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    3 questions from a n00b

    sorry about the limited info. yes the ipad is on 5.1 it has a few paid apps that i would like to keep on there any other info i should provide when asking this question? judging by what you said redsn0w would be my best bet. thank you for the info. i appreciate it a lot.
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    3 questions from a n00b

    1st regarding jailbreaking the ipad 1. on 5.1 redsn0w or sn0wbreeze 2nd will i lose apps while jailbreaking. if so is there a way to back them up 3rd. i know that the only jailbreak for 5.1 is tethered. do i need to be tethered when waking from a sleep state? or just from full power off
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    Downgrading iPad 1 running 5.1 to 4.3.5

    wow i thought motorola was the only one that did things like that.
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    sorry n00b question

    how can i tell if i have an ipad 1 or an ipad 2
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    new to this forum and new to the ios

    hello all. i am a n00b when it comes to the ios. the last time i touched anything apple related was a macintosh with mac os7 on it. (yes i know it has been a long time lol) my girlfriend recently aquired an ipad. it has ios5.1 and i was wondering is there any way to do an un tethered jailbreak...
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    possible or not?

    i have seen videos on youtube and i would like to if anyone can confirm. a windows os. running virtualized on an i pad
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    new comer at this forum.

    hi i am new here please be kind. im an android user. but my girlfriend is getting an ipad soon:thumbs: