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    How to convert SWF to MOV?

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    How to convert SWF to MOV?

    Thanks for information. ;)
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    How to download BBC iPlayer Video to iPad 2?

    Very Good.. Thanks..
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    How to convert DVD movies to iPad 2 for free?

    I was looking for this. Thanks a lot.
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    How to convert SWF to MOV?
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    Twitter Coming to iPad “Eventuallyâ€

    Twitter for iPad? Welcome~~Will Obama use iPad to tweet ?:p
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    The iPad Could Transform Medicine

    Oh yeah, you made the finishing point. To wifi the order to the kitchen, fantastic~~I think Jobs should come to this thread to collect more marketing info. so he might expand the hot sale.;)
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    Just discovered a very cheap iPad stand

    Yeah, I prefer it's personalized. Anyhow, the price is really attractive.
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    The iPad Could Transform Medicine

    iPad is fabulous. Not only medicine, but also the catering, tourism, etc. could be transformed by it. Imagine that people in restaurant will just tap on the menu which is pre built in the iPad and then can be served the dish. :)
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    converting movies for ipad... Somebody has already asked question like this, and there are many answers for your reference.;)
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    Apple Ipad Class

    Surely they will teach you more tips and know-hows of iPad than you actually get, that's the marketing strategy, as what Microsoft had already done before for promoting Office Word. The more you learnt, the more satisfied you will feel upon the iPad.;)
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    A Newbie Here saying Hello to all~

    Thank you very much. Have a nice flight to China.:)
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    A Newbie Here saying Hello to all~

    Hello, all, I am a newbie here, and I guess it's better to say hello before talk~:)
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    Article: 13 glaring flaws of the Ipad

    NO USB port. Actually, I am looking forward to the 2nd Generation to be with USB port, DVD avaliablity, and camera.:ipad-front:
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    DVD to iPad

    The key for this question~ YouTube - DVD to iPad-How to Convert DVD to iPad and Watch Movie on iPad.mp4 I got the Wondershare DVD to iPad Converter, and made a video on Youtube to show how to convert dvd to iPad by using that software. BTW, for iPad, I found the HD format (1280*720) is more...