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    Quickoffice pro hd- doesnt show whole document only first and last page,why?

    The Quickoffice Care team should be able to help you. The new help site is Quickoffice Support
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    File too big message

    Issue has been resolved! The issue has been resolved with the latest update! Quickoffice® Pro HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    Quickoffice pro hd or documents to go premium or others

    I use Quickoffice, and they recently released a new update with more sharing partners. Here's a recent review that Quickoffice often recommends: 2011 iPad Office apps showdown: Who says you can't work on the go? | ZDNet The app lets you create new docs--the user guide is on their support site...
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    File too big message

    Quickoffice now has this information posted on their support site regarding this error message: Quickoffice - Support Center
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    Quickoffice Help

    Quickoffice is taking votes for resizing multiple columns or rows at once here: Resize multiple rows/columns - Quickoffice for iPad - Quickoffice Ideas - by IdeaScale
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    Syncing Docs

    The user guide for Quickoffice for iPad can be found on the Quickoffice website: Quickoffice Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad It includes instructions for transferring files via WiFi and via iTunes. Hope this helps!
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    quickoffice hd help

    I'd recommend contacting Quickoffice through their Facebook or Twitter pages. Quickoffice | Facebook quickoffice (quickoffice) on Twitter
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    DocstoGo Premium Version

    Quickoffice for iPad Here's a link to Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad in iTunes: Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store There's more information about the app and a user guide on the Quickoffice site: Quickoffice Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite...
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    File too big message

    I would recommend contacting Quickoffice through Facebook or Twitter if you have not received a response from their support team - that doesn't sound like them. They're usually quick to get back.
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    Quickoffice shuts down when editing text

    There is a Quickoffice update for iOS 4.2 coming soon that should fix the issues you've been experiencing on your iPads. :-) You can get more information at
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    Problem with quickoffice

    Getting help with Quickoffice The best way to get assistance with Quickoffice is to visit the support site: You can submit a ticket there 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and one of the Customer Care reps will get back to you to help you.