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  1. simontay78

    iPad live video INPUT

    I believe one day every video out/in will be wireless via WIFI or some other technology, the wait will be over pretty soon...when someone make a DSLR/Camera that can connect to WIFI and send video out to an IP address in 720p quality...then an App can open that video live via IP and do whatever...
  2. simontay78

    Omg tried everything help!

    Try the following Try press & hold the power button all the way for 15 seconds until the screen black out & apple logo should come back up....if this fails then follow the option below Before connecting to your computer via cable, press & hold the home button. connect cable and you should be...
  3. simontay78

    Chinese Youth Sells Kidney to Afford iPad 2

    First I sold my iPad 64GB WIFI only to get the iPad 32GB 3G Then I sold my iPad 32GB 3G and emptied my coins savings to get my iPad 2 32GB 3G Hmm maybe next I will probably sell my electric bicycle or something...but definitely not going to cut open myself to donate a kidney! Arhh The...
  4. simontay78

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Don't use the Youtube app in iPad instead go to the safari browser in your iPad and use the YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. instead to get High Quality video that way the video won't get compressed. That's one tip :D :D
  5. simontay78

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    Yes, it's worth it. I used to struggle with those worthless netbooks with 3G USB router...the sim card given to me when I signed a new SingNet broadband connection. Then comes iPad...with 3G! The minor problem is the sim card is too big...which is easy to solve...simple sim card cutter sold at...
  6. simontay78

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    29th April 2011, I waited for 3 hours at epicenter @ 313 then when it opened at 10am...waited another hour to go in... Finally gotten the iPad 2, 32GB WIFI with 3G! :ipad-keyboard: Immediately took the train to sim lim square to have it screen protected & housed with a proper $58 casing :D...
  7. simontay78

    Note Taking and Drawing in One App?

    you can use your fingers to "draw & write" however some apps allow u to type on the virtual keyboard or bluetooth keyboard :D Penultimate - don't seems to be able to type words but can have nice drawing like strokes that simulate pen PaperDesk, Note Taker HD I have too...
  8. simontay78

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I use my iPad for listening to tech podcast (free from usa itunes account), watch videos (youtube, dailymotion), play SNES-HD (Mario 3, Shadowrun etc), Show off to American tourist who asked me for direction in Singapore, Read RSS news from apps like "Pulse", "Early Edition", Check stock market...
  9. simontay78

    I have a Question about Putting YouTube videos on my iPhone

    1. jailbreak your iPhone or iPad using Spirit 2. go to cydia & install MXTube 3. use MXTube to search youtube videos & download inside 4. you can either use iFile or MXTube to view these videos :D
  10. simontay78

    Cases with magnets--problem for 3G?

    Oh no...I have a case full of magnets!! Faint!
  11. simontay78

    iPad live video INPUT

    WOW! iCam is wonderful! :D
  12. simontay78

    Think we will ever see a FF3 SNES port?

    Hehe I'm glad too :D
  13. simontay78

    Think we will ever see a FF3 SNES port?

    Hahaha Thanks! :D
  14. simontay78

    iPad users from Singapore

    My Boss & colleague theirs from USA but I found mine in Sim Lim Square 64GB + WIFI hehe :D I had been spending sleepless nights tinkering with it Muahahah :D I do review apps too hehe
  15. simontay78

    Think we will ever see a FF3 SNES port?

    I had tried SNES-HD with my iPad that uses my iPhone as a wireless control pad, good news is this cydia app also uses the volume buttons as L/R buttons too! :D I made a demo video on that too SNES-HD & TVOut 2 Combo
  16. simontay78

    Camera Connection Kit with HDD Camcorders

    I heard from a podcast that you need to create a new folder in your camcorder call "DCIM" Do share if this works
  17. simontay78

    hello everyone!

    Hey Thanks! :D
  18. simontay78

    hello everyone!

    Hi everybody! Simon Tay here from Singapore, local app reviewer for iPhone & iPad now studying on iPad development. Glad to be here! :3 enjoying my new iPad WIFI :D