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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I tried out several note-taking apps, and decided that Daedalus was the best for me. It has the cleanest, simplest interface, and because of that it performs fast. Very few buttons and features -- very elegant.
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    Best game pn your ipad

    Has anyone tried Fairway Solitaire? It's pretty addicting! :) A golf game and card game in one!
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    What are the best iPad puzzle games?

    I second World of Goo and Patchworkz :)
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    Mystery Manor

    I didn't even know it was possible to cheat in this game? :eek:
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    Mystery Manor friend codes

    I play everyday as well. I've unlocked some Level 99 items for gifting. I've limited my friend list to 50 or below, and am currently weeding out friends who don't gift me back. PM me for my code, thanks! :)