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  1. John Spogg

    What apps to get first?

    My daughter is also aged six and is quite proficient with many of the apps. I've tried to balance the games with the many educational apps. Her favorites are: Coloring+ (paid app but well worth it) Temple run Pocket climb Monkey maths Math board Hangman I enjoy flipboard and iBooks Enjoy your...
  2. John Spogg

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    I'm in Adelaide, Australia.. I might just wait a bit. October sounds good. (Unless the majority can convince me it's a must have)
  3. John Spogg

    Where are you ipadding from?

    Keeping my wife company on her 2nd last chemo treatment
  4. John Spogg

    Best Stylus for the New iPad

    My favorite is a "Gecko" it's about 10cm long, nice and light with a good feel. My wife bought one which is also a ballpoint pen. I find hers just a bit too heavy.
  5. John Spogg

    Unable to Sync movie to iPad

    Well it's now been two weeks with my wi-fi iPad 3 (ios 5.1.1) and I've managed to find my way through most of it, however, I'm at a complete loss with this one. I've managed to sync music, books etc but can't get my movies over the pad. I've found some great tips on this site on converting...
  6. John Spogg

    iPad 2 extended warranty ?

    I'm interested also. This two week old ipad is my first Apple product and I'm told extended warranty can be purchased anytime within the first twelve months, however, I suspect dropping the unit might be the biggest risk.
  7. John Spogg

    What is your favourite iPad app?

    Calendar.. Synced to my phone and my wifes phone. Couldn't do without it Safari (of course) Temple run.. I've yet to beat my daughter. I've only had my pad a week so I'm interested in others thoughts
  8. John Spogg

    Newby alert..

    Hello.. Just got myself a new 32GB Wi-fi pad. I'm somewhat new to Apple, need a bit of help and this looks like the right place to start. I've been playing with PC's since mid 80's and have always been interested in technology. I'm now retired and got a little bit of time on my hands. Regards, John