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  1. s2mikey

    Today's problem!

    I think this resolved itself. Our iPads were doing this too the other day.
  2. s2mikey

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Lord the Rings: The Two Towers. Had this week off so it’s a good time to do the LOTR trilogy. Have Return of the King yet to go! We always watch the extended editions. In glorious 4K too. :)
  3. s2mikey

    Newest iPad Air 2020

    Just got my Air 4th gen a few days ago. Coming from a 6th gen base model. It’s a beast!
  4. s2mikey

    Will getting a new model iPad fix this issue?

    Yeah, I have a feeling that this is a lot of the issue. The iPad 2 was a great tablet but it’s getting up there in age now. Hardware eventually becomes more and more stressed as time passes. RAM has always been a sticky issue with iPads. The newest base model has 3GB and can be had for around...
  5. s2mikey

    Air1 owner looking to go Pro....

    Folks - My Trusty Air1 is getting to where Im ready to pass it down to another family member and upgrade. There are some very good deals right now on the 9.7 Pros at Best Buy. I realize its technically last years model but Im assuming it will still be an appreciable upgrade over my Air1. I...
  6. s2mikey

    Rumour: 10.5-inch iPad Pro to Enter Production This Month

    I'm very curious how this model will fit into the lineup. If I were to upgrade this might be the one I'd get. Interesting. Hmmmm.
  7. s2mikey

    Apple Has No Plans for Converged iPad and Mac, According to Tim Cook

    I'm not surprised. I really don't think they need to do this. I still prefer a device to have ONE purpose and to perform its task as best it can. Just don't like the idea of converging all of these devices. IMO, they work better as stand alone products.
  8. s2mikey

    Who's planning on purchasing the iPad Pro?

    Some fair rebuttals...but I still think Il be passing on this for now. My Air is doing me good and for the cost its just too tempting to get a MacBook or a refurbed rMBP. Im sure it'll be a cool device though. That big screen will make watching shows and reading a great experience. :)
  9. s2mikey

    Updating to iOS 9, Now

    I updated last night and it went perfectly on my Air. I feel like the whole device has been freshened up! The lowercase keyboard thing was weird at first but otherwise this update is ROCKIN! :)
  10. s2mikey

    Should I get an iPad?

    Yes - cell support comes in very handy, Id never have an ipad without it! As for usage: Reading news tabletop, playing games, reading books, music server, some general productivity, email, some photos. And other stuff. :)
  11. s2mikey

    Who's planning on purchasing the iPad Pro?

    Im disappointed too. To me, here are the issues: 1) No cellular support other than the top model 2) Overall pricing is high. Should have thrown in the keyboard or offered a one-time deal at the time of purchase for much less than $169. 3) No ports or "hard" connectivity. This is a PRO level...
  12. s2mikey

    Screen protector ?

    Never used one and all of my screens look as new. Just gentle daily wiping with a micro fiber cloth keeps them looking perfect. But, yeah, most will show "stuff" on them.
  13. s2mikey

    Apple Could Launch 2 New 12-inch iPads With Dual-app Viewing Mode and Multi-user Support

    If these rumors are true then the pro version of the iPad would directly compete with the Surface and some of the low end laptops out there. A smart move, IMO. I still personally prefer the size of the current iPad but businesses and power users ought to be frothing at the mouth over this. :)
  14. s2mikey

    iOS 9 to Support Legacy iPhones and iPads

    Sounds good. Honestly, we've never had much trouble with our older devices regarding the latest OS but stability is a great thing to hear about when talking operating systems. Who knows, perhaps this kind of thing will boost sales of tablets? People seeing that older devices get some love...
  15. s2mikey

    Other Browsers on iPad are Inferior to Safari?

    I'd love to use a different browser but I'm so used to the gestures that you simply can't use with other browsers that I always come back to Safari. Honestly, with the latest OS updates Safari is better than its even been. Still a tad quirky at times but it gets the job done.
  16. s2mikey

    Newbie question - will using the iPad plugged in make it last longer?

    I agree but it's still advantageous to let the battery cycle down a few times here and there for accuracy and just to "work" itself once in a while. I don't have any scientific data to back this up, just the way I see it. My Airs battery still works like a champ and I charge it when needed but...
  17. s2mikey

    What's the expected lifespan of an IPad?

    Even if the battery dies it can be replaced for about a hundred bucks through Apple and at that point you are good to go again for a while. The device itself could last for a decade or longer. That's part of the reason why people aren't upgrading as often and sales are down. I expect my Air...
  18. s2mikey

    All Six Star Wars Movies will be Available Digitally for the First Time on iTunes

    I must ask.... Why would anyone NOT watch these on blu Ray with a proper home video system? Films this epic must be shown using the best presentation possible. Watching them on a phone or even an iPad seems to be "meh". IMO.
  19. s2mikey

    Teens Not That Interested in Apple Watch

    Not surprised. The Apple watch isn't as cool as teens want it to be. I don't see teens wearing watches very much either, if at all. Just not their thing.
  20. s2mikey

