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  1. mslammers

    Charging problems.

    One thlng to remember is the charging current from the desktop USB may be very low. Also, it is low voltage. Hence any dust or dirt on the connections could stop or seriously slow the current flow. Try cleaning with a bit of alcohol [cord and charger only and not connected of course. Let dry and...
  2. mslammers

    Battery problem with ipad2?

    I had a similar problem, except after downloading iOS5 [and that seemed to go smoothly], my iPad2 [nearing the end of its first 8 months or so] now discharges from 100% to 2% over night. Over night being about 12 hours. That includes activating the "power down switch" I thing iOS5 turned lots...
  3. mslammers

    Syncing Photos to My MacBook Pro

    For some reason, my iPad keeps trying to sync all of the photos on my iPad to my MBP. I turned off the Photo sync but it still keeps trying. What am I missing?
  4. mslammers

    Battery life

    Has anyone found an Apple app similar to the Win app that ASUS built that raised the amps through the USB port?
  5. mslammers

    iPad 2 durability?

    I have a WP7 by Samsung [the Focus] and it has Gorilla Glass. I am not surprised to hear that the IP2 has Gorilla Glass. When my iP2 arrives [supposed to be the EOM or so since I am getting it from an Apple Authorized Reseller, nearest Apple Store is 50 miles away], I plan to only use the Apple...
  6. mslammers

    Your Predictions for iPad 2

    After I closed out without the Shocker, I remembered Gorilla Glass. Then no one will have to worry about a screen cover. I don't anyhow, but having GG on my WP7 Samsung Focus [Yeah!!], I would expect it to show up on Apple products next versions, phone and pad.
  7. mslammers

    Smart Phone & iPad

    I have WP7 Samsung Focus. I use for gmail, gmail calendar, photos, camera, calling, contact list, news, PDF, Kindle Reader, calculator, level, Netflix, OneNote, Word, Excel, minor photo edits, weather, weather radar, ToDoList, Voice Recorder, Yellow Pages, YouTube. Probably more to come. Of...
  8. mslammers

    Apple Has Started iPad 2 Production According to Sources

    I understand if you wear rubber gloves so it doesn't slip, you can use the iPad as a canoe paddle during flooded times. :)
  9. mslammers

    iPad 3 in September?

    I just saw a license plate that said IP4 so it is probably iPad 4 that is coming in Sept. They wouldn't let it be on a license if it was just a RUMOR
  10. mslammers

    Complex iPad Passcode

    If you would like to have a complex passcode, check here. It worked for me. Sorry if this is a repeat posting. I hadn't seen it before. Turn off simple Passcode on your iPhone for better security – iPhone 101 series
  11. mslammers

    iPad to iPad2 conversion

    I plan to get an iPad 2 and give my iPad to my son-in-law/grandchildren [3]. My plan is to give them the free apps [show them how to get them] and transfer my photography apps to my new iPad2. Is this doable? What would be the procedure [assuming that the iPad apps will run on the iPad2]...
  12. mslammers

    Will you upgrade to the iPad2?

    I really need the [hopefully planned] increased memory. I already have RAW format photos in the 22-30 MB range and piRAWnha seems to be memory limited to somewhere under 20 MB. I know 15 MB works but my 21+ MB ones crash the program. I am sure there will be other enhancements and I can move my...
  13. mslammers

    Speculation Mounts that the iPad 2 Will Launch in US on April 2nd or 9th

    How about the RAM memory size? Can we count on at least a 512MB RAM space? I am having some problems with large photos in RAW format using piRAWnha to work on large [30MB] RAW Canon files.
  14. mslammers

    Disguised for public transport

    Go to a Staples and get a Mini-notebook case like would hold an Acer. Often on sale. I got one for $13. If you can find one with handles that would be good. Get Black and you can find them in nylon or other strong fabric and zip closure.
  15. mslammers

    Some one in are family does not want a ipad

    Hey iPaders, You can hook up an iPad keyboard w/bluetooth. Also the standard Mac bluetooth keyboard works as well. I have one since I didn't need the iPad version. I am sure you know the above, so I use this occasion to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  16. mslammers

    Some one in are family does not want a ipad

    nec209, What you want is a Laptop. An iPad won't do. It will likely never have the items you want. Maybe a few, but nowhere all of those you specify.
  17. mslammers

    Delete full mailbox

    Is there any way to delete all the items in a mailbox rather than checking individual mail items and then deleting?
  18. mslammers

    Official iPad Owners List

    Other than some form of "ego stroking" what is this "list" good for? 64 GB iPad, no 3G
  19. mslammers

    Google Reader vs. Amazon Reader, Apple Reader etc.

    Has anyone else tried out the Google App for ebook obtaining and reading? I have and find it much like the Amazon Reader and Apple Reader. [big surprise :D]. I haven't tried the nook reader to compare but would expect it to be in the same class. One thing I haven't tried is epub format.
  20. mslammers

    The Truth about the Ipad

    I guess that is why he should be more careful with his posts. :D I thought that Fatal referred to the design elements. You are probably right. His mixture of "texting" spelling and grammar is pretty amateur writing.
  21. mslammers

    I am baking TWO cakes! Wanna slice?

    I will send you my address if you would FedEx some slices so they get here without spoiling. :)
  22. mslammers

    The Truth about the Ipad

    Second comment to FatalDesain, You say AT&T is raping "some people" and 16 GB is plenty. I too have about 30+ GB loaded with very little music, mostly apps and photos. Remember that no one is demanding that anyone get 3G. Sorry, I couldn't help commenting on this too.
  23. mslammers

    The Truth about the Ipad

    Dear FatalDesain, Is Desain even a word? Did you mean Design? I suspect that most of us are glad you gave up. Like "deckyon" I had a long rebuttal post ready but decided not to waste anyone else's time reading, not to mention server space. I felt I had to say a bit though. P.S. The first...
  24. mslammers

    Opinions on 4.2.1

    I really agree on the cluttered view. I like the folders too even though they are limited. The so called "multitasking" is not really multitasking but nearly so. The restart of a "closed" app is much faster in general. I can understand why some are still wishing for Airplay and AirPrint, but...
  25. mslammers

    Guide to 4.2.1

    Has anyone seen or created a Guide to iOs 4.2.1?
  26. mslammers

    iOS v4.2 Update Begins to Roll Out

    As near as I can tell, you can only "make" folders by stacking two apps. What you can't do is "make" an empty folder that you can then put things into. I tried making a "folder" by stacking two apps and that worked. I then removed one of the apps and the folder was removed and the two apps were...
  27. mslammers

    You know what's awesome?

    The Home button probably has more cycles than we will need in the life of the iPad. It depends on the type of switch. Since it has such a short throw, it might be a bellevile washer switch. Those normally have millions of cycles life.
  28. mslammers

    Any easy way to really close an app in 4.2.1?

    I must have missed the memo on where one sees the taskbar. Help? Now I see: Double click the home button. Sigh, getting older I guess.
  29. mslammers

    4.2--Not Today, Maybe Tuesday

    Frozen I would be on my hands and knees, frozen in place. We will enjoy looking at your photos though. :)
  30. mslammers

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Since we have 121 Beatles songs already, I synced them to my iPad. When I use my Bose sound canceling earphones, they sound great too. Of course, that doesn't make SJ happy, but .........
  31. mslammers

    Newbie question on how to listen to music

    If you have loaded an iTune, then you can play it on the iPod app.
  32. mslammers

    Can you hook up any keyboard to the iPad?

    I got the Apple generic Bluetooth and it works great. Cheaper than the iPad Bluetooth version too.
  33. mslammers

    iOS 4.2 GM - 8C134b

    Waiting somewhat impatiently. I would rather wait and do something fun than spend my time debugging a BETA s/w. To those who like this stuff, thanks for your efforts.
  34. mslammers

    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    While I believe my Kindle DX is superior for much/most of my reading needs, the Kindle is a "one trick pony" while the iPad lets me shift from reading to many other functions and back rather seamlessly. Of course I have the Kindle App and can access any of my Kindle "based" books [not ones that...
  35. mslammers

    any free video converter for ipad?

    Free Converter I am not sure about full length movies [pretty sure not DRMs] but Aleesoft Free iPad Converter works for me on some HDs I have made. Price is right too. :)
  36. mslammers

    iOS 4.2 latest update release news

    4.2--Not Today, Maybe Tuesday iPhoneHellas reports that iOS 4.2 will be out "maybe Tuesday." Those on hunger watch can get a bite to eat so they can get through the weekend. :);)
  37. mslammers

    How long will you wait to upgrade to iOS 4.2?

    Wait?? As little time as possible.
  38. mslammers

    Can a 16GB iPad be upgraded to 32/64?

    "Sounding like a dummy probably" What/how is an external wifi stick an answer to the shortage of memory?
  39. mslammers

    Photos are HUGE when emailed

    I knew I would forget what I once knew about TIFF and JPEG. Probably you would be better off searching using Google for each term. I think the size on the other end MAY have to do with what the s/w does that "they" are using. Some s/w automatically opens the photo file to 100% unless "they"...
  40. mslammers

    Why does apple block what the iPad can do?

    The Windows/Linux PC environment illustrates what happens with an open system. Some good/some bad. Apple has pretty much had a closed system from the beginning. If the device can only run "supplied" software and use certified devices, then the service/repair/upgrade loop becomes much easier to...