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  1. Obfuscation

    Ordered three leather cases.....I hope one will work out for me.

    I am ordering that case tomorrow (btw if you happen to have an app called space walk, can you use it and try and see if the magnet messes it up at all? If not don't worry about it.) nice amp btw and nice headphones, I got a amp and headphones myself :D
  2. Obfuscation

    What case do u get for your iPad?

    does that case's magnet mess with the ipad anyway. I really need a case and that case looks good except for the magnet thing.
  3. Obfuscation

    Marware eco vue magnet affects iPad?

    Ok I was going to buy this marware eco vue case because I have been hearing good things about it. But there is a small magnet in it that holds the stand shut. I have heard that this interferes with the compass and gps. Even though I don't have the 3g version, I am worried that this compass will...
  4. Obfuscation

    Poor planning by Apple IMO

    I was going to buy an apple case with my ipad but since it was backordered I didn't. I will probably be buying a marware eco vue case after my ipad comes
  5. Obfuscation

    iPad Wallpaper Request

    Here are some of my favorites
  6. Obfuscation

    Fedex vs. AT&T

    I ordered my ipad yesterday from apple, they said 7 to 10 days I would have it. But then in my email it won't be shipping until June 17th and I won;t be getting it till June 22nd :(
  7. Obfuscation

    Jailbreaking iPad Cons?

    What are they? I won't be using backgrounder or any themes, and I won't be using too many 3rd party apps......I already know it voids the warrenty, but this can easily be solved with a restore. I am worried if I jailbreak my iPad it will make it have less battery life and/or it will make...
  8. Obfuscation

    Square Enix Releases First iPad Game – Chocobo Panic

    soon, they will launch a full fledged final fantasy type rpg, like chaos rings, only more epic
  9. Obfuscation

    will 32 gb be enough for me?

    Before I buy an iPad I would like to make sure I have enough room on the 32 gb wifi version. I will be putting 16-18 gb of music on it. I will be putting at least 5-10 e-books on it on iBook. I will have a decent amount of iPad apps(which I hear take up more space than their iphone...
  10. Obfuscation


    I am really protective and considerate with all of my electronics and anything I really like in general, so I think when I get my iPad the only people that I will let see it are my parents and girls that I like ;) They liked my iPhone a lot when I got it. Even when this thing becomes obsolete, I...
  11. Obfuscation

    iPhone OS falls to No. 3

    Everytime I have used android it just seems so buggy and unresponsive to me compared to the iPhone OS.....I don't know why....
  12. Obfuscation

    On the fence about jailbreaking? One man's opinion on why you should.

    will jailbreaking affect battery life at all? I won't be using any themes or any background running utilities....
  13. Obfuscation

    REVIEW: My First Impressions of the iPad

    Just curious because I may be buying an iPad soon, what do you mean running only 40% right out of the box? Do you mean because you had to jailbreak it? Also I haven't jailbroken any of my iDevices in a while and I was wondering, does it affect battery life any?
  14. Obfuscation

    Before I go out and buy an iPad...

    +1 One does not just simply ipad their way into mordor!