    Alleged iPad Pro Photos Leak with Mysterious New Port

    Gotta be a USB-C port, right? Makes the most sense.
  21. s2mikey

    You Can Now Actually Buy a Selfie Stick for your iPad

    I'm sorry but this is rather silly. That's all. :)
  22. s2mikey

    playlist interuptions

    Johanna always seems to save the day...along with the other big helpers around here. Props to them! :)
  23. s2mikey

    its worth reading and learning of other people's problems, just in case

    Agreed. Plus, reading about other people problems diverts my attention away from my own so that's a good thing. :) Yes though, makes for good reading.
  24. s2mikey

    Apple Highlights Diversity on Revamped Jobs Website

    Well, that's great and everything as long as it does NOT prevent a qualified individual from getting a job who perhaps doesn't meet the criteria they've set forth. If that happens then it's just reverse discrimination. IMO. May the best man, woman, whomever get the job. Have of based...
  25. s2mikey

    Eddie Cue Says New Steve Jobs Film is “Inaccurate” and “Mean-Spirited”

    Well, I hate to say it but Jobs was probably NOT always the nicest guy in the world. In order to be so successful, you do need to be a eh hem jerk sometimes and maybe NOT care about others as much as some people think you should. Nice guys finish last, as the saying goes. He's only human and...
  26. s2mikey

    Apple TV Rumored to Get Overhauled & Announced in June

    The TV and streaming market is getting very interesting. We are finally seeing lots of options out there and that can only be good for the consumers. I had heard that the Apple TV service might be in the $40 dollar a month range which is kind of high. That new Sling TV thing is doing well and...
  27. s2mikey

    playlist interuptions

    You don't have some type of notifications turned on or some other reminder type event setup, do you? Just checking. Otherwise, that's rather strange. No reason it shouldn't just keep playing....?
  28. s2mikey

    Unless I've missed something, I'm not convinced that..............

    I just hit my favorite forums through the web and really don't have problems. I suppose there are a few instances where an app might be better but overall I'm fine with the non Mobile version of websites and forums. No problems here.
  29. s2mikey

    Fake Apple Watches Are Already Available in China

    Is it me or are the Chinese the defacto experts when it comes to fakes and counterfeiting? My goodness.....
  30. s2mikey

    Microsoft is Building a Cortana App for iOS and Android

    I have to admit, Cortana is a better overall experience than Siri is. This should be interesting.
  31. s2mikey

    Net Neutrality Lives! FCC will Classify the Internet Under Utility-Style Rules

    The big worry for me is how they could end up tacking on fees and such. Or, somehow us working class stiffs get the bill for subsidizing the "poor and downtrodden" and making sure they get high speed internet too since its a "right" or whatever. Similar to subsidized heat or electricity. Just...
  32. s2mikey

    More Details for The iPad Pro 12.9-Inch Revealed and Launch Pushed to September

    USB ports? Wow. A total disregard for the walled-garden. ;) Will this require a separate version of iOS that handles such things? I mean, they'll need some type of file manager for this, right?
  33. s2mikey

    Apple and IBM Launch Three New Enterprise Apps

    These all sound interesting and potentially useful. Cool to see Apple getting more into this stuff. I like how some of them are ipad only. :)
  34. s2mikey

    HBO Streaming Details Leaked; Possibly Coming to Apple TV

    Good news for cord cutters. $15 a month isn't cheap though and that amount per month will get you both Netflix and Hulu Plus. The success of this IMO will depend on how easily or quickly the shows are available through disc rentals and Netflix or where ever else. Me and my family are...
  35. s2mikey

    Just 6.8M Smartwatches Sold Last Year, the Apple Watch Launch Set to Shake up the Market

    Good points, Twerp. We shall see how this goes. :)
  36. s2mikey

    Just 6.8M Smartwatches Sold Last Year, the Apple Watch Launch Set to Shake up the Market

    Curious to see how these watches sell. I question how "useful" they really will be or how practical they'll be for tasks that people use phones or tablets for now. And, for people looking for a fitness type watch already have a ton of great choices out there that cater to that market at much...
  37. s2mikey

    iPad keyboard shortcuts.

    You sure you've deleted them through the General Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts area? I just did a quick test trying to remove one and it worked for me. What version of iOS are you using?
  38. s2mikey

    Texas Jury Orders Apple to Pay $533 million in a Patent Infringement Case

    The amazing thing is that this amount of money is pure peanuts for Apple. They have that much sitting under the couch cushions at the company headquarters. ;)
  39. s2mikey

    Apple to Hold First Ever Public Beta for iOS 8.3

    Intetesting for sure. But, is it a good idea to put a beta release on your main idevices? If you find a bunch of nasty bugs you'll be restoring quite a lot. That could get tedious. Makes me want to go buy a used iPad 2 just for testing purposes, lol. :)
  40. s2mikey

    Apple Said to be Working on Self-Driving Electric Car

    I agree and as I said I just can't see me getting on board with this. Maybe I am a control freak but I prefer to drive the vehicles I'm riding in. Just the way it is. ;)