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    Cannot log into imessages app

    Since its been long time since i have used this app, it is requiring me to login with my apple id and password to verify. But when i put password and click done it gives me back the same page saying login or create a new account (it is not saying username or password incorrect). I am updating...
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    Songs used in Nightclub

    Nightclub Story is made by Team Lava. I dont think they will provide the names of the music but you can try contacting them using this email. Good luck!
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    How transfer purchased apps from one ipad to another?

    Sure i will try that.. I also play restaurant story, bakery story which are online games.. If you know anything about do you think restarting the ipad to factory settings will wipe off the of these games? I doubt it since they store data on company's server but thought i should make sure with...
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    How transfer purchased apps from one ipad to another?

    Since i have already setup a new account in the new ipad can i still recover the old apple id in new ipad using itunes or any other method?
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    How transfer purchased apps from one ipad to another?

    I have two iPad 2s. On first iPad is 16 GB and i have lot of bought apps in that. Due to small hard drive i want to transfer them to ipad 64 gb. I did transfer some of the games via itunes. But some games such as cooking dash, burger bustle are not being recognized as bought apps when i hit...