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    Quality of mp4 files on ipad

    If I tranfer an mp4 video to ipad via itunes and play it looks great. If I upload the same mp4 to my google drive and access the movie through the google drive app on my ipad the movie is inferior quality. Question -- am i using the same video player either way to play back the movie or if by...
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    downloading cloud files to ipad??

    Thanks for your reply.... are you familiar with google drive? i.e. it seems that all files on google drive automatically download to my ipad as soon as i turn it on :( Am i missing something or is there a way to prevent downloading until I choose?
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    downloading cloud files to ipad??

    I would like to store movies in the cloud and when on the road use my ipad to download only certain movie files from my cloud and not an entire folder. I only have 16 gb so i need to watch some, delete them and download some more. I don't see how i can do selective syncing of particular files...
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    transferring video files from cloud to ipad3

    I am looking for way to transfer video files i have uploaded to the cloud (google drive, dropbox, whatever) to my ipad without the automatic syncing process. I need to be able to choose what files i want to download to my ipad. I have tried sharing a file in google drive to my ipad email address...