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    Itunes Password

    Like most people, I download most of my apps from my ipad. When I first got it, I when I downloaded an app, it required my password. Then, for the next month, I rarely had to type in my itunes password to download, now I have to every time. Can someone please help?
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    For the older users out there....

    Thanks, but actually, I got it for free.
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    How many apps do you have?

    Here's a big number, 186, but, I havn't deleted any in a while, and they are mostly all free.
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    iPad owners average age

    I am only 13, probably the youngest!
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    For the older users out there....

    I am 13 years old. I use my iPad for gaming and the Internet. Now, bare with me, most grown ups, usually don't play as much video games as us teenagers. So, this being said, grown ups, what do you use you iPad for?
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    This may get more popular because of the price, but that will only encourage the apple team to make the iPad better.
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    The Ipad almost can replace my laptop.

    I may be wrong, but I do believe Steve said something about flash coming up. Other wise there is cloud browse, this app has flash, but it is initially for iPod or iPhone.
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    Whistle Phone

    Whistle Phone is a free app that let's you make free calls anywhere in the us! You even get your own number. This is one of my favorite apps. The one problem I have is that there is no push so you need the app open to receive calls, but, when IOS4 is released in November, we can you multitask so...
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    Hay, I am lukey m pukey, I have a 16gb wifi iPad, hopefully I can learn more about it here! :ipad-keyboard::ipad-front: