooks? I recently made the purchase of a perennial favorite of mine, An Illustrated Guide To David Brin's Uplift Universe by David Brin and Kevin Lenaugh. Yeah.... It crashes iBooks with a resolve that is tenacious. It is the only book that...
  11. Wreybies

    Is it worth to buy Avatar from itunes

    I don't really think anyone can answer this question given that value is a very relative thing. A movie which I may think to be outstanding might only evince a wrinkled nose in others.
  12. Wreybies

    iTunes fuera de los Estados Unidos.

    Hay cosas que tienen sentido y hay cosas que no tienen. El hecho de que no puedo conectar la cuenta con BPPR a iTunes es una de esas cosas que no tiene sentido. Me he acostumbrado a la idea de que Puerto Rico será por siempre un lugar en el limbo. Cuando hago compras de eBay tengo que preguntar...
  13. Wreybies

    What is the battery life like on your Pocketbook 360? I've not seen this device before until...

    What is the battery life like on your Pocketbook 360? I've not seen this device before until you mentioned it, and the size is a serious +.
  14. Wreybies

    Bienvenidos... Donde vives?

    Hola! Vivo en Puerto Rico en la ciudad de Caguas. Nací en Aguadilla pero viví toda mi vida en los Estados Unidos, y hace cinco años me mudé a Puerto Rico. Trabajo como intérprete y traductor para el gobierno federal.
  15. Wreybies

    iPad + separate dedicated ebook reader?

    So, been thinking that I want to get a separate, dedicated ebook reader like a Kindle or a Nook for a few reasons, not least of which is the undeniable truth that the screens on these dedicated readers are much easier on the eye than the iPad for long reading sessions. Also, I would feel a...
  16. Wreybies

    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    My sense of humor doesn't always explain well...... :o Anywho.... I'm Wreybies everywhere I go in cyberland.
  17. Wreybies

    Fav Music

    It loses a lot in a straight translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English, but she is basically singing to someone about the fact that she is a backwoods girl, from the country, simple and devout in her way, but that she buys the paper to know what is going on the world. The idea being not...
  18. Wreybies

    Fav Music

    Assuming this was at me....
  19. Wreybies

    Fav Music

    Agreed. I have a fair representation in my iTunes library of everything mentioned and some others that do not fit into these categories given that these categories are culturally dependent. I chose "other". Right now I am in a deeply intense auditory love affair with Mônica Salmaso.
  20. Wreybies

    How to apply a screen protector?

    Not outside. This trickie no workie. I do generally keep my brightness pretty dim when indoors which has more to do with old habits from my time in the service and the "dark rooms' we worked in, but out of doors the reflection from my screen is the one and only "minus" I give to the device...
  21. Wreybies

    How to apply a screen protector?

    So, please know that I am not a complete australopithecine. I'm a fairly handy fellah', but applying a screen protector to the iPad has been a very frustrating affair. I have tried it three times. Each time the result looks like I made the attempt after two martinis and three Percocet. I...
  22. Wreybies

    Strangest Place you found wifi??

    From the pool in my condo complex. Not too strange, agreed, but the pool lies at a significant distance from any of the condos. Just not a place I expected to get any reception, even if someone were to leave their router unsecured. Discovered later that it's one of the bennies of where I...
  23. Wreybies

    Those AntiPaders!

    ROFLMAO :D That was unexpectedly "in my bedroom" but so on point.
  24. Wreybies

    Where are you from?

    See the red dot? There. ;)
  25. Wreybies

    Since j/b, Youtube links treated as Flash...

    Cha-ching! That was it! :D The website I use for my work to access my schedules (Impact 360) was designed by Fred Flintstone's retarded older brother and only recognizes IE and Netscape; thus, I have been spoofing the user agent in order to access it from my iPad and also my Mac. I had...
  26. Wreybies

    Since j/b, Youtube links treated as Flash...

    So, I only jailbroke my iPad the other day (wanted dedicated video out to my TV) and since the j/b I have noticed that links in internet land that direct me to Youtube videos are being treated as if they were Flash video and getting the same cold shoulder as Flash. Anyone else? If you go the...
  27. Wreybies

    The whole "it's a giant iPod Touch" thing....

    Ok, this is a line of reasoning that I can at least agree is valid. I know that upon reading many reviews of the device prior to purchase, many of which were from significantly more tech-savvy individuals than myself, I know that the expectation was quite high, given the price tag. So...
  28. Wreybies

    The whole "it's a giant iPod Touch" thing....

    Parody video = Frakking hilarious! :D ....... because it's a little truer than comfort would care for...... :o
  29. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    So, I spent the extra $2.99 (US) during my lunch to try out Display Out vs. TVOut2 and Display Out won hands down. Much sharper picture with Display Out.
  30. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    Well, it did not work for me, but knowing that I'm not the only one does at least give me some peace of mind that it was not operator error on my part. No worries, GreyWolf. :) You took the time to try to help me and for that I am appreciative. I did finally simply install the TVOut2 app to...
  31. Wreybies

    Admit it!

    Simple game. Post something to which the next poster must admit yes or no to having done with their iPad. Next poster answers and then posts their own question. Admit it! You have played Star Trek with your iPad.
  32. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    Where? Perhaps this is why I have not managed to get the hack to work.... I did slide the function on in the k4ap.plist file, but I did not know there was a slide in the setting to be slid on as well....
  33. Wreybies

    Forum Chat?

    Not that I am aware of, but I do not think a forum like this would have such an area. Given the nature of the topic (iPads) there are certain trains of conversation that might come up which have to be guarded against. Piracy and the like. That would be really hard to do in a chatbox. I say...
  34. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    Just popped into eBay to have a look for this item, and yes! I live out in the sticks of Puerto Rico so I feel a little isolated sometimes from modern progress. LOL :D
  35. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    ..... there is an HDMI connector? This exists?
  36. Wreybies

    What series do you follow / like / love / hate...

    I've been watching Game of Thrones as of late, though the gratuitous male/female full frontal is becoming, well.... gratuitous. They canned SG:U just when I was getting good and addicted. From the other side of the pond I am still quite fond of being human. The U.S. version, of course...
  37. Wreybies

    Icelandic Singer Björk to Release New Album Biophilia as 10 iPad Apps

    Björk rocks the very foundations of the Earth! The elder Norse gods sit in obeisance when she takes her mighty microphone into hand and sings new portions of the Universe into being from the nothingness. She is the opening act at Ragnarök and the Rainbow Bridge leads to the afterparty at her...
  38. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    Ok, so finished jailbreaking the iPad with RedSn0w and then followed the instructions to the letter. Yeah, the iFile cost four bucks, but whatever. Totally negligible given how much easier it was to get where I wanted to get within the iPad than with Fugu. Everything was precisely where you...
  39. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    Ah..... understood. I just reread your instructions which I now see seem to make it clear that iFile is running on my actual iPad, not a program on my Mac. Do I have this correct? Because if that is the case, that is better. Fugu was sometimes a bit of a pain and it means being tethered to...
  40. Wreybies

    TVOut with J/B

    Ok, this is str8 forward enough. So, just to be clear, the end result should be that when I plug my iPad into my audio/video cable connector thingy to my TV, I will get iPad on screen on the TV no matter what I am doing or app which is running? Yes? :) P.S. In the past I have used Fugu, not...