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  1. Unkei

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    I did a lot of research on Apple Pencil Holders and most offerings seemed to be lacking in one or more areas. What I decided on was a product called the Ztylus Slim Apple Pencil Case. It is available in both black and silver and is machined of aircraft grade aluminum. It adds only minimum...
  2. Unkei

    Affinity Photo for Ipad

    I have Affinity Photo and actually bought the 10.5 inch iPad Pro 512 GB and Apple Pencil just to be able to use it. I have PS CS6 Stand Alone (Refuse to pay Adobes ridiculous subscription mode) , first on an iMac and now on an HP, and use a Wacom wireless tablet with it. But I don’t particularly...
  3. Unkei

    What are you reading now?

    Sevenses By Neal Stephenson Unkei
  4. Unkei

    Apps designed for the iPad Pro

    Affinity Photo Unkei
  5. Unkei

    Craziest Reason To Buy iPad Pro!

    Yeah..I actually have a Wacom Tablet..a smaller one with the wireless kit. Had the huge Intuos 4 Wacom but actually gave it away as it was so large I never used it! And I have Splashtop Remote which I could use to work with Photoshop, but it was always very laggy. Is that even a word? LOL...
  6. Unkei

    Craziest Reason To Buy iPad Pro!

    Craziest Reason To Buy An iPad Pro I bought my new 10.5 inch iPad Pro so I could run a $20 app! I dabble fairly deeply in photography and use Photoshop CS6 on my desktop. Till now, I had not considered any mobile app to have enough depth to do proper PP on a mobile platform. That all changed...
  7. Unkei

    Deleting Apps From Screens

    Thanks scifan57, That did the trick. Not sure how that button got turned off, but since I am the only one using the Mini....I have to be the guilty party. I thought maybe the new ios just worked differently! LOL! Thanks again, Unkei
  8. Unkei

    Deleting Apps From Screens

    I recently updated the ios on my iPad Mini to 9.1. With the previous ios, when I wanted to delete an app or bookmark from one of the screens, I just held a finger on one of the icons till they all started blinking. I then held my finger down on the one I wished to delete, and it would ask if I...
  9. Unkei

    Speaker Mike for iPad Mini

    Thanks twerppoet, Guess I'll just have to stick with the built in mike and speaker. Oh well! As to the HamSphere software, that's what prompted my XYL and I to get our Technician Licences. The subcription price includes both HamSphere 3 and HamSphere 4. The 3 version is easy to use and busy on...
  10. Unkei

    Speaker Mike for iPad Mini

    Thanks scifan57. Guess what I want is just a wireless mike/speaker combo that does not make use of a separate speaker. The speakers on the Mini are more than adequate for my needs..I don't play music on it. Also don't want a table mike as they just don't work well with the HamSphere Software...
  11. Unkei

    Speaker Mike for iPad Mini

    Hello All, I'm looking for a wireless speaker mike for my mini, which I can use with the HamSphere App. I do not want a headset! Already have one. This would be like a police walkie mike, but with the ability to use with the iPad Mini. Does such a creature exist? I don't want to plug anything...
  12. Unkei

    Music App Problem

    Thanks twerppoet, That seems to have fixed the problem! Now my dear one is no longer raising caine with me! Again..Thank You! David
  13. Unkei

    Music App Problem

    hi all, My wife has my old iPad Mini. She likes to watch TV and Movies with the TWC App. Problem is, the Music App, which cannot be deleted, keeps popping up as she is watching TWC, with cover art and music from U2. This is nothing we have ever purchased and would never listen to. Is there a way...
  14. Unkei

    WiFi or cellular Mini? What did you purchase...?

    Hey y2kgtp, Having had run ins with Verizon and being told I was locked into their service (a lie by the way!), Best Buy recommended a Sprint Hotspot with limited data plan, (I use data only for taking credit cards for my small business). So I did that and got the Hotspot for free with purchase...
  15. Unkei

    Photos with iPad Mini Camera

    Thanks teralpar! Unkei
  16. Unkei

    Photos with iPad Mini Camera

    I use mine for photos when I don't want to haul out my Canon EOS60D DSLR for just one or two pics. Here is a photo I took the other day on our deck, of a Praying Mantis.
  17. Unkei

    iPad Mini will not accept my wireless internet password

    Hey dvitale300, I love my Mini too! Much easier to haul around and easier to handle when watching movies and reading in bed. When I couldn't get the internet to work on it for a few days, I took the regular iPad upstairs and it's just too heavy! Much easier with the Mini. If I fell asleep with...
  18. Unkei

    iPad Mini will not accept my wireless internet password

    Hi all, Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I had a chance to get to our local Apple Store and they reset everything and identified 5 Apps that might be interfering. I can now sign on my home network with my password and while the connection drops out on the rare occasion, everything is...
  19. Unkei

    iPad Mini will not accept my wireless internet password

    Hi, Thanks for your replies. To AQ-OC, I tried both reset network settings and reset all settings. Neither worked but reset all settings doesn't wipe the iPad, just returns any settings previously changed back to factory default. Still no luck with my correct password. To kellyjdrummer, the...
  20. Unkei

    iPad Mini will not accept my wireless internet password

    Hi all, I have a home wireless network which is password protected. I have the iPad Mini, a 3rd Gen iPad, an iMac, an iPod Touch, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and a Kindle HD Fire. Everything will connect to my network except the Mini. When I try to connect it, I am asked for my network password...
  21. Unkei

    I have a wifi mini, now im considering cellular. Opinions?

    Hi there, In my humble opinion get the wifi model and buy a $99 Sprint hotspot. It will offer cheaper data plans, and you will not have to choose which (flavor) of cellular model to buy, then find you are tied to their service. And if you do anyway, don't let them tell you that you can't get...
  22. Unkei

    Love the Mini

    Hi cinderbob, I've owned every iPad but the last. I found that the Retina display on he 3rd Gen was not necessary for me and I'm 65. I have purchased the iPad Mini, and find it works great for me. Easier to take with me and easier to use in bed for reading, and web surfing. If I need a larger...
  23. Unkei

    iPad is not a Note taking device

    I have the Zagg Bluetooth keyboard/case and find note taking and even working on magazine articles and book chapters a breeze. I don't bother using the Zagg for a case, just the keyboard. I also have a folding Bluetooth keyboard from Palm, which works as well and is a bit easier to carry. I...
  24. Unkei

    Uploading Pic with iPad2

    Hi all, Fairly new here, but been fooling with computers since The Two Steves Worked in their Garage! I have an original iPad and an iPad2. Problem is, when trying to upload pic from Photos such as for avatars etc...I am unsuccessful. Must sign onto a forum from my Desktop or Laptop to browse...
  25. Unkei

    Ver 4 folders

    Thanks... That does the job! Unkei
  26. Unkei


    With the ver4 upgrade,can new folders be added to the email mailboxes? Thanks for any help, Unkei
  27. Unkei

    Ver 4 folders

    Supposedly one can create folders to consolidate apps. How do I do so? Unkei