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    Things I want in a case

    Emily, it's $49.99, for your reference: ipad leather case
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    Things I want in a case

    i think it's designed for iPad. of cos you can put whatever you want inside the case :)
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    Things I want in a case

    Hi Emily, you may like this case, I saw it on facebook: For me, I'm still looking for my dream case which is made of shock absorbing material, folio style, and comes with hand strap and pockets.
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    Difference between non-anti glare screen protectors?

    Agree. Non anti-glare makes the screen look sharper. But I'm using the anti-glare one because I don't need to clean the screen so often.
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    hi all, I'm new to here. I just got my iPad. I need you guys' suggestion on iPad case. THX!