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    Long RPG Type Games?

    Is there any long games that have rpg elements in them? I'm looking for an rpg type of game where the max level is like 100 or more. Something that i can play off and on that takes a lot of time. thank you!
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    Inotia 3 for Ipad Identifying Items?

    So I recently bought inotia 3 for my ipad but it wont let me identify the items (armor, weapons etc). So how do i identify the weapons and armor that i pick up? I have the identifying thing but when i place it on the piece of armor/weapon that i want to identify nothing happens. So how exactly...
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    Good RPG Games?

    yeah your correct, thats what i ment. I looked up the games that cliffk said on the app store and wondered why I couldnt find any of them. LOL
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    Possible to use Iphone Apps For Ipad?

    Awesome Thank You :D
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    Possible to use Iphone Apps For Ipad?

    Is it possible to use apps for the iphone on the ipad? There's a trivia game that i want to get but its only available for the iphone. :( thanks
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    Should I buy an ipad? pros/cons

    I love my ipad, before I had one I didn't see what the big deal was about it. It makes every day tasks in life a lot faster. I'm a college student so I can also put books on it as well. For traveling I can take it with me and have some fun with it (playing games etc). Now that I have an ipad I...
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    Help how do you get back space?

    thanks and I got it from my ipad. Typically it wouldnt bug me much but since im just testing out game demos and other apps I dont want my space to get wasted. There's a long list of stuff that I want to buy for my ipad but I dont want deleted demos to take away from that space. Thanks again Tim...
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    Help how do you get back space?

    So after downloading a few game demos I noticed that my space was decreasing. So as a result I deleted some of the games i downloaded. However I didn't get the space back. So how do I get the space back after deleting some of the game demos? Thanks
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    How low do you let your ipad battery get before charging?

    I let it get to 5 precent before I charge it. I usually don't charge it until the battery is about to be out of juice. i think since getting my ipad i've only charged it once, or twice. I've had it for almost a week.
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    Friends for Bakery Story

    add me my id is Ally623
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    Good RPG Games?

    What are some good rpg games to get free or not? I tried pocket legends but didnt like it much. thanks
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    Do I Have to Update the Ipad?

    Hey Tim nice to hear from you too. Thanks for the help. :) Glad to know I don't have to worry about the update. Whatever the ipad shipped with that's the one I have. Maybe it was 4.1, don't know, not the best with electronics. Thanks again and have fun with your ipad too.
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    Settlers Game Not Downloading Help!

    Thanks everyone, and I have a wifi only ipad. The download finally finished downloading, took a little over an hour to finish.
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    Do I Have to Update the Ipad?

    I know that there's an update for the ipad right now, i think its like 4.something. Anyways since I'm unable to get it (very very slow internet and constant time outs), do I have to have it for my ipad to work? Also do certain apps require the update in order to use them? thank you
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    Settlers Game Not Downloading Help!

    So I'm trying to download the demo of settlers, but it's not downloading. The little blue bar that shows the download has been in the same spot for almost an hour and it hasnt moved. Is there anyway to cancel the download or to see if its even downloading? thanks
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    Looking For A Game, Dont know the name?

    Thanks but I think I might of found the game i was looking for. I think the game I was looking for is called Zen Bound. Thanks you for the help though. :)
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    Looking For A Game, Dont know the name?

    I was watching youtube videos about games on the ipad. I saw a game for the ipad that had a rope and a wooden block, looked like a puzzle game. Anyways there was no name of the game on the video I saw. Does anyone know of an ipad game that sounds similar to what I described? From the video I...
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    Friends for tradenations

    add me Celinedion1
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    Need friends for Farm Story

    add me Ally623
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    Treasure Story! Need neighbors!

    add me Ally623
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    Favorite free games?

    What's everyones favorite free games? Mine are: Trade nations Treasure story Farm story
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    New To The Ipad Exiting Games?

    How do you exit out of the games that your playing on them? Do you just push the home button to exit out of a game or is there a quit button on the game? Thank you ps: sorry if thats a stupid question, just want to make sure im actually exiting out of the games and not having them be open in...
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    What Do The Differen App Symbols Mean?

    So I just recently got my ipad and have downloaded a few apps. I know that the x symbol is to delete an app. However what does a number in upper right hand corner of the app mean? It's really odd, I downloaded a free calculator for my ipad and now theres a little number in the uper right corner...
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    Best free scientifc calculator app?

    What's The best free scientific calculator app? Thanks
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    Help App with number?

    I just downloaded a free calculator app and it has a number in the right corner. does anyone know what a number means after a app downloads? Thank you
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    Need Help Cant Update Ipad

    Yes i have the latest version of itunes
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    Need Help Cant Update Ipad

    Well i've been trying since yesterday to update my ipad. However each time when I get a little ways into the download a message pops up telling me that the connection has timed out. I have really slow DSL internet (speed 416 outgoing, 500ish incoming) and am thinking that may be one of the...
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    Got an ipad, question about downloading

    So today i got my ipad and i love it. However I think i have a problem when I download apps. Whenever I download apps they always go to the 2nd screen not the main one. Is this a default setting or is something wrong with my iPad? Also how do i get my apps to download on the main screen first...
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    Buying ipad soon, warrenty?

    I'll be buying an ipad soon probably within the next week, so before I buy one I have a question. I know that apple gives you a year warrenty and there's a extended warrenty that you can buy from apple. My question is can you buy the extended warrenty any time within the first year of owning...
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    Zen Garden in Plants vs Zombies?

    Does the ipad version of plants vs zombies have a zen garden? thanks