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  1. Bracken

    Word puzzle games

    Puzzlejuice is one that has got me hooked. It's not a straight word game, but has elements of tetris and a word search mixed. It is pretty challenging and nerve racking. Like leelai said, seven little words is great. Thank god they put in a free puzzle a day, the in app purchases add up...
  2. Bracken

    Audio mixer app

    Correct me if I'm wrong ipadders, but I don't believe the iPad will handle more than one stereo input. What are you using as an interface?
  3. Bracken

    What are you currently playing now? :)

    Just finished Across Ages. Sort of reminiscent of secret of mana, but much shorter and no storyline comparatively. Before that was pocket rpg, which was fun but short.
  4. Bracken

    From all of you...welcome

    Hey just wanted to say whenever I was google troubleshooting my iPad, this site was a great resource. I finally registered, so to the collective, thanks for all of your help